Before Watching NASCAR know about this 5 Things

Before Watching NASCAR know about this 5 Things :

 hey friends if you like watching nascar then this 5 things you know must before watching nascar .


whenever I discuss NASCAR with someone

who’s not a fan I usually hear the words

I’m sure there’s a lot more that goes

into it usually I’ll respond to this by

saying yeah you’re right but I never

really get the chance to explain what I


while NASCAR may look like a bunch of

people driving around in circles for

three hours NASCAR is really a whole lot

more complicated I’m hoping this video

is a little bit more comprehensive than

Blake Shelton telling you it’s 800

horsepower pushing 30 400 pounds at 200

miles an hour because really there’s a

lot more to it here are five things you

should know before watching NASCAR

number one loose and tight these are

conditions in which the car is driving

what this means is basically in a

left-hand turn the car can either try to

shoot for the wall or it can try to

rotate to the left and spin out if the

car is trying to push towards the wall

you need to drive the car with less

throttle this is called a tight

condition if the car tries to rotate

towards the inside of the track you also

need to use less throttle

this is called a loose condition NASCAR

teams are always in search of a balanced

race car the more balanced the racecar is

the more throttle the driver can use to

the corner that means they’re faster

teams address this issue by changing all

four tire pressures changing all the

spring rates changing the way the shocks

behave and they do this asymmetrically

since the car only has to turn left what

you end up with is a million

combinations between the left and right

to figure out how to get a car to be

balanced things that can affect a car to

make it loose or tight can be the track

temperature the banking the speed at

which the car enters the corner and

basically every other thing that you can

think of number two all of the track

are very different people like to get

heated about this topic but there’s

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really only one answer although all the

tracks share a characteristic they all

turn left that’s pretty much as far as

the similarities go some tracks are

concrete some tracks are asphalt

some tracks have a lot of banking some

tracks are different at one end some

tracks are super long some tracks are

super short after all this you get a

complete circuit of tracks that are

completely different and to all create

unique races number three NASCAR relies

on strategy while drivers are on the

track performing at high speed the crew

chiefs are looking at how to manage

their tires and fuel to get them through

the race in the most efficient way

possible the tire wear is a big deal in

NASCAR as drivers push their cars to the

limits tires wear away to nothing and

they could become in danger of exploding

the more laps on a set of tires the less

grip they have less grip equals slower

lap times fuel is also a hot commodity

NASCAR’s don’t contain enough fuel in

them to go from beginning to end of a

race they need to stop and refuel this

is where critical pit stops come into

play pit crews in NASCAR service a car

in under 12 seconds replacing all four

tires and refueling the car crew chiefs

plans strategies knowing when to pit is

critical to minimize the time on pit

road pitting also gives teams an

opportunity to adjust their car if the

car is too loose or too tight the team

can adjust air pressures and different

parts of the suspension during a pit

stop teams have gone from running in the

top 15 to running in the top five and

under a few pit stops number four the

drivers job behind the wheel is


NASCAR’s are difficult to drive they

very difficult to control

good perception good hand-eye

coordination and also be able to control

the throttle and feel the physics of the

car around you to make sure that you’re

not giving it too much throttle as to

where the car is going to lose traction

and also to make sure that you’re not

giving up time on the track I heard a

quote one time and I’m not sure where it

came from I think it was somebody in

with f1 maybe they said a good driver

has a good ass

and this isn’t books mind you this is

basically the sensitivity of your body

to change around you to make sure that

you can feel the vibrations of the car

practice in racing is called seek time

for a reason

drivers not only have to have it’s

sensitive body that can fuel the physics

of the car around them they also have to

be strong decision makers drivers have

to decide where they’re going to place

the car in a corner to maintain the most

momentum they do what’s called racing

the track


drivers have to adjust their style

depending on the track banking how much

rubber is on the track and the


not only do drivers have to race against

the track they also have to race against

39 other drivers this makes a lot of the

racing tight with drivers being inches

away from one another on the track races

are also long and the temperatures in

the side the cars can get extremely hot

racers can be in a hundred and forty

degree heat inside of a car for upwards

of three four even five hours depending

on cautions this takes a lot of stamina

and endurance because their power

steering units aren’t exactly light like

an average daily driver so think back to

the conditions of loose and tight that

we talked about earlier imagine being a

driver battling one of those conditions

struggling to keep a hold of your car in

120 degree temperatures for three hours

straight some people ask me how can one

driver be faster than another when

they’re all driving the same cars in an

oval well think about it all the cars

are set up differently and all the

drivers have different minds so it’s

easy to imagine how one driver can be

faster than another on a certain

condition another thing to mention is

drafting when one car gets behind

another car a pocket of air is created

between the two cars and the car in the

back has less downforce on it this means

in a straight line it can go faster

however in a corner it can create a push

condition this adds another critical

tool for drivers to use to create passes

on the straight oi or set somebody up

going into a corner and at a track like

Daytona that’s the only way to pass

somebody if you ever watch the Daytona


you might notice it looks like

everybody’s just following each other

around in a big circle that’s because

they’re trying not to lose the draft if

a single car falls away

the pack of cars they’ll instantly lose

all of their speed and be quickly off

the pace on to our last topic the

dynamics of the competition we’ve

already discussed that NASCAR is a team

sport teams have pit crews plus

engineers and people that help set up

the car they have their crew chiefs and

PR guys you name it a team can have 20

maybe even 30 people at the track for a

weekend we’ve also talked about the fact

that there are 40 drivers on the track

at a time one of the things that makes

racing and NASCAR specifically unique is

the fact that it’s a centralized sport

in any other sport like basketball

baseball hockey whatever you name it

there are many teams playing against

each other all across the nation or all

across the world in NASCAR everybody is

at one location you can pretty much go

to a track on a weekend and get one

piece of the entire story of that NASCAR

season it’s also incredible to think

about rivalries and tensions between

competitors in sports generally if you

have a rivalry you won’t meet that team

again for another few weeks a month but

in NASCAR you’re seeing the same people

week to week this is how tensions rise

in NASCAR and you can follow a story

between two teams battling back and

forth and there really is no lull in the

action they’re battling every week so

there it is these are five things I wish

I could tell people about before they

watch their first NASCAR race thank you

for watching this video and I’d like to

take this time to dedicate it to CW

Smith he was a racecar driver that raced

in the bush and ARCA series back in the

late 90s and early 2000s he was from

Williamsport Pennsylvania right near

where I live he was larger than life to

me when I first heard of him but after I

met him I realized he was a very

down-to-earth guy

he passed away on November 4th 2017 he

was one of the many people that got my

dad and I involved in racing all those

years ago and without him I really

in pro stocks I raced a chassis he built

and he became an invaluable friend of my

dad’s when they would talk about setting

up the race car and learning how to work

on a late-model thank you CW ran over

the tire where to cut off the rim put a

hole in a radiator our guys are trying

to fix it right now by the cop

Panasonic car was just super first time

we’ve been a time

this Panasonic sponsorship and

we wanted to make him proud thanks to

fun thank you




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