BMW i8 Full Review and know Why BMW i8 Price Rs 3 Crores

BMW i8

BMW i8 Full Review and know Why BMW i8 Price Rs 3 Crores

Hello Friends today i do full review about bmw i8 and told you why bmw i8 price is 3 crore.

BMW i8 Full Review

BMW i8

the car is on I kid you not

and and breakdown can you please move

stocker a neutral way to launch

so put in the sports mode and

conditioning off left foot on the brake

and here we go

that’s 193 km/h well it might not seem

fast but it does sound racy because it

has a fake exhaust sound which comes

through the speakers now the current

driving you know it by now it is the BMW

i8 it is powered by a 1.5 liter

3-cylinder petrol engine which produces

231 horsepower and 320 Newton meters of

torque now the performance you saw right

now was from that engine because this is

a hybrid it also gets a battery which

gives it another 131 horsepower and 250

Newton meters of torque to give it a

combined output of nearly 360 horsepower

and 570 Newton meters of torque the

result is 0 200 km/h in 4.4 seconds and

the top speed is limited to 250 km/h

here we go once again

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hate handles so well I can’t tell you I

mean firstly this car weighs just 1500

kgs which by the way is 200 kgs lighter

thanks to the carbon fiber reinforced

plastic chassis which it uses but it’s

actually not 200 kgs lighter because the

batteries they’re also a 200 kg so that

nullifies the effect this is actually a

hundred kgs lighter than BMWs own m4

which makes it a pretty light car

actually and it has four driving modes

unfortunately these modes are a little

fluttered they’re not you know one knob

to switch between all of them so this

Eco Pro which automatically puts it into

normal Drive mode and so basically the

Eco Pro and comfort comfort is the

default mode there is a pure eat dry

mode so when you born to me drive it

will only work on the batteries but the

batteries are not charged right now so

that doesn’t work either

push this left and it goes into sport

mode so now what it does in sport mode

it uses the battery to give you

additional boost and makes this car

really fly but the batteries are

completely discharged because I have

been driving this car since two days

right now and I haven’t got time to

charge these batteries up right anyways

so on pure EB mode which is the e Drive

mode it can go up to 37 kilometres and

at the maximum speed of 120 km/h usually

when you are driving the 60 km/h it’s

one pure battery mode after which it

switches to the petrol engine which is

extremely silent so when you turn on the

car you can’t even hear if it’s on or

off that’s how silent it is so when you

are in regular modes like comfort or eco

pro you can see that the right side

tells you the power is of and the charge

while when you switch it left that turns

into a tachometer

BMW i8
BMW i8

which by the way the engine red lines at

six and a half thousand rpm the same

engine which is also used on the meaning

portable charge unit three cylinder unit

but the party trick here is the head it

returns a mileage claimed mileage of

course or forty seven point five

kilometers per liter of course it’s

difficult to achieve you’re gonna drive

like a bad person how I am right now but

in under ideal conditions forty seven

point five kilometers per liter that’s

insane mileage isn’t it right now I’m

getting around eight to nine kilometers

per litre which is kind of decent for a

car of this performance but you will

have to visit the fuel pump very

frequently because this has a 13 litre

fuel tank the current driving right now

I think it has a 42 litre fuel tank so

it there’s an optional fuel tank up late

by 12 liters the ride quality is on the

stiffer side when you get into sport

mode like this when you put the leaver

on the left and obviously you can take

control of things using the paddle

shifters it becomes even four more so

the right quality isn’t really compliant

and you don’t expect it to be right but

you should remember one thing very

clearly this car is very difficult to

drive on Indian roads because it has a

ground clearance of just 117 mm couple

that with the long wheelbase of 2800 mm

which is by the way more than the Toyota

Innova Crysta and you know you have to

go through all speed breakers in an

angle and this is a brand new car I

called and under hundred kilometers so I

had to be very careful you know when

going through speed breakers not to

touch the underbelly and thankfully I

have not touched it anywhere so I’m glad

about that

the gearbox on this car is a six-speed

automatic very fast with chips very

quick with chips really amazing how the

gearbox behaves features you don’t get

on the throttle and it responds

immediately so I really love the gearbox

obviously all BMW cars gearbox are

spot-on one of the best you can ever

find in any car and the i8 it performs

exceptionally well the handling is

amazing it’s firm

it goes through corners very well body

roll is not there body control is very

nice then the steering even though it’s

light it offers so much feel and

feedback it’s so crisp I mean you can

really enjoy driving this car the tires

they offer decent amount of grip they

could have been wider because at the

front you get 215 at the rear you get to

forty fives and by the way the

electric motors they drive the front

wheels petrol engine drives the rear

wheel so in a sense this is a

four-wheel-drive car so that gives you

very good grip and I think this is the

second mid-engine be able to sports car

so the engine is here behind and the

first was the 1978 BMW m1 didn’t see a

lot of cars apart from this road usually

that’s not the case

braking performance is very good it

stops very fast even though this has

regenerative braking so when you

actually break or when you’re coasting

it is charging the battery and the

surprising part is that it does the best

job of charging the battery when you’re

actually driving in sports mode full-out

so that’s when you know the charge is

happening the best and that means you

can have your fun and also you know save

the environment at the same time it also

gets these double blade vipers will

remind you of the Honda Civic but that’s

so freakin cool isn’t it the horn could

have been better so I’ll do one thing

now I show you around this car

let me come for hold cool stop and park

I know I’m sure you can’t hear a single

thing because the engine is so silent

now this gets these blue seatbelts so

that’s really cool the blue seatbelts as

you can see behind as well and other you

are actually nobody can say at least I

think of human being can definitely not

send even kids cannot say there’s

absolutely no space at the behind so

very difficult to get their speakers

nice Harman Kardon system

what do you was decent I wouldn’t say

fantastic because I never got a chance

to listen to it honestly who wants to

listen to that just concentrate on

driving so this is another thing in this

that if any car comes very close to you

or you come to any car very closely then

it flashes a red thing here on the

second display that the main instrument

cluster it’s actually screen and also

splashes it on the heads-up display so –

you warn you that you know there’s

something in your path you should break

or you know you should accelerate if

someone is tailgating when it happened a

lot of time many people were tailgating

me so the interior well I showed you the

rear seat which is are not much use but

you can keep stuff here the front seats

are very comfortable there’s a button

here you press this and you know so that

people can go behind but you reaching

the seatbelts is a real task these blue

colored seatbelts they look really very

nice indeed glovebox doesn’t have much

space really those there is no space in

the doors to keep any board

whatsoever and the car which I’m driving

I was got this key doesn’t have the

other key or the one which has the party

trick the remote key or with the display

I don’t know why behavior has done that

for the media car and I’m actually the

first to get this car to drive among all

journalists I’m really happy about that

steering is very nice to hold this blue

thing actually to signify that this is a

hybrid car and it saves the environment

the dashboard is really nice single a/c

vent or twin they’re single here so you

know it’s very symmetrical and the whole

dashboard is tilted towards the driver

so the centre console is actually tilted

towards the driver there is a cubby hole

here and there is a cubby hole here as

well so for aux and you must be there’s

a cubby hole here as well this is edited

for the fuel because runs on petrol

power requires high-octane fuel and this

is be able to I Drive controller with a

touchpad very slick to use very nice I

love how the I Drive system is one of

the best right now it gets ventilated

seats but they are the heated ones so

not really more of much use in India and

in terms of features it has plenty so

there is parking sensors obviously this

is the 360-degree camera and front and

rear camera or this front camera and you

can switch to 360-degree camera then you

can switch to the rear camera so all of

these things the traction control can be

turned off and in terms of equipment it

also gets six airbags and honestly this

is a very loaded car nor the car is

turned on now I just show you the

instrument cluster this is another LCD

unit you can see the fuel meter and the

you know how much charge is in the

batteries place down kind of

inconvenient because it should have been

slightly bigger and easier to see what

exactly is a battery levels right now

but the battery doesn’t really last long

you accelerate harder it’s gone in a

jiffy so I think this is the internal

i’ll show you the main party trick of

this car I’m sure many of you have been

waiting to see this so this gets hold

your breath part of leidos so here we

press it

and there we go so getting in and out of

the sky is a very difficult thing not

for everybody

reminds you of the Suzuki article not for

everyone so you can see the seats single

piece seats supremely comfortable the

car is very low so getting in and out is

a tough task not really easy I think

vehicle is still on I’ll just turn it

off here we go

it’s turned off and get ambient lighting

plenty of features honestly and the DOS

honestly these butterfly doors are the

party trick of this car so you just look

at it how cool it looks isn’t this so

cool so there is a front camera here so

this is a camera here and this car comes

from the future as you can see it

evidently it looks so unique here you

can see the radiator the fan – you know

cool the batteries and there’s a camera

here this is for the 360-degree camera

the 360-degree parking and this is the

lid for the petrol to fill petrol and

button how to open it actually is it for

the petrol let’s open the boot and show


this is the boot and there is a charging

cable not much space here there’s the

engine actually and just look at the

design of this car isn’t this really

awesome look at the cuts increases like

these blades and all absolutely on point

design let me turn the doors down

because it attracts a lot of attention

I’ve been driving this all night

yesterday and you won’t believe people

were actually following me with their

cameras girls guys aren’t these uncles

everybody is so keen to know what

exactly is this thing and these are the

wheels these are 20 inch wheels and this

is where you charge the battery so

here’s where you plug in the charger and

this white color looks particularly

impressive this design oh my god

it’s for error efficiency as well and

beyond all these typical shark fin

antenna just give you another nice look

on the car just look at this there’s the

camera there are parking sensors

open the door here as well

isn’t this car so freakin mind-blowing

I mean on design alone now they’ve got

its spot on and this is just going to

sell because of the design looks so

freakin amazing

in fact I’ll open what the doors into a

tale we go

that’s the rearview

let’s get to the front


not really a best idea to pack it

anywhere because people want to just

touch the car and do stuff like that to

show you the side view can you see the

wheelbase massive isn’t it

helping get inside

ouch ah the doors are very light very

very light no effort needed to actually

close the door but getting the seatbelt

out from here that’s kind of a tough

task if you ask me just on the car it’s

on so the crucial question is is the BMW

i8 even worth buying well for starters

post GST when they remove the fame

benefits on Hybrid this gas price is

increased by hold your breath rupees 45

lakhs yes it has become more expensive

by forty five lakhs now the on-road

price is rupees three curves which is

very very expensive but honestly if you

want to save the earth this is the car

to buy because it’s so frugal and at the

end of the day it makes you arrive in

style like no other car can it feels

extremely special and has the

performance provided you have your

batteries charged up every bump on the

road you have to be really careful over

is zero touch the car anywhere and it

really hurts you know when you were like

going through speed breaker and scrapes

underneath is like oh no what just

happened so I’ll do one thing I will

just launch it again we get into sport

mode there it turns stop and we give the


so it’s up shifting slightly over 6,000


and when I break I’m going to draw nice

a generation of the batteries but

unfortunately I really have to charge

this car if I want to you don’t get all

that hybrid power and it does help you

know because when I was driving the car

initially so punchy it was used to fly

but now without the battery power

because they’re discharged the

performance is equal to a coda Octavia

RS which also has the same amount of

power that’s 230 horsepower however this

one is slightly quicker but if you want

to achieve a zero turn in kilometer per

hour time of 4.4 seconds you really have

to have all the juice in the battery

unfortunately you really can’t do it all

day long so let’s do it once again

anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this

vlog of mine driving the BMW i8 and if

you did do give it the thumbs up button

that’s the like button and also

subscribe to the channel I will see you

guys in the next article very soon and

hopefully it will be a article of another

BMW with another party trick bye bye



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