Discount Tire Know This Tire Buying Basics

Discount Tire
Discount Tire

 Discount Tire Know This Tire Buying Basics

Hey guys this article is very important for you i tell you the basic of buying at discount tire.

Buying Basics at Discount Tire

Discount Tire
Discount Tire

welcome to another article of carsinfo247 talks I’m a little strange in that

I really really like tires but for those

of you who know me you know I’m a car

guy and I love tired but one thing about

tires is they are pretty complicated and

they’re not easy to shop for at least

for most people today I’m at discount

tire in Plano want to welcome Todd Eadie

Todd is the manager here at discount

tire in Plano

can you tell us how do we make this

simple how does the I don’t make tires

under design tires I’m overwhelmed

because there’s fifty two thousand

choices I don’t know what goes on the

car woody woody but can you talk oh

there’s a lot of things to consider but

probably the first thing you want to

consider is safety first when I say

safety first is knowing what tire

belongs on your car knowing what the

speed capabilities and low the indexes

moreso the service description of your

car so you mentioned load rating and

size and all of that is that something

that we need to research or how do we

know what to buy for our own car well

there’s a couple places to find it if

you look in the owners manual you can

find the information or you can open the

driver side door and just inside the

small placard that gives you the info

information or service description of

the tire the size is in there the load

carrying capacity the speed rating that

the car is expected to achieve and the

air pressures and all of those are

important as far as maintaining the

safety and integrity of your parks

handling these tires all different can

you can you tell me some basics I don’t

know that I can get this one looks

pretty high performance and I don’t

think it would even fit on my little car

so can you tell me just the basic

difference in so you know some of the

things that are important to a tire

would be the climate that you drive in

again the the type of private you are

the more performance oriented you are

where you want to think about having a

tire that helps that handling and

stability on the other hand most of us

are looking for something that’s going

to last it’s going to have good web stop

it’s quiet comfortable and it’s been

perform across a very large variety of

climates and temperatures here’s a

high-performance tire here on a high

performance tire you can see treads

unique compared to an all-season tire

this one has solid blocks and the solid

blocks are meant to give more stability

large circumferential grooves still

allow water to come out the back but the

intent here is to have handling and

stopping power if you look at the

Discount Tire
Discount Tire

sidewalls they’re shorter there’s more

material in the sidewall bigger belt

packages across that allow the tire to

turn and respond much faster on the

other hand most of us are looking for a

tire that’s a little more user friendly

all-purpose and there’s a lot of

benefits here when I say that there’s a

lot more small grooves which allows the

tire to flex a little better it rides a

little more comfortable it’s a little

more sidewall not as much material in

the sidewall which allows it to flex a

little bit better again giving you a

little bit smoother ride the sights

inside are going to allow the blocks to

flex a little bit more they get a little

bit better by it when it comes to all

different weather conditions ice no rain

and again this tire is designed to

operate at a very broad range of

temperatures so if it’s a hundred

degrees outside it’s going to handle

really well if it’s 30 degrees outside

it’s going to handle really well where

the ultra high performance tire really

isn’t intended to run it that cold

temperature it’s really a summertime

tire and it’s designed to run in 80 plus

degrees can we see the difference

between a lower cost higher versus the

more expensive tire is that something

that we can see if we look at it yes

these two titers next to each other

would kind of define a lot of the

characteristics between them here you

have a relatively basic tire the

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technology has been around for a long

time there we talked about grooves

earlier and blocks and the idea that

most of your water channels out the back

side of the tire versus over on this

tire you see that they’re a little more

solid a little bit closer a lot more

sipes inside the tire these are all

biting edges that allow you to get

traction and ice and snow and it starts

the water to moving

no different than a glass full of water

that’s over if you touch the side of the

glass it drains right off the side of

the glass same thing happens with the

site it’s just starting that water to

move into the grooves so you get better

traction in the wet conditions there are

other things that make a difference in

many cases the playas on the tire will

be wider in other words the belt

packages on one tire may be this wide

where the belt package on here comes out

and covers the edges of the tire some of

the differences can be in the rubber

compounds that are in them some of them

can be and the the the type of block

system that generates what you want to

call the decibels or the noise that

comes from a tire so typically the

bigger the blocks the more chance of

getting noise out of them over time

where you have the smaller blocks they

tend to move independently so you don’t

gather up the big heel toe wear that you

get on the tire so the tires typically

stay quieter over time there’s something

that we can do that just makes this so

much easier for us to let you know what

we’re looking for how that kind of guy

doesn’t tire behind something like that

actually there’s a lot of things we talk

first about safety and safety meeting

all the criteria for the garments and

then we talked a little about wet

traction performance how you drive where

you drive we talked about some of the

features and benefits of the tire as far

as Louise Lovins and right quality and

when you stop and you think about all of

that you have to kind of prioritize it

and when I say prioritize it if you

drive in Texas you private Corvette and

you’re going to drive it even on the

track but you’re a little bit aggressive

with it then performance tires going to

do a lot for you and that’s what you

want to trend towards if you’re looking

for something that even on that Corvette

that you’re going to drive daily and

you’re going to be in the wet conditions

you’re gonna drive it all somewhere out

winter and you want one set of tires

then you’re going to look for something

that’s a little more of an all-season


on the minivan you’re going to look for

comfort quiet longevity cost efficiency

than you might buy a tire that’s either

got the whole season capabilities will

run across the whole range of

temperatures and then you’re going to

have a nice comfortable flight right so

if you probably order times where those

are for yourself and it’s going to give

us a better chance to help introduce the

tire that we would suggest at the same

time you know you’re don’t really want

to go into a tire store and talk to them

at first you can go to a lot of websites

even our website at Tiger comm it’s

going to provide you a lot of feedback

and information from the manufacturers

about how the tires built what the

features and benefits are on site the

tires and maybe that covers prioritize

what it is you want when you come in it

will also give a a chance to look at

what customers need that gives a lot of

those sites at this point in back from

our customers that give exactly what

they thought what they expected out of

it even the mileage ideas the thing that

you might consider is when you look at a

tire that mileage and cost should be a

second form of what happens in other

words where you drive how you drive what

you want to be your tire should really

be what you’re putting on it because

that’s really what the tire is intended

for so if you you know you always have

to think about who your family is what

you’re doing inside and if you’re going

to go on a long trip how do you want

that to perform in wet conditions and

how often do you do you travel to

Colorado makes a lot of difference to

have a tire with a lot more psyche again

it makes a difference in the tire if

you’re going to drive a little handles

stability inside on the other time it

might not matter at all might be to and

from the parking garage you know

something that short distance sits

outside against two or three miles a day

and the basic tire might be the thing

that fits your budget so we bring you if

we tell you what our driving style is

our desire with our normal routine

with the car then your folks can guide

us in which tire to dispense absolutely

first well that makes it very easy for

us thank you I show you she being on the

show again we’re a discount tire in

Plano Texas and we’re at Ohio and 121

that’s this store right justice perfect

thanks for Reading and as always I’ll

see you next time


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