Honda Acura NSX review its acceleration is Awesome

Honda Acura NSX review its acceleration is Awesome :

hello friends today i told you all about honda acura nsx you know its acceleration is mind boggling.

Honda Acura NSX

this is the Honda NSX supercar and it’s

proof that Honda is one of the most

diverse car manufacturers in the world

because as well as normal boring

hatchbacks they also do robots aquatic

equipment generators and even aeroplanes

now this NSX is almost as expensive as

an aeroplane so it starts from a hundred

and forty five thousand pounds you click

up there you get a car I co-taught UK

and compare offers for the NSX or any

car for that matter online you’re just

fill in the details the car you want and

dealers will get back to you with prices

within 24 hours so let’s check out the

inside of the NSX see if it lives up to

that price tag and not exactly it does

no terrible but something like a Porsche

911 Turbo just for posture inside so

there’s an Audi r8 v10 plus hmm the

problem is this look you’ve got leather

here which is nice but then these

horrible cheap feeling bits of plastic

and there’s really weird little venti

things they’re they’re they’re childish

and all four paddles for the gear

shifter that a plasticy and flicky and

not that grinding the buttons on the

steering wheel yeah it’s got carbon

fibre but once again it’s just it feels

like an 18,000 pound car like they’ve

had to scrimp on the interior not that

you’re paid 145 thousand pounds for it

it’s a bit of a shame really because

these seats are these seats are so comfy

are doing quite long distance in this

car and it’s so so relaxing in these

seeds and then there’s some other things

as well like you get a nice digital

driver’s display I quite like I like the

way the menus change when you twist this

little dial here to go to the different

driving modes that’s all cool then you

move across the infotainment system

itself and what a honda doing you know

it’s supposed to be a tech firm really

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they they make robots and planes as I’ve

said earlier but the invitation systems

not very good at all

other things that aren’t so good at the

storage spaces so these are my

cupholders yüksel alright and this car

can accelerate believe me I’ll show you

in a bit

your drink’s going to go flying you know

your coffee will be everywhere and

there’s not much place for them I’m

it’s a supercar and practicality isn’t

the key thing but something once again

like a Porsche 911 or nadie is just a

little bit more accommodating on the

inside you did get a glove box of course

which is kind of chunky but doesn’t have

a commune in it oh look there’s a space

under here

and you’ve got your USB port there which

is as you can see very handy and easy to

get to and for some reason you have an

HDMI input you need a 12 volt socket

there is one somewhere I think it’s down

here down here down there yeah it’s down

there and then there’s this thing here

now please comment in the box below to

let me know what the heck this is for

because I have absolutely no idea now

let’s check out some more the

practicality so then the boot just open

it now all supercar is really want is to

be able to fit the golf clubs in the

boot of their car and with a bit of

jiggery-pokery maneuvering you can do

that with your Honda NSX but if you want

to carry a bit more than that you can

get a bit problematic you see the boot

has like this big hump in it and that’s

because the exhaust system goes

underneath there and because of that and

the fact that there’s very little

insulation it does mean that it can get

very warm in this area so if you wanted

to carry a shopping and you had some ice

cream it would all melt in fact you

could probably cook your eggs on your

way home from the shops just by driving

quickly also if you want to go on a

holiday and you want to take a suitcase

what do you be able to do it well I

think I’ve got to demonstrate that quite


no not ideal unless you wanted some

extra downforce which having the boot

like that will give you but you’ll just

need to take one look at the outside to

forget all about that tiny boot it’s

just so spectacular especially in this

white paint it may have a humble Honda

budget but it still turns heads like no

Porsche 911 can and that’s not the only

thing that’s great about this NSX here’s

five cool things

the car has a carbon-fiber roof to help

keep the center of gravity as low as

possible for improved handling the NSX

has ten radiators I think yeah look

that’s more than my house these are

vents allow air in through there he then

comes out in the back of the bumper and

over the face of the wheel and that

helps smooth air flow down the side of

the car for reduced drag when the car is

just idling in normal mode it just sends

exhaust to these outer pipes which are

kind of quiet when you put it into

sports price mode though it blows

through these bigger central pipes which

are noisier if you put this car into

quiet mode it will turn off the engine

and drive along on an electric power

alone a bit like a Toyota Prius only way

more fun

however this car it’s all perfect

there’s five annoying things about it as

if the infotainment system wasn’t

annoying enough the position of the

climate control button means that if you

try and rest your hand there while

you’re driving to press the screen which

it quite often have to do you end up

pressing the climate control and then

that comes on the screen rather than the

thing you intended to press but the rear

glass screen has distinct elements in it

the inner screen doesn’t so you have to

wait until the engines of nice and warm

on the frosty morning to clear that as

well which is annoying the little NSX

stickers on the side of the car just

that rather they’ve been stuck on by a

child and they’re already deteriorated

that it’ll Cheaper me now why even

bother with them phased or myristic out

quiet away so only Park up you need to

fold them away but you can’t do it

electrically you have to do it manually

and look at this when you move them the

whole section wobbles just so cheap on

such an expensive car you’d hope there

are low slung hard to park cartridges in

NSX will come with parking sensors as

standard but it doesn’t they’re an 1800

pound option

this Honda NSX is a hybrid supercar so

you’ve got two electric motors in front

one at the back made it to the 3.5 liter

twin-turbo v6 and combined you have 581

horsepower now being a hybrid I should

talk about what it’s like in tank

because that’s where hybrids are really

good and so you can cruise around in

this car on an electric power alone at

speeds well pretty decent speed on doing

30 and the engines not running I’m using

the batteries and the electric motors

but if I put my foot down a bit the

engine then kicks in and it’s seamless

the way it goes between electric and the

engine cutting in is just very very

smooth and it may seem ridiculous to

talk about a car like this in time but

most supercar owners will end up having

to drive in tennyson point and this car

is brilliant in time because visibility

is actually really good so the the

windscreen is very deep the dash is low

so you get a good view forward the door

cells aren’t too high so you get a good

view sideways you’ve got massive wing

mirrors and the other bags alright as

well in fact you can see if it’s up by

clicking up there to join me for a point

of view test drive video I don’t think

that makes it good in tyre it’s a

suspension so in normal mode it’s really

soft it’s great over bumps it’s in sane

day and then you flick the switch or

into Sport Plus mode

floor it breaks loose this is a proper

supercar it’s insanely fast those

electric motors mean that you have

instant power the moment you put your

foot down there’s no turbo lag you just

go it is completely bonkers the

acceleration in this car and it’s there

whenever you want it now if I turn this

dial one more time and hold it I will

put the car into RAC mode and that means

I should be able to launch it so all you

have to do is

pull up there we go I keep my left foot

on the brake draw the throttle release

the brake and that was 60 way back there

and that’s over 100 yes you know I’ve

actually timed this car and I’ve done

naught 60 in under 3 seconds and it’ll

do it again and again and gain and again

whenever you want to it’s crazy and then

when you want put it back into normal

mode don’t just take it easy also I

should mention the gearbox because in

auto mode it’s very quick and smooth and

then when you take control yourself

it responds just when you want it to I

think what Honda has done with this car

is pretty impressive it’s it’s great to

drive and being a hybrid

I mean I’m returning 26 miles per gallon

it’s quite an achievement this thing if

only they could sort out the blooming

infotainment system it’d be amazing

now if you click it there you can get

more information at Carlile code at UK

and compare offers on brand new cars so

then my verdict on the Honda NSX should

you avoid it should you consider it

should you shortlist it or should you

reckon you should shortlist the Honda

NSX it’s a brilliant car it’s just would

you spend a hundred forty five thousand

pounds on a Honda if you enjoyed this

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now did you spot the Easter Egg in this

article it was the photo of Ayrton Senna

on my phone in the cars blog box because

the f1 legend helped to develop the

original NSX



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