It’s Possible Modify A Car To Save Fuel Fifth Gear

Modify A Car To Save Fuel
Modify A Car To Save Fuel

It’s Possible Modify A Car To Save Fuel Fifth Gear :

Hey Guys Today We Know can you modify you car for save your fuel with fifth gear.

Modify A Car To Save Fuel

fuel prices have risen by record levels

this year so I want to test some ways of

making your car more economical but

can’t escape the feeling of needing to

help motorists now this second barrels

of crude oil coming out of the North Sea

get taxed by the government’s a standard

practice but when the cost of the crude

oil actually goes up the government

received more tax now in the last year

alone the cost of a barrel like this has

gone through the roof and it’s doubled

in value which means that economics

experts have calculated the government

will be receiving 6 billion pounds worth

of windfall tax revenue now that extra 6

billion could easily be used to help the

20 million UK households with cars it

would pay for a very useful 12 P litre

cut in the price of fuel now it’s no

great surprise but we don’t think we’re

going to get the twelve pence off the

fuel from the Treasury so I’ve decided

have raided the petty cash tin from

fifth gear what I’m going to do is

respond every single one of these guys

here buying fuel with 12 pence on every

litre excuse me do you mind if we give

you a bit of money towards your fuel

just courtesy of fifth gear

What evil 22 meters 2017 let’s go to see

a fifth gear so enjoy your day

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six quid that’s for you to Xerox I’m

give me 50 P towards the cost of your

field thank you okay 70% of people

reckon they can’t live without a car so

higher fuel prices have a massive effect

no surprise then that our refund scheme

was going great guns basically we’re

giving away free money today yeah it now

cost about two thousand pounds in fuel

alone to run an average car for a year

although it’s still not quite as bad as

in World War one when prices hit nine

pounds a gallon you want to know why I’m

doing it

No okay be happy with that yeah have you

got a toilet I’ll be helping piss look

at that I’ve given it all away but don’t

panic because it’s time now to test

those other ways we’re spending less

money on fuel we’re gonna find out if

it’s possible to make an everyday

run-of-the-mill car like this polo more

economical but before we modify it we

need to work out precisely what mpg it

can do in standard form first we pumped

every last drop out of the tank which is

under the back seat next we poured in

exactly one gallon and so no field was

wasted we even got a tow to the test

track the tests began changing gear at

an economical two and a half thousand

revs and then sitting at a constant 60

miles an hour

now lapping this 2-mile bowl should

cancel out any wind assistance in one

direction we wanted this to be as

scientific as possible so we can repeat

the drive exactly once our modifications

have been made okay the car is now

failing forty six point nine can we make

47 on the verge forty six point nine

miles from one gallon of fuel in this

particular standard one point six polo

now let’s see what we get out of it when

we do the changes and we’ll start with

the rubber an amazing twenty percent of

a cars economy comes from its tires now

it but apparently eighty percent of us

have the wrong tire pressure on our cars

and this can cost you a staggering

fifteen percent of your fuel economy so

make sure you test your tire pressure

what we’re doing is we’re gonna put to

the test these these are

energy-efficient tires have got more

silica in them and manufacturers claim

that there’s just that little bit easier

to push down the road and therefore it’s

gonna save you money with their lower

roll resistance now another way of

saving on fuel is actually by saving on

weight but ninety kilogram fatter you

give a live to work every single morning

he’s actually costly your staggering

four percent in your fuel economy so

make sure you say no to him the next

time what we’re doing is we’re going to

lose 12 kilograms and that weight comes

from the combined total of the jack and

this useless piece of metal and rubber

the spare tire twelve kilos they’re

replaced by that tire weld two hundred


well actually pobably hundred eighty

grams there our final mod will be to the

engine management specialist super chips

normally make performance cars quicker

by reprogramming the engines brain but

increasingly they’re getting inquiries

about boosting fuel economy they swap

the polos original chip for one of

theirs with new instructions to advance

the ignition that gives us a bigger bang

so in theory it’ll now take less

throttle to do my steady 60 miles per


right here we go Judgment Day is upon us

the key in the ignition same speed same

car same truck everything exactly

got the same clothes on nothing has

changed at all here we go bye I drove in

exactly the same way and was confident

that this time we go further even the

rain didn’t put me off according to our

tech guys a wet surface has less

friction so actually oops your miles per

gallon except after 45 miles the car

started spluttering what are you doing

what are you doing you’ve got another

two miles yet to even just beat the car

a standard what despite all our efforts

we had done 46.4 miles got it

half a mile less than the standard car

to my car man much was that chip 300

quid and those tyres 60 quid each even

the can of tyre world a tenner

so you’re telling me yet that you spent

the best part of 550 sheets on making a

car do less yes the gallon I did that I

have absolutely no idea I was so

concerned I went to the fifth gear

techie guys and I said guys what’s going

on they said Tim do the same thing again

do it 10 times it’ll be very similar

with the results I think the conclusion

is you cannot significantly increase the

miles per gallon of your car the tires

for example dynamic miles you’d have to

drive for to cover the cost of just one

tire 10,000 no more 20,000 more 25

28,000 miles

the only good thing though is apparently

with some of the bigger engine diesel v6

is some of the bigger engines apparently

a chip in them can take it from 30 to 40

which is half these yeah well that’s

worth having but there’s nothing that

you can just to get on with what we’re

actually saying is that the only way you

can significantly increase your master

gallon mmm is to just drive more

smoothly and more gently that’s the only

reliable way of doing it well and also

to console yourself that fuel is cheaper

than bottled water that’s cold comfort

really as it is isn’t it yeah



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