Best Features of The New 2019 Ram 1500

New 2019 Ram 1500
New 2019 Ram 1500

Best Features of The New 2019 Ram 1500

Hey guys today i told you all about best features of new ram 1500 read my this article and know this hidden features.

New 2019 Ram 1500

2019 Ram 1500
New 2019 Ram 1500

so someone message me on Instagram and

they’re like naksh you’ve got a problem

man you drink too many bangs you’re

gonna have a heart attack how many do

you drink per day and I don’t know

sometimes I lose count you know and you

know I just sometimes I just lose count

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them hmm

yeah so don’t don’t drink too many banks ha ha who was mohaka was going to travel

up everybody welcome back to the

channel I have just recovered from

burning my mouth I’m no longer cooking

eggs on the heated seat if you would

have saw my previous article you know what

I’m talking about anyways back in the

2019 RAM 1500 my favorite truck that

I’ve ever owned I’ve owned a few trucks

and this truck has some really cool

features and today I’m gonna go over

five of the features that stand out to

me and probably you may not even know

about them so I want to bring those up

there’s a lot of cool things with this

truck but a lot of those things other

trucks have already done and these five

things really stand out to me and I

think they’re kind of unique to this

truck so let’s go over those so I don’t

have the 12-inch screen however I do

have the 8.4 inch screen with the

UConnect capabilities which pretty much

gives you everything you need if you

scroll over here and go to settings

there is a lot of settings to be had but

something you may not know is when you

go to brakes there’s an auto park brake

I didn’t know this but now the vehicle

and we’ll test it out here we’ll go in


very nice backup camera pops up

obviously I’ve got front rear sensor so

it’s letting me know that something is

near and will pull forward

and then we’re gonna put it in park and

watch that park brake automatically

engaged now this is really cool feature

maybe if you live on a hill a steep

driveway or if you’ve always got a

trailer connected and you forget to pull

the brake now this is an electronic

parking brake there’s no longer a foot

parking brake so I think this feature is

really cool like I said it kind of saves

you if you forget and man these trucks

these days do everything for you don’t

have to remember to do anything so I

think that’s an awesome feature so you

can turn that off and on under the

settings under brakes and this will take

you just back to your regular screen so

another unique feature while you’re

actually driving the vehicle is you can

pull up your menu over here hit apps and

you can actually pull up the backup cam

and it will show the backup cam while

you’re driving now this you probably

don’t want to pay too much attention to

this however you could check on things

behind you such as the trailer you know

maybe if you forgot that the change

we’re hooked up if you got to plug it in

you can always pull this up while you’re

driving just to make sure everything is

connected you can always look behind you

maybe if you’re trying to have someone

follow you you can just simply pull up

the backup camera obviously you can look

through the rearview mirror but this is

a really nice feature and you can even

zoom in and look at how dirty the floor

or the street is in Amarillo oh hey

buddy and there’s a GMC so this camera

is obviously very clear one of the

clearest backup cameras I’ve ever seen

so it’s a really nice feature to have

and you can just close out of it it does

automatically closed after about 10 to

15 seconds so we’ll see if it does it

here I want to say it’s about 10 to 15

seconds as long as you’re not touching

the screen it does automatically shut

off after a while but it is a very cool

unique feature to the RAM and to any of

the newer vehicles with the UConnect

system that have a backup camera

and maybe it won’t shut off we’re going

on like 20 seconds now maybe once we

start driving

okay I’ve failed I don’t know what’s

going on but anyways it must be once you

start moving so here so now we got a

green light we’re gonna start moving

let’s see if this shuts off a little bit

it should

but man look how clear that cameras we

just went under a underpass

okay there goes so about ten about ten

seconds once you start driving so that’s

a really cool feature and you may not

use it a lot but it is something that I

find unique with this truck another

awesome feature of this Ram is if you go

into your settings go down to safety and

driving assistance you’ve got all these

options now you have blind spot alert

but you also have trailer length or

blind spot alert and I’ve got that set

on auto the max is thirty nine and a

half feet but I’ll put a picture here I

don’t have a trailer hooked up but a

symbol up here will pop up with the

trailer and with the length and so what

that does if you have blind spot alert

in your mirrors it will actually flash

at you and beep at you if there’s not

enough room when passing someone for

that not only the truck but as well as

the trailer to get over so the truck

will beep at you if there’s someone

close in your lane and you don’t have

enough room to get over the truck will

also be Pat you if you have this turned

on auto and if you are towing a trailer

if it realizes that with the length of

the truck and the length of the trailer

there’s not enough room to get over two

lane change so I think that’s really

cool and that’s an awesome feature

obviously you should always be checking

your mirrors but sometimes when you’re

towing a large trailer or a longer

trailer it is tough to tell the depth so

the trailer or the blind spot monitoring

system will beep at you when a trailer

is connected and that is a very

convenient feature of these new 2019 Ram

1500 so these Rams definitely have one

of the most advanced center consoles in

the industry right now this one does not

have the wireless charging system but

you can get that and it actually says

ram charger on there which is named

after their 2-door SUV from back in the

80s I believe but there’s a wireless

charging system however you can toss

your phone into that little compartment

and it’ll hold your phone nice and

sturdy but if you have the wireless

charging system you would put your phone

right there and it would charge it for

you play what they’ve also done is on

the inside of the center console here

you’ve got all these options not that

you would ever need them because well

everyone looks everything up in their

smartphones these days but you’ve got a

ruler a protractor you know all these

different calculations you can go from

standard to metric there’s conversion

charts fractions to decimals I mean I

don’t even know what this is for I guess

if you’re a young kid I need to study

for a college exam you could use this to

your benefit but the center console it

slides and it also actually has this

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little flap to separate the storage and

what’s really cool is on that flap it’s

kind of hard to see but you’ve got the

different generation of RAM trucks down

there so I think that’s really cool it’s

got a max fill line that way this can

slide easily back and forth and it is a

massive center console and you’ve got

the retro CD player which no one’s ever

going to use but this center console is

very nice very well designed and it’s

got a ton of room a ton of options and

for cup holders what could you not like

about that to go along with the center

console and the rulers that it has you

also have these Ram bins which are not

new the Rams have been coming out these

for a few years but if you look on the

edge here look at that there’s another

ruler on the edge sorry camera doesn’t

want to focus because it’s such a small

object but there’s a ruler on the edge

and these bins are I think they’re twice

the size as they were before but there’s

a ruler over there also so you’ve got a

ruler on the edge of your bins I guess

if you’re measuring something back here

but it’s there and it’s cool

another very convenient feature of these

2019 ram 1500 is that they have brought

in a reclining seat see if I can do this

one-handed probably not that’s because

they’re already reclined that’s why so

you can see there’s the difference right

there there’s a couple inches but you

can recline this back seat and make it a

lot more comfortable for your passengers

in the back so recline it so there’s it

reclined it’s as if this is the size of

a Mega Cab but it does not have the

extended back they just actually made

the truck longer which enables you to

recline and move the seat back and forth

and this two-person seat does recline

back it’s already reclined and so now

it’s not reclined it’s still a very nice

upright position it’s not too far

forward but you do have the option to

recline it I said earlier there’s a lot

of really cool features but those are

probably my five most favorite / unique

to the RAM 59 now there may be other

trucks that have those but for the new

2019 Ram 1500 that’s kind of something

that separates it from the previous

generation now there’s a lot of other

cool options such as this truck is just

a quick order package Laramie and it

still has front and rear sensors

it’s got tow haul mode it’s got blind

spot alert system with the trailer it’s

got the reclining back seats it’s got

the nice large center console it does

not have the wireless charger but it

does have a place to hold a lot of

phones it’s got the USB and the high

speed charging ports it has a CD player

for I don’t know what reason there is in

110 outlet up front and 110 outlet out

back there’s also USBs back here as well

so you’ve got your outlet plus you’ve

got your USB ease here and a little

storage bin right above it so this truck

comes very well equipped already one of

another very cool feature is not only

can you pop the tailgate from the remote

you can now do it from right here so if

someone’s coming to load your truck

because you’re lazy and aren’t loading

things yourself

you can actually drop the tailgate from

inside the truck

and what we’re gonna do here is we’re

going to watch that so we’ll hit the

backup cam hit our button and watch the

tailgate fall so now we’re staring at

the ground

only thing is no one has made one where

it goes back up on its own so we’re

gonna go have to go pick that tailgate

up right now so those are my five

favorite / unique things about this 2019

ram 1500 I’ve owned it about 7,000 miles

and I absolutely love this truck I did

have a few problems which I noted in

some other articles and there is a couple

safety recalls which I’ll talk about in

another article and we’ll have to bring

that in but nothing major that’s kind of

to be expected when you have the first

gen of any vehicle you know when you

have the first gen health cat there are

some problems with the supercharger

bearings first gen Ram 1500 there’s

always gonna be some problems any new

vehicle that it’s a new generation

there’s typically small problems that

they have to get worked out when you’re

producing that many vehicles but overall

I absolutely love this truck it is my

favorite truck that I’ve owned there’s

so many amenities and features for the

price and I think I’m gonna write a article
on what I actually paid for this Ram

because they have huge incentives on

them as I mean you can get a fully

loaded truck like this I won’t say the

exact price because I want to write a

article on it but in the low 40s

sometimes the high 30s you can get a

very nice Laramie packaged truck just

like this one for a very good price and

that’s pretty good considering that all

the truck prices have inflated over the

years there I mean used to pay

twenty-five to thirty thousand for a

very nice Ram 1500 back when they were

dodge in the 90s and now you’re upwards

of like 6070 sometimes even eighty

thousand dollars for a 1500 half-ton

truck it’s insane it’s unreal but for

what you get nowadays the price is very

good on these so I’ll probably write a

article on that like I said but hopefully

you guys enjoyed this aticle like I said

this truck is my absolute favorite I’ve

done some mods to it and I’m gonna

continue to mod it because I’ll probably

have this truck actually a lot longer

than my previous vehicles but hope you

guys are enjoying this content on the

2019 Ram 1500 please comment down below

article on the RAM 1500 that

haven’t done already also what kind of

mods you guys would like to see out of

the RAM 1500 as always make sure you

like the Blog page follow me on

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