Fuel economy calculation | gas calculation

Fuel economy calculation
Fuel economy calculation

Fuel economy calculation | gas calculation :

in this article I’ll show you how to calculate your fuel economy on your vehicle it’s fairly straight forward.

Fuel economy calculation

I’m gonna show you how to do it in miles per

gallon and after that I’m gonna show you

how to do it in litres per hundred

kilometer s

okay let’s get started with this one

miles per gallon you need two pieces of

information recorded accurately to get

this calculation done the first one is

that no matter is per display the first

one is you need your mileage from your

AMA from your odometer on it usually

there is a little trip counter that

displays the number of miles since last

reset it when you fill up the gas tank

and between two Phillips say you have

162 miles how about that say you

recorded 162 miles between two Phillips

the second piece of information that you

need is the volume or amount of gas that

your vehicle consumed over the same 162

my distance to do that it is probably

the best thing to do is to go from full

tank to full tank again because if it’s

not full it’s really hard to get started

from half a tank consume some of the gas

and then refill it to exactly the same

level it’s not happening so the best

thing to do is go from full

that’s a you full full time to full time

and when you do so you can see on the on

the gas stations counter that maybe you

had I don’t know 5.4 gallons of fuel

consumed by the vehicle over the same

162 mile distance so what you do then

with your calculator is you do one

division 162 miles divided by 5 point 4

gallons let’s say what does that equal


it was calculator 162 divided by 5 point

4 equals 30 so that’s 30 miles per


okay and it doesn’t matter what kind of

gallon that amount is expressed in it

could be imperial gallons or it could be

US gallons

whatever gallons you’re using it doesn’t

matter but it’s hard to calculate miles

per gallon likewise this could be land

miles or nautical miles it doesn’t

matter you place your unit of distance

in here and the unit of volume in here

and you’re gonna get out of it a

calculation like so like 30 miles per

gallon the other one for metric

countries on this one here liters over a

hundred kilometers goes as follows

you’re gonna need the same

automata reading what you got to do one

thing do it because you’re measuring the

fuel economy is expressed as amount of

gas consumed over 100 kilometers you

have to make sure that your odometer

reading again the trip counter whatever

amount you got out of it

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say you had 403 kilometres okay because

if the final amount is expressed per 100

kilometer you’re going to have to divide

it by a hundred right away

so when you divide it by a hundred you

shift decimal point two spots over so

you have a four point zero three a

number to work with and you’re also

gonna need to record the volume of the

gas that you put into the vehicle say

you feel them no I don’t know how about

38 liters again from full gas tank to

full gas tank measured you know when the

gun on the gas station clicks you set it

to refill and when it reaches a point in

the gas tank it it cuts off the fuel and

the and the gun clicks so you go from

one click to one click full to full and

say put in thirty eight liters of gas

and what you do is very simple you do

another division here because this one

is expressed volume over distance so you

put the volume up top 38 liters over

4.03 because four hundred and three

kilometers is four point zero three

hundred kilometers okay so four point

zero three

hundred kilometers okay

I needed a division you’re gonna get

another number out of it 38 divided by

four point zero three and that equals to

nine point four liters over a hundred

kilometer so that’s how you can check

your fuel economy and I recommend that

you do so to people tap on things to

make sure that your vehicle is not

consuming gas excessively if it does so

you might have some mechanical problems

or maybe as simple as a flat tire so

that’s right useful to check your fuel

economy for example and that’s exactly

how you do it one division with two

pieces of numbers and a little bit of

attention how you get or when you get

the distance and when you get the amount

of gas.



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