Rolex 24Hr em Daytona 500 Race – 2019 | Bia Figueiredo experience

Rolex 24Hr em Daytona 500 Race – 2019 | Bia Figueiredo experience : 

Daytona 500 is really very good racing today you know some experience Daytona Race 2019.

Daytona 500 Race

Bia Figueiredo experience

Well, the morning has been frenetic here

we had already drivers meeting

and now we have autograph session

and I am kind of late so they are not very happy

Not sure what time is it but since 11 am it has been crazy

not sure if I will have time to have lunch until the start of the race 12:30

they had a meal for me right there but its probably very cold already

its freezing here and my hands are super cold

and we will stay here for 40 minutes

and go straight to the grid

I think I will be able to scape to eat something

I really need energy and ultimate 2:30 pm It will be a long time

but everything will be fine! We will figure it out

the plan is running to windows of 50 minutes each. A total of 1h40 minutes

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if everything goes like planned

we will have drivers introduction and race ceremony

only when I sit in the car things will get calm

so what happened here is that we were about to PIT and the yellow flag came with a safety car

and the pits were closed

so that screwed us big time

I believe if the yellow came 10 seconds later we would be in the pits already

so we had to pit with urgency in a wrong lap and lost all the positions

it was a shame because we were already in 7th place

my run was great and I had lots of fun

always taking lots of care to not hit anything

so it was all good.I am a bit tired

because I was a bit tense at the beginning

but now I will have a massage and rest. I will be good again

the only bad thing that could happen at the time of the stop did happen

so now I will have to stay here at the pits during Simona’s run. That will be around two hours

because if anything happens I need to be ready to get in the car

so two hours watching and analyzing

she just got in the car and we had the safety car in

that was good for us

because we just pitted and we will gain many positions

so hopefully she will feel good. in the car to be able to move up

well, now is time to root for my team mates

just did my second entry in the car

I did one stint and a half. I was supposed to do only one

we are expecting rain soon

and the team decided to change the plan a bit because Christina doesn’t have much experience in the rain

so they are trying to have her running more now

I thought I would have 4 hours of rest but I won’t be possible

I will try to have some sleep but in two hours I need to be back

at night there are some dark spots in the track that doesn’t give much confidence to attack

we are in leader lap in 11th

so lets hope everything goes well and we can keep moving up

Bia did a run in the middle of the night. She was there when the rain came

than she passed the car to Christina

than Christina to Simona

its been 40 minutes since Simona is running

it was raining a lot and the safety car was out

and it kept like this for many laps

until they decided to show the red flag and stop the race

now we are entering in the 17th hour

and we are in red flag

but the watch keep running

and believe they will re start the race when the rain stops

the team decided to change the plan again in the middle of the night as I’ve mentioned

I got back in the car 3 am

and ran until 5 am

in the middle of the stint it started raining

and I was on slick tires

so It was quite hard and the pressure to not hit anything

they tried to re start the race

but we had another accident

so they got back to red

at the moment we are in 5th place

the rain was good for us when I ran last time

green and try to gain more positions

and maybe the podium

let root and now I will have breakfast

then I am going to the pits to see if I can help with anything

oh my God where is Katherine. I keep trying to find her

well guys. during this terrible weather

the least we wanted was to be in here

the conditions were really bad and Kat lost the car

Simona mentioned people were spinning in Safety Car

the conditions are really bad but I am sure the Marshalls feel the pressure to get the race running

so they got back in green and Kat pushed to get positions but unfortunately she hit the wall

and the team is trying to fix the car

at least we have risked something at the end of the race

if we have a chance to get back we will have lost many laps

it was a shame because we are all very confident

we had a hard fight all race to be in the lead lap

lets hope we can finish the race

lots and lots of rain here

I will go to the pits soon to watch the end of the race

I am trying to keep warm in the RV

not sure how they will finish the race on this conditions

ahhhh guys

we are finished here

so much rain and its so cold!!!!

this race is not called 24h anymore. Its 17h Daytona Race

right Rachel?

unfortunately this rain finished this great event

we got caught in the incident at the end

it happens . it’s racing

it was an amazing experience with the team here



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