Avoid This 5 Car Buying Mistakes at the Dealership

car buying mistakes

Avoid This 5 Car Buying Mistakes at the Dealership : 

if you want to buy a new car then once you read my this blog befour to get at the dealership. 

5 Car Buying Mistakes

hello I’m Naksh with the honest finance
Blog and today I’m gonna talk about

the five biggest mistakes you can make
when buying a car now I know that we all

love to buy cars and we like the new
ones and we like the fast ones and we

like the powerful ones but you’ve got to
understand there’s a point where you’re

wasting a lot of money go ahead and make
your own decision on buying a car but if

you’re reading this post hopefully you
can learn something new number one

buying your car at the wrong time of
year I know that sounds crazy but it

actually affects the price of the car
based on when you buy it everybody seems

to think that when you get a tax refund
that’s when you go buy a car actually

that’s the worst time to buy a car you
don’t want to buy a car when everybody

else is and you want to stick with the
end of the year car manufacturers

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typically roll out their new cars in the
fall and that means that the cars from

the year prior are generally a lot
cheaper in the winter the salesman at

the end of the year are also really
motivated to sell you a car and that’s

because they’re trying to hit year-end
goals so just remember the time of year

that you buy your car does make a
difference number two do some research

what do I mean by do your research well
there’s a few things you got to check on

your car before you go out and buy it
start with insurance the car you’re

buying might actually cost more in
insurance than you think when I was

younger I was looking at a Subaru WRX
and when I checked insurance rates it

was gonna cost double what my previous
car was costing me if you’re ok with

higher rates that’s fine but it does get
expensive right now I Drive one of the

Ford f-150s with the aluminum bodies and
I had heard rumor that that was really

expensive to insure well I called my
insurance before I bought the car and

realized that it only cost me four
dollars more than the previous car I was

insuring so the rumors weren’t true at
all another thing to check in research

is the gas mileage you probably already
do this but it is something to consider

also if the car requires premium gas
keep that in mind too

all of these types of things add up
lastly check some reviews on the vehicle

see if it’s safe see if it’s reliable
see if it holds its value well all of

those things can save you a lot of
headache in the long run

the number three biggest mistake when
buying a car is buying based on only

your monthly payment the problem with
only caring about your monthly payment

is that there’s a lot of factors that
you could be paying for that you’re not

seeing the only thing a dealership has
to do to lower your payment is to extend

the loan so they can sell you your car
at any price they want and then they

just extend the loan and your monthly
payment seems reasonable however you’re

probably paying too much for your car
you have got to an idea of what you

want your monthly payment to be but
that’s not the most important thing the

most important thing is what you’re
actually paying for the car number for

not getting enough value for your
trade-in if you have a car to trade into

the dealership it’s a huge factor of
what your bottom line is going to be you

have to get the best price on the car
that you can and the best trade-in value

for your car if you get a really good
price on your car but a really bad

trade-in then you’re just breaking even
this one’s pretty obvious but do some

research on what your car is worth
before you go in to buy a new car you

want to have an idea of what you’re
going to be negotiating with number five

the financing the financing can cost you
a ton of money because at this point

after you’ve bought a car you’re relaxed
you’re sitting down you think all is

done but it’s not starting with your
interest rate you want to get a rate

that’s most competitive with all of the
banks around you you don’t want to just

go with whatever rate the dealership
gives you do some shopping and do some

homework that 1% difference will cost
you a lot in a monthly payment and

interest you’ve probably heard of
extended warranties did you know that

those are negotiable in my opinion I
don’t think they’re worth it but if you

do then go ahead and buy one here’s some
statistics for you 62 percent of car

owners have a term that’s longer than 60
months and the average interest rate is

4.2 that means that most Americans are
probably ending up upside-down in their

vehicles hopefully you learned something
today I’m Jason with the honest finance

blog feel free to subscribe that’s




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