Honda CR V Petrol Diesel Which Better

Honda CR V Petrol Diesel

Honda CR V Petrol Diesel Which Better

Hey guys today i told you which honda cr v is better for you like petrol or diesel read my this full blog.

Honda CR V

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guys and welcome to another vlog I am

driving this this is the Honda cr-v

petrol right away let’s open the engine

bay yeah the car is very dirty I took it

badly off-road yesterday it was a lot of

dust over there as you can see in spite

of the 2 liter capacity of this petrol

engine there’s a lot of empty space in

this engine bay now this is obviously

for better breathing and as you can see

this car deserves a v6 petrol motor a

real VTEC in fact Honda’s not even

written we take over here so I really

doubt if it’s a VTEC well it is a we

take because it’s written on the

tailgate anyways as you can see on a

typical design language the lights look

really nice LEDs over there and this


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I think it’s known as some sort of a

brown it’s particularly very impressive

and from the side also the car looks

really nice I love the alloys on this

vehicle and overall design actually gels

very well with Honda’s design language

and of course it’s a CRV it’s

unmistakably cially over here we have

Ivy Tech written over here because of

baked a cake tin yolks and yeah

the lights are like slightly bigger than

the one we see on the W I’ll be people

are making a lot of noise over here

anyways as you can see car little dirty

I’m sorry about that but yes it’s a

beautiful looking vehicle and over here

we get a camera as well with the left

side when you put the left indicator or

you press the button on the right stock

obviously you can see what’s there on

the left side of this vehicle let’s

quickly get inside as you can see the

dough is a nice and wide so other door

pockets who’s gonna want a space over

here as well seats are also comfortable

and three people can actually sit here

but Headroom isn’t that great

Honda CR V Petrol Diesel
Honda CR V Petrol Diesel

now this car isn’t available with seven

seats yeah the petrol is not available

with seven seats that’s kind of a weird

logical only diesel guys deserve to

carry extra passengers I don’t know

anyways center armrest over here and as

you can see they’re twin cupholders here

as well as you can see there are

multiple ports for charging rear air


overall seats are comfortable let’s open

the boot right of way and as you can see

the boot is actually large enough yeah

that’s a large boot you can turn on and

off the lights were pressing this button

anyways as you can see the spare wheel

is an alloy my goodness and that also is

a full-size spare wheel this is


wandah I don’t think city would be

having that well obviously cost-cutting

is there more on locally made products

then see Cadiz this is locally assembled

in India now already the beauty honda

cr-v earlier all you have to do is click

here to see that article why am i

reviewing it again well this is the

petrol engine but I’m going to talk to

you about the quirky bits of this car

what I like what I dislike so this is

not review let me turn on the vehicle

here we go

turns on when you turn it off it gets

into accessory mode can you see the

swipe which happened really many ways

most Honda cars don’t get a temperature

meter but this one gets it over here on

the left side and there’s certain things

to really love about this vehicle

obviously I love the cabin design I love

the high quality of materials and

obviously I love the seats as well the

seats away comfortable and supportive

too what I don’t like about this vehicle

is the fact that this infotainment

system isn’t that great come on turn it

on sometimes it doesn’t turn on have to

keep pushing it maybe my pushing is

wrong I know it’s very dirty the other

thing I dislike about the system is the

fact if I have to decrease the fan speed

I have to press this button meanwhile

this is to increase or decrease the

temperature it should have been the

other way around honestly that’s what I

feel because that would be easier to

operate but what I really love is this

massive panoramic roof just look at it

isn’t this massively big brings in a lot

of air inside the cabin well called is

also very nice up to hundred standards

of course there’s a lot of storage space

as well over here as you can see a space

to keep stuff this is a power socket

over here the twin cup holders over here

and there’s a lot of space over here and

but you can remove this if you want yeah

it’s a removal yeah you can keep a lot

of stuff over here but the problem is

I’ve slaughtered it properly back

problem is it is just too deep so if you

keep something inside you can get lost

it should have had narrower compartments

I guess as you can see everything feels

nice and well put together and I’m sure

most of you don’t know what crüe means

but it actually means comfortable to run

about waked yeah it’s comfortable I

don’t know what really exactly run about

means and the other name is also compact

recreational vehicle I don’t see any

recreation of sorts in this particular

car it’s not an SUV it is not really an

MPV either it is a recreational vehicle

in Honda speak that said that good

amount of features on offer

it gets Apple calculate gets Android

auto connectivity and audio quality is

also very nice econ mode is placed over

here traction control button is placed

over here and sometimes with the

handbrake on as well the car starts

moving forward unfortunately the fuel

economy isn’t that great

in seven to eight kilometers per liter

just not was 69 kilometers for distance

to empty now saying 68 kilometers so yes

the petrol model is a little bit gas

guzzling yes it is a light car by SUV

standard because the monocoque chassis

vehicle however it still drinks a lot of

fuel the wipers do a great job though I

absolutely love that another thing which

I don’t like about this vehicle is

supposing I’m driving the car okay I’m

in drive mode right now

all right let me lock the doors the

doors are locked now I decide I need to

come to a halt so I come to a halt and a

signal I obviously have the option of

brake hold but anyways I put it into

parking and I put in backing it unlocks

it simply unlocks the door so at times

when I just come to a halt at a signal

the doors automatically unlocked forget

into parking yes I should get into

neutral perhaps but still that’s not a

great thing to do I mean leave it to me

to unlock the vehicle that’s not how you

decide maybe probably when you turn off

the vehicle then you unlock that school

but you shouldn’t do it otherwise so let

me lock the door and let me press this

now it doesn’t unlock on its own it

shows the Honda logo over there in the

center so this fifth-generation car is

the best CRV yet of course I have told

you everything you want to know about

the car by doing a complete exterior and

interior review previously but this

review is going to focus only on the

petrol engine does VTEC really kick in

you well let’s find out

all right we are all set to go air

conditioning off traction control off

getting into sport mode and econ mode

also off ok so everything seems fine now

accelerator rubbing the motor and this

model actually revving did almost 2500

rpm and off we go

no there’s absolutely no wheel spin on

offer that’s right no wheel spin on

offer whatsoever and this motor redlines

all the way till six and a half thousand

rpm and yes this is a VTEC motor so this

is a 2 litre petrol engine compared to

the diesel it produces more power at 154

horses however the walk output is lesser

at 189 Newton meters of torque

now you might expect that’s a lot ok

this thing is still on some other fan

speed is still working after turning it

off as well so yeah now you might expect

that performance to be absolutely slick

because this is a VTEC motor

unfortunately that is not the case over

here which is kind of sad because once I

got hard onto the throttle I was still

searching where’s the V technique in you

feeling it it just does not take in

somehow unfortunately and sadly there is

no V tetanus in this vehicle this is a 2

liter petrol engine but lacks the VTEC 3

a major reason for that is also the fact

that this is paired to an automatic

gearbox and not a traditional torque

converter automatic but it is paired

unfortunately to a CVT gearbox and you

know the CVT is have a lot of issues it

just does have a lot of rubber band

effect in the top-end and off we are so

I mean I turn off the fan speed it

starts getting turn on on its own I

don’t know what’s wrong anyways as you

can see this motor makes a lot of noise

so yeah low-end performance is gold in

the city this is fine but get out on the

highway and you will realize a lot of

problems with this motor because it just

doesn’t have the punch or the highway

especially this rubber band effect this

continuous noise I find it sporty but

most people will find it irritating

because it gets very loud indeed and as

you can see it just keeps itself near

the red line because CVT has its issues

and because of the ratios are such it

will keep making the rubber band effect

noise and there we go yet again I mean

in red lines very slowly it revs also

very slowly very unlike up we take motor

you don’t expect that from we take any

one let me press this button to see a

view of what’s on the left side so

that’s why you disappointing because the

diesel actually feels better than the

petrol and you know the diesel isn’t

great at all with 120 horses I mean they

should have offered the twin turbo unit

of the diesel that would have been

something now the petrol is only

available with front-wheel drive there

is no all-wheel drive petrol there is no

seven seats either so yes in terms of

the clarity and off-road ability this

isn’t that great I took it off for

yesterday it did decently well because

the steering is an absolute charm it

offers a lot of feel and feedback for

short and of course it also based

brilliantly at high speeds however in

terms of the out rate performance

there’s a lot of disappointment in the

city everything’s fine out on the

highway I mean you keep pressing the

throttle and it will just want to spawn

and I actually open the hood to check if

there is rita gratton on the hood yes it

is but it just doesn’t have the

performance unfortunately and the

gearbox is also very disappointing

why use a CVT in a car which costs so

much and talking about cost this one

costs 33 lakh rupees 33.2 lakhs actually

meanwhile the diesel costs around three

and a half lakhs more yeah the diesel is

also available with a two wheel drive

version with front-wheel drive and that

one definitely feels more prepared to

drive in terms of NVH yes the noise from

this engine is well contained at lower

rpm however as you push it hard or

rather get into the mid-range it becomes

very noisy you can hear the noise it’s

very noisy and most people are not going

to find it sporty either the horn is

also not great unfortunately so the ride

quality is pretty good yeah it is on the

stiffer side but for the most part I

like the way this car rides unless and

until you hit a bad patch of road that’s

where you will realise that it actually

crashes through them but for the most

part that I thought it is good to handle

it also football rule is very well

contained it drives more like a car then

like an SUV which is certainly a good

thing but this isn’t an off-road bike

and even with the four-wheel drive you

wouldn’t really want to take it off due

to the low ground clearance and the

petrol or rather the two-wheel drive has

10mm of lesser ground clearance at 198

mm and this car is an absolute

drinker of sorts because right now it’s

returning a mileage between 7 to 8

kilometers per liter and even when you

drive it sedately the mileage is now

going to stretch into double digit


so guys as I see it the CRV Patrol isn’t

as good as a diesel and the diesel seems

a very high price for what it offers so

unless and until you are a Honda fan or

unless and until you want an SUV which

drives like a car unless and until you

are a big fan of the CRV or and be

coupled because you drove it in wake up

state there is no other reason and such

compelling enough to pick it over its

body on frame rivals now obviously this

is not really comparing with the

body-on-frame rivals from Ford and

Toyota it is more to be compared with

the Skoda Kodiak and the Kodiak is

better in many ways however not in terms

of peace of mind reliability and resale

well the CR we will definitely shine if

you like this you know what you

have to do what you have to tell me what

you have to do yeah tell me what you

have to do what big thumbs up I say no

to aerated drinks give it a tropicana

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I will see in the next article real soon

bye bye


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