5 Proven Ways to Get Better to Better Gas Mileage cars

Better Gas Mileage cars
Better Gas Mileage cars

5 Proven Ways to Get Better to Better Gas Mileage cars :

hello I’m naksh and today I want to talk to you guys about five ways you can get better gas mileage.

Ways to Get Better Better Gas Mileage cars

now obviously

the car you drive has everything to do
with fuel economy like if you drive a

Prius you’re gonna get better gas
mileage than you do if you drive a truck

but these steps can be applicable to any
car so follow them and you’ll at least

get the best gas mileage that you can
out of the car that you’re driving the

first step to getting better gas mileage
in your car is your tires so basically

when your tires roll they create
resistance on the road therefore you’ve

got to have a few things taken care of
on your tires to get the best fuel

economy on the road the first thing you
got to make sure with your tires is that

they’re balanced and they’re aligned the
problem is is that if you’re trying to

drive straight but your wheels are

then you’re gonna create a lot of
resistance trying to go in that

direction but when your wheels are
aligned then if you go straight

everything else is straight creating the
least amount of resistance possible so

that’s the first thing you’ve got to do
with your tires is make sure they’re

balanced and aligned the last thing
you’ve got to pay attention to with your

tires is the inflation of your tires
you’ve got to keep them properly

inflated to keep the least amount of
resistance if you go driving and your

wheels are under inflated then you’re
gonna lose a lot of gas mileage because

you’re creating more resistance a lot of
guys will say to over inflate your tires

to get better fuel economy but I don’t
agree with that because it’s unsafe and

your tires aren’t gonna wear evenly just
open your driver’s side door and look

for the cold tire pressure it doesn’t
mean your tires have to be cold to get

this reading it just means that the car
has to be sitting for a while

you can’t just check the pressure right
after you’ve driven on the road and

expect the tire pressure to be accurate
wait a while for your tires to be cold

and then check the cold tire pressure
I bought this tire pressure sensor on

the internet and it’s really helpful
it’s digital and it’s pretty accurate so

I would recommend something like this

it’s like 10 to 15 bucks I think anyway
so with tires just keep them balanced

aligned and inflated the second way to
get better gas mileage is your air

filter your engine requires air to
breathe and air filters keep the air

clean that goes into the
engine when your air filters clogged or

dirty it’s a lot harder for the air to
get through

therefore the engine has to work harder
to produce the same results you’re gonna

have to replace your air filter every 6
to 12 months anyways so I recommend

getting one of these reusable ones this
is an AE M brand air filter which I

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recommend because it doesn’t require oil
the cool thing about these is all you do

is rinse them out clean them up with the
special cleaner and then put them back

in your car
honestly I don’t think a lot of us know

how to replace air filters and you
really should learn how because it only

takes a couple minutes I’ll quickly show
you outside how to take it out and how

to put a new one in I’ll put a link to
it in the description see very hard

number three is our spark plugs your
spark plugs typically need to be

replaced every thirty to a hundred
thousand miles and the big deal with the

spark plugs is that if you don’t replace
them when you’re supposed to you can

really hurt your engine and you’ll get
far worse fuel economy so just make sure

your spark plugs are properly maintained
and you’ll get the best gas mileage that

you can out of your car number four take
out your extra stuff so if you’ve got a

bunch of junk in your trunk take it out
if you don’t need it on an average-sized

you’ll lose about two percent in gas

mileage for every hundred pounds of
extra stuff that you have technically

your gas does weigh a lot but I still
recommend to have your tank all the way

full and that’s just because it’s a good
practice to be prepared but if you do

want your car to weigh less then less
fuel means less weight and lastly the

grade of fuel you choose actually has a
lot to do with your gas mileage your car

manufacturer has a recommended fuel
grade inside the manual if the manual

says that your car requires 87 octane
then just use 87 octane if you go down a

grade you are gonna be losing fuel
economy and you’re gonna have knocking

in your engine if it says that it will
run better on premium gas but it’s not

required then go ahead and use premium
gas if you

really want to it’s just your choice
just remember the key differences

between required and recommended the big
one with fuel consumption though is e85

ye eighty-five gas is made up of
eighty-five percent ethanol and 15%

gasoline ethanol has about a third less
energy than gasoline so when you do the

math on e85 you’re actually losing about
25 percent of energy because of the

ethanol so you’re always gonna get 25%
less gas mileage using e85 here’s the

thing though
85 tends to be a lot cheaper but it’s

got to be at least 25 percent cheaper
according to this math for it to

actually be worth it in your car and
make sure that your car can actually use

e85 there’s a lot of cars that can so
make sure if you’re going to be using

e85 gas that you check your owners
manual and make sure that your car can

use it most cars can run up to ten
percent ethanol but that’s definitely

not 85 percent ethanol so make sure and
those are the five steps to better fuel

economy just remember to keep your tires
balanced aligned and properly inflate it

and make sure your air filter is nice
and clean and your spark plugs are

well-maintained get rid of all the junk
in your car and make sure that you’re

using the right fuel grid and if you do
decide to use e85 gas just make sure

that it’s at least 25 percent cheaper so
that it’s worth it for the gas mileage

loss i’m naksh with the honest finance
channel if you did find this article

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