Best tariffs for target imported vehicles and auto parts

imported vehicles
imported vehicles

Best tariffs for target imported vehicles and auto parts :

Hey guys are you want new tariffs for target auto parts then i write some best tariffs for you.

Best tariffs for target imported vehicle


To top story this half hour,

trading tariffs, commerce

department with potential to

release tariffs on imported cars

or auto parts, president trump

has 90 days to make a decision

on whether to impose tariffs, on

sunday morning futures maria

spoke with kevin mccarthy about

the u.s.-trade progress.

i want to credit this

president because he is really

moving against china and making

level playing field, something

that america should have done a

long time ago, the western

hemisphere should have been able

to do this.

We are getting movement to

protect our intellectual

property rights, playing field

and i’m seeing good movement.

Charles: another round of talks

in washington, d.c., barry

james, obviously, barry, markets

are anticipating more that

something is going to happen

with respect to deal, the

shanghai up more than 10% this

year, up 3% today, in china even

more so, in china a lot of

anticipation that positive is

going to happen, where do you

handicap it?

i agree with that sentiment.

Two things, number one, the

president is not going to have

as much domestic success with

split congress, he’s going to

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focus more overseas and he needs

victories there and the chinese

are either on the verge of or in

a recession so they need to

really boost themselves and, of

course, we take more from china

than any other country, over

500 billion a year in import

from china, so they need to see

that corrected, they don’t want

25% tariffs in any way, shape,

manner or form and i think the

stock market is gradually

feeding into the mix.

Jon: barry, there’s 3 ways can

go, possibility of no deal and

u.s. Kicks tariffs and imposes

more, there’s a possibility of

some kind of stalemate where we

just kind of leave the tariffs

in place but don’t add anymore

and then there’s the possibility

of a deal, how does the market

react under each of those

scenario, no deal, stalemate and


i think in terms of no deal,

the market would take that

fairly unfavorably.

I think it’s already being built

in to some extent so if that

were to unfold and we have the

new — the new 25% tariffs,

that’s just going to be awful

for everybody through the


In terms of them making a deal,

i think some of that has been

factored into the market but not

all of it, i think it would be a

positive at least initially for

stocks and if there’s no deal i

think we will keep shredding as

we are in the market.

the auto part, the auto part

of the tariff or the part that

scares neglect most, can spread

to japan and germany and making

global problem, what — if we

start — we don’t buy cars from

china in a sense — we buy parts

to assemble north america,


méxico, what is the purpose,

those prices are not lower than

our american manufactured china

cars, i don’t see how you make

this work on any level.

yeah, i agree, you look at

general motors, for instance,

the tariffs are supposed to help

them and they are laying off


A lot of people just lost their

jobs, it’s really not funny at


That does have an impact and it

doesn’t necessarily have the

intended consequences that

people would like, historically

from stock market perspective

when we had steel tariffs under

george w. Bush the market took

that as a nose-dive opportunity

and that set the thing that is

always in the back of people’s


Charles: we should let people

know in the last earnings report

general motors made $3 billion

in america, zero

internationally, zero, they sold

more cars outside the country

but all the profits came from

america and that’s what

americans in the heartland are

pissed off about the fact that

you made $3 billion here and you

are still firing people in this


General motors better find a

good way to explain that.

Wal-mart, fourth quarter

results, what are you expecting


It’s always anxious by the way,

barry when they report but even

more so after retail sales


you know, again it’s in

discount area, a little bit

different than some of the other

companies but it is the

bellwether, the one that we all

look to, we think that they

would be fine in terms of

earnings, we do own some, golden

rainbow, it is meeting criteria

of good earnings, not too

expensive and doing well in

terms of price performance so we

don’t really worry too much

about their earnings, what are

coming out although the retail



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