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Auto Parts From This Place Never Buy | auto parts :

Hey Guys are you want to buy auto part near you the never auto repair from this palace.

Auto Parts From This Place Never Buy

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna
answer bill’s question

where do I buy car parts from, I’m always
struggling with that myself I’ve been

we’re gonna cars for 51 years but things
change, places that used to sell good

parts now sell crappy parts, places I’ve
never heard of sell good parts, but

places I’ve never heard of sell bad
parts too, so how do you figure out where

to buy them, well the first thing I’m
going to start out with this we’re not

to buy car parts, I would not advise
anybody to go to a place like eBay and

randomly buy car parts from people that
they don’t even know who they are where

the parts come from, I tried them in the
past and hey it bit me in the rear end

and every once awhile I get a customer
that bought some parts on eBay, more than

half the time the part doesn’t fit or
it’s a cheaply made part that doesn’t

work right, you got to know where your
parts are coming from and it depends

what kind of parts are you buying, let’s
say I want to buy some quality oil

there’s nothing wrong with going on the
internet and buying the oil at the

lowest price you can find, as long as you
know it’s the oil you want, as an example

my Triumph motorcycle I use this very
expensive Motul racing oil for

motorcycles and very good oil filters,
but I don’t go to a motorcycle store and

buy them i buy them online to find the
best price, it’s the same product it’s

just someone selling it cheaper, and the
same goes true for bigger more important

parts, like say you need a fuel pump, when
you buy a fuel pump for a car my advice

is your best to go OEM, the original
equipment manufacturers, say for a Toyota

now this old Celica and most Toyota’s, they
have Nippon Denso pumps Toyota doesn’t

make them the company Nippon Denso makes
them, so as long as you’re getting the

Nippon Denso pump it’s fine you can buy
it anywhere, but since fuel pumps are an

integral part of your fuel injection
system, they have to be perfectly made

and you want them to last, don’t go out
and buy this cheap knockoff ones

especially chinese-made ones, I’ve had
people do that

sometimes they don’t work out of the box,

six months later they break, you want a
quality part you can go anywhere and buy

feel free to price all over the place,

just make sure that it’s the OEM
manufacturer like Nippon Denso in this

case, but don’t be fooled by the name OEM
there’s a lot of manufacturers out there

and they claim their products are OEM
it’ll say OEM this OEM that, well like in

Toyota, if it’s a fuel pump

it’ll be Nippon Denso, if it’s some other
company and says its OEM they’re just

lying to you,
people can print out whatever they want

so make sure you know what you’re
looking for, and do a little price

comparison and quality comparison, let’s
take oil filters, now you can go to any

discount auto parts store and you can
get cheap oil filters, usually they

aren’t that expensive, but if you want
the quality oil filters sometimes they

charge twelve or fourteen dollars a piece,
hey I buy the same stuff and in that

case I do buy it online, I’ll buy a case
of them online for way less than half

of what they’re charging at a supposed a
discount auto parts store, and of course

do shop around, take something like car
batteries, yeah they’re very important so

you want a good battery, but the prices
are wide, I’ve seen the same crank and

amperage battery sold at a store for $70
or $130, and I’m talking the same exact

battery, you need to do research on it
when you’re buying parts, you don’t want

to just go to someplace and buy whatever
they got lying around, now this is an

extreme example but years ago there was
an auto parts chain here in Houston that

they were affiliated with some kind of
convenience store, there would be a convenience

store on one side and an auto parts on the
other, and a friend of mine was a manager

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of one of them and he said at night they
would raise the price of headlights, they

know that somebody’s headlights burn
out they’re coming in at night and they

were open till 11 o’clock at night, they
gotta have the headlights so they don’t

care what the price is they’re gonna buy
it, I mean you

don’t normally see things
that bad but there’s a lot of cases

where, there’s false leaders in the store
to get you in but the prices of other

stuff isn’t so good, but many auto
parts stores

hey they jack up the price on items that
they sell a lot of them and they’re an

impulse like windshield wiper blades, not
only can you buy windshield wiper blades

cheaper online or at different kinds of
stores like Walmart.

but if you do
research about things like silicone

wiper blades, you’ll find that the
silicone blades can last a really a long

time, I asked a guy at a discount auto
parts store once, why don’t you guys sell

silicone wiper blades and what did he
tell me,he said Scotty every month

we sell thousands of wiper blades,
we don’t want to sell them silicone wiper

blades that might last for years and
years, we’d be cutting our own throats

and getting rid of one of our big
revenue streams wiper blades, cuz in the

case of wiper blades, our polluted modern
society wears them out so fast, there’s so

much dust and stuff in the atmosphere
that the thin rubber on those they’re

thin so they wiped good and don’t clatter,
wear out real fast

where the silicone ones are tougher and
they last a long time

so in that case, hey you might want to go
online and buy silicone wiper blades

you’ll save money and they’ll last so
much longer, you won’t care that they

cost a little bit more, because if
there’s one thing I’ve learned over the

last 51 years of fixing cars, and that’s
don’t just go by your pocketbook, don’t

always go for the cheapest price, because
a lot of times the cheapest price is

really cheap quality, especially with
tools, these are gear wrenches they’re

cool because they have flexing heads at
different angles and an open end, so they

can get to just about anywhere,
these weren’t cheap but these things are

30-something years old and yeah I’m a
slob there’s a little bit of rust on

them because I don’t polish them, but hey
they still work perfectly fine I’ve seen

knockoffs of these gear wrenches
I even tried out a couple of sets years

ago and the stupid things would break
when I pulled on them hard, your better

tool if you’re gonna use them all the

time and expect them to be working years
from now, and when it comes to buying

quality electronic components for your
vehicle, you’re always best to stick with

orginal equipment a hundred percent, I
learned that the hard way, years ago I used

work on a lot of German cars and some

of the maf sensors, the mass airflow
sensors, some of those things could be

six seven hundred bucks even years ago
so I try these aftermarket ones that

people made that said, oh you know
they’re cheaper and they’re brand new or

they work just as good, well no they
didn’t they worked horribly, sometimes the

car would run worse than it did and I
think, gee maybe I diagnosed it wrong, or

I’d put it in six months later the car is
towed back to my garage and it’s the

stupid MAF sensor gone bad, so on really
critical parts like that electronics,

you’ll want to stick to the original
equipment people, and especially with

things as complex as a MAF sensor, you
really should go new, not rebuild, because

those things are so critical and I’ve
seen so many rebuilt MAF sensors not

work right or go bad quickly, that you’re
better to bite the bullet and buy a

brand new original equipment one, but
like I said, say it’s a denso, you could buy

it anywhere as long
as it’s Nippon Denso, you don’t have to

go to the dealer and pay whatever
ridiculous price they want for them, but

you want to stick with the original
equipment on it, now sure we all want to

say money buying the right parts, but we
don’t want to get stuck with a bad part,

one that isn’t gonna last, or one that
might not even work, because that’s the

worst thing on earth, I’ve been doing
this for 51 years and even once in a

while I get stuck with something that
you put it on it doesn’t work, and then

you think the car is still running the
same, maybe I diagnosed it wrong, but then

you find out hours or even days later
that hey you were right in diagnosing

what was wrong, but the stupid part you
got isn’t any good, which is the main

reason that for complex parts I stay
away from the internet in buying parts,

because hey you got to buy them, you got to
get them shipped, you hope somebody put

it in the right box, and then if you got
a problem you got to send it back, and

your car is not working the whole time
you’re much better finding a local

supplier for what you’re getting, because
with the insane competition in business

these days, especially in auto parts
a lot of times you can even barter the price

at stores, say get your phone, hey I found
these guys down the street they’re

selling this for that, half the time
those guys will match the price, because

hey it’s a competitive world and if they
don’t they’re not gonna get any business,

so now you’ve got a better idea on where
you should buy car parts, we’re all in

this together we’re trying to save money
but we’re trying to do it right,

and since this is the Thursday segment where
I answer a viewers question,

place your own question on the YouTube
comments below and I’ll answer the best

one in a single article,
and where else can you find a guy with 50

years of experience of fixing cars
so answer your own question with a article,

so if
you never want to miss another one of my

new car repair article.



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