Kia Stinger GT Review Best Car Ever | Kia Stinger GT

Kia Stinger GT Review Best Car Ever | Kia Stinger GT : 

hey guys today i do review on kia stinger gt this is best car ever read my this blog.

Kia Stinger GT Review

hi friends

driving this the kia stinger GT this

is the nice key of this car this is to

lock like it looks like you know missile

launcher button this is to open the

route and yes this is the car right in

front of me let me open the engine bay

it gets hydraulic struts turbo GDI

engine and you can see star bars over

here because it is a sporty offering the

engine bay actually occupies a lot of

space because it has a big engine it’s a

v6 motor but it’s really the design

which impresses on this Kia some want of

that grill might remind you of BMWs

kidney grill a lot of attention to

detail in the lights as you can see it

gets projector setup

twin projectors lot of LEDs over here

and this is for drawing in air and it

also gets this sort of a chroma Schiano

blackish bronzes treatment which

actually looks very nice front parking

sensors and however here you get a front

parking camera as well nice bumper over

here with this splitter and yes it is

the design of this car which is going to

make it sell in real good numbers and

you know what who is helped in the

engineering of this car well a BMWs vice

president of M engineering so that’s the

reason why this is such a fantastic car

as you can see the alloys look really

nice low profile tires till 25 14 19

inches red brake calipers from Brembo

and look at the size of the disks

massive nice finish on the alloys as

well from the side it looks very nice

low slung nice body kit side skirts and

yes white looks very nice on this car as

you can see it gets this beautiful

finish on the mirror as well very

reflective and of by up our gay Beach

member boat on a goon or man up either

as your police bitch a punch minute

gabbatha so it gets this beautiful

treatment on the mirror as well which is

there on the front and they have a news

chrome they have used this Bronze Age

treatment around the mirror surrounds

which also looks very nice request

sensor over here and the paint quality

is also phenomenal in fact this is a

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different kind of paint on this vehicle

from the side it does look nice long

sporty and I particularly like

how they have made this design element

over here so yeah the doors open like

this and it’s a very different sort of a

design large-ish c-pillar area and this

tail light extends over here for the


the rear wheel is also big I mean

obviously the front is big so it has to

be big what am I even talking about but

let me tell you something the rear

design is just so sexy GT written over

here quad exhaust obviously two on each

side beyond a black G rear parking

sensors and you know what this light

extends all the way and it is a

massively long running light which

definitely gives it a lot of presence at

the rear in fact it gets a diffuser too

which is obviously aligned with the

sporty appeal of this car gets a shark

fin antenna too and stinger written over

here and this car does stain really the

performance is mind-boggling I’m

shooting against the Sun I don’t know

how much of this can you see right now

but in terms of design Kia Motors gets

10 on 10 this is the halo model which

has to be launched in India which will

really up the appeal of the brand

anyways let’s quickly open the boot of

this car right away so pressing a button

and it goes all the way so passive shell

can keep a lot of stuff as well so this

is a lift back sort of a design and both

the window as well as the boot lid

opened together boot is large enough it

is spacious right now there is the cover

of the car along with lot of stinger

number plates now below here you get a

toolkit but this car gets a space haver

tire which happens to be a 135 80 18

office Leigh it’s not to do with

cost-cutting it’s to do with the fact

that the regular ties of the stinger

will just not fit in this car because it

is just massive so here we get into the

rear seat of this vehicle doors are

large door pockets a decent size love

this finishing on the car so this

happens to be a maroonish finish and it

is just so beautiful big transmission

tunnel over here but the seats are nice

under thigh support isn’t bad it isn’t

great either there’s good amount of

legroom and knee room Headroom isn’t the

best because the roof is sloping and the

doors shut away the third now this is a

new car some stickers are still there on

this vehicle and you can see this

finishing Harmon Kardon audio system

this is similar to the one I’ve seen on

Mercedes Burmester system so that’s a

positive pooped-out seatback magazine

went over here behind both the front

seatbacks and it gets a center armrest

here which is nice with twin cupholders

three headrests at the rear all of them

are adjustable seats are very

comfortable ISOFIX anchors over here and

yes the roof is all black so it’s not

the most airy feel over here but there’s

a light here and there’s a hook on both

sides along with this handle too so I

love the rear comfort of this car mother

than the fact that my head is almost

gonna touch a roof and their AC vents

weigh her at the rear along with the 12

volt charging socket over here along

with the USB plug as well so a practical

cabin in the rear seat – the fact that

it’s not really meant for tall

passengers will qualities good window

area isn’t the largest so yes it will

not be that good on long rides anyways

getting out from sure you can see they

have done this pigment over here which

actually looks nice door shuts with a

nice third as well let’s get into the

driver seat this is the request sensor

and first and foremost let me show you

the door pockets are decent-sized can

keep a one liter bottle these are the

controls for the power window these are

the controls for the outside rear view

mirror and this is to lock or unlock the

car it gets memory seats and you can

save settings of two people and these

other seats which are massively

adjustable get adjustment for lumbar

support as well as under thigh support

there you can see no complaining on lack

of and a thigh support on this guy as

you can see over there it gets a nice

big dead pedal and chrome treatment on

the pedals as well and the pedal

placement is like this not like this

which is similar to the one which was

first seen in the lore this is the fuse

box over here lot of controls over here

this is to increase or decrease the

brightness of the instrument cluster

this is for lane departure assist in

case you want to turn it on or off this

is for blind spot monitoring on each

mirror it will actually show you if

someone is in your blind spot this is to

aide and this is to open the hood of

this wake as you can see a lot of

plastics in this car it’s a new car not

yet launched seats look very nice good

amount of support and honestly the

center console is you monk this on this

vehicle so let me get inside now this

dashboard might not look very premium to

you but fit finish levels are

hard plastics aren’t there because it

has this nice leather stitching along

with this velvet finish on the a-pillars

the good thing is that these a Siemens

looks similar to the one on the a-class

as well as the Audie a3 nice touch

definitely let me turn on the car this

is the engine start/stop button and it’s

a system check you can see the Kia

Stinger over there in the instrument

cluster mi d and the car is turned on it

says check tire pressure monitoring

system there is less air in one of the

tires apparently the horn is decent

could have been better and the air

conditioning is a dual zone unit works

pretty well on this car it actually

chills the cabin in no time at all but

right now we need to turn it off so

these are the controls for the air

conditioning and these are the controls

for the audio system it also gets

navigation as well as maps so yes it’s a

practical cabin there’s a 12o charging

socket over here there’s an aux over

here there’s a USB over here and it also

gets a wireless charging pad over here

so I just use that right now and show to

you and there it’s got activated so this

orange light is blinking tell you that

the wireless charging pad is working

there twin cupholders over here there’s

a center armrest over here with good

amount of storage below it and the space

to keep stuff here as well now it gets

both ventilated as well as heated seats

for the front which is a big boon right

now in this heated climate which I am in

right now the glove box is decent-sized

it also gets the cooling function

meanwhile the best part about this car

are these buttons away which is so well

finished these are the controls for the

parking sensors this is for the parking

camera and this is for traction control

this for the drive mode this is for auto

hold this for the electric parking brake

this is also for parking meanwhile this

is for Drive neutral reverse and this is

basically when you get into Park and

this to pull the handbrake so a lot of

premium touch inside the cabin in fact

the paddles also feels so nice to use it

gets cruise control it also gets audio

controls over here and if you want to

browse through the multi information

display you press this button by the way

it will show you lot of gauges including

oil temperature how much torque is being

used what is the boost from the

turbocharger simply splendid this is a

drive information again this looks very

similar to Hyundai cars and you can turn

off systems there are a lot of safety

systems in fact it also gets cold lesion

warning if someone comes right in front

of your if you approaching someone very

quickly it will give you a collision

warning and you know the lane departure

this works so well if you’re driving on

a white line it will automatically pull

you back in so fantastic systems which

work on this vehicle heads-up displays

also there where all

information is actually displayed along

with what is the speed you are doing and

various warning this Wireless collision

warning and Blind Spot Assist goes to

blank potus’s comes over there on either

mirror and overall it gives a good feel

of what’s around because the cabin at

the front is very nicely laid out so

there is a lot of space to see around

and it gets an auto-dimming inside rear

view mirror

this is sunglass holder over here it

gets a sunroof as well these are the

controls for the lights meanwhile this

is the sunroof so if I press it once it

will open the Sun blind and it will also

tilt upwards yeah that’s kind of weird

if I press this like this then if I

press this behind then the sunroof will

open it’s a decent size sunroof press it

once that’s all its gonna open press it

my table time it’s not gonna open

anymore so that is how the sunroof

function works in this car it does do a

decent job love the gear leaver it’s so

sporty and nice to hold but this

infotainment screen is fab it gets apple

carplay it gets Android auto

connectivity it gets a reversed parking

camera and although they are not

adaptive guidelines I search the best

part about this camera is that it also

gets a 360-degree camera and you can

choose various modes and how you want to

see what’s around you it just works

spin nominally 360 degree parking camera

in a car like the key are stinger is

just wow I really appreciate that these

are the controls for the wipers and the

spray is beautifully done cleans the

windscreen in no time at all

meanwhile the gauges rather the

tachometer and the speedometer might

look a little basic and remind you of

one day guys so on the left side we get

the tachometer below which we get the

engine temperature meter on the right we

get the speedometer below which we get

the fuel meter and as you can see the

speedometer is marked with 300 km/h so

the warning lights are on the top as

well as the bottom and right now on the

top left it will show you in which mode

is the vehicle right now so you can get

into multiple modes where I get into

drive modes a smart eco comfort sport

and custom meanwhile on the bottom right

you also get the odometer on the bottom

left you get the temperature which is

outside temperature it happens to be 34

degrees very hot on the top we get the

range or the distance to empty so plenty

of things over there these are the

controls for the headlight and it gets

paddle shifters as well very nice

finishing with a flat-bottom steering

and GT written over here on this tell me

I’d really like

and let me quickly get into media and

play a song right away for you audio

system is brilliant the audio quality is

phenomenal it’s fantastic I love it I

love this car it is so good so sporty

loaded with a lot of features but

honestly how is it to drive so let’s get

driving all right we are all set to go

which means getting to drive mode

turning of the air-conditioning turning

of the traction control getting into

sport mode yeah and everything seems

fine this is a refined motor seems quite

quiet right now

driving the motor I think it doesn’t

have only interess to 1500 RPM in here

we go

and off we are and yes it does sound

good right away

punching motor without a doubt has good

amount of performance too but before we

come to this engine let me tell you that

kia offers three engines on the stinger

GT or rather on the stinger

there is the 2-liter turbo petrol which

is a four-cylinder there is a 2.2 liter

4-cylinder diesel as well which produces

around 200 horsepower and then there is

this one which is a 3.3 liter Biturbo

unit it’s a v6 and it produces 365

horsepower and that’s not all 510 Newton

meters of torque yes that’s right 510

Newton meters of torque that makes it

very punchy in fact the claims you don’t

want to meter per hour time is almost

just 5 seconds which is splendidly quick

for a car of this size because it does

be 1700 kgs yes it is fast it has a lot

of punch on offer and honestly I am very

impressed already by the kia stinger the

engine that sounds so sweet

whoa I can’t believe I can make such a

car though we are going yet again a

conditioning of left foot on the brake

right foot on the accelerator and there

is no launch control on offer but

there’s a lot of wheel spin on offer

great performance engine offers linear

thrust and it also sounds nice it’s not

very loud as such compared to what this

car is pitted against and it’s not that

loud but still it makes a nice racket

redlines above 6000 rpm slightly above

6000 rpm but doesn’t go till 7000 rpm

now you can see the ride is a bit choppy

bad roads but overall the performance is

just phenomenal a hand Kia says this car

has been tuned on the Nurburgring and

they are not lying because this car has

great manners great high-speed manners I

think this is by far the best Korean Kyl

in terms of handling it feels so short

footed around corners the steering also

offers good amount of feel and feedback

and I absolutely love the feel from the

steering it does very well at high speed

it is light at low speeds and the car

does remain glued at all speed like it

is just like dead straight

very very very impressive car and as I

push the throttle hard it just keeps

pulling and pulling and pulling and


drill endlessly so this Stingo GT which

is powered by a 3.3 liter engine is

offered with either rear-wheel drive or

all-wheel drive and there is not much

difference between both of them in spite

of the added weight of all will drag

they offer similar performances well the

gearbox on all the three engines is the

same 8-speed torque converter which is

not the fastest with shifts and you

don’t have a trip tronic function either

but you can manually take control of

things using the steering mounted

paddles but that’s in order much use

because it’s slow to response not the

quickest gearbox I would say but the

engine is like a real rocket however the

ride quality is on the stiffer side and

it does move a lot at higher speeds now

obviously they have to stiffen up the

right to make sure it should

the road at all times and I would say

the ride is kind of compliant on good

roads but on bad roads yeah it does

affect a lot because of the lower

profile tires so the key a stinger is a

hugely impressive car but here has said

it out loud clearly this is not a sports

car although many might think it is a

sports car it looks like a sports car it

drives like one also to a certain extent

they say it’s more like a cruiser it can

pile on the miles it can keep going on

and on and on and on at high speeds and

gather a lot of momentum very quickly

and it’s like a mile one chance Power

crews are as such well they are

completely right and that’s how they

want to position the vehicle it is their

hallo model it is their flagship model

and if launched in India will be priced

upwards of rupees 60 PI lakhs

yes that’s expensive for a Kia car but

just imagine the impact it’s going to

make to prospective buyers of Kia cars

like a person who comes to a Kia

showroom and sees the Stinger G do be

like whoa whoa whoa whoa I did not ever

expect them to make such a car neither

did I to be honest as and when I give

the throttle I am so impressed only

thing is the gearbox wouldn’t let me

manually take control of things it will

up ship no matter how many times I dab

onto the paddles so that is one issue

however the performance is real this

motor is such a racket such a bomb it’s

splendid in every possible way the

thrust is unreal for a Kia car it just

keeps pulling and pulling and

and pulling and my goodness I mean the

fire driving modes they alter a lot of

parameters like the steering wheel of

course the transmission the engine as

well as the dampers and right now in

sport everything is set to the forest

and the most quickest in terms of gear

shifts as well as the engine rpm and it

really excites so much I am in love with

a key a stinger

I can’t wait to see them launch this in

India but it seems very unlikely that

this car will actually make it to India

chose it’s gonna sell in very limited

numbers maybe Kia might just launched a

small run considering the new route from

the government which allows you to

import I think two and a half thousand

units of a car without needing to

homologate it and probably they could

sell a limited number that could work

well in their favor however as it stands

this tingle has a lot of Appeal but just

won’t make sense at would be 65 lakhs

camera tikka will gather yeah right yeah

let’s launch here we go

initial getaway is slightly slow like

once it gets over the lag the mid-range

is strong the top-end is also good but

it doesn’t scream to the redline like I

would have expected it to overall

performance is expended I mean it is

just fantastic I love how it pulls at

higher speeds it doesn’t hesitate it

just keeps going on and on and that’s

the kind of thrust it offers downshift

on the pedals and then get out of the

throttle it will pull nice and strong so

yes this is a hugely impressive car like

a huge regressive thought now it is

pitted against BMWs and Mercedes and in

that sense it cannot stand a chance

because obviously the Germans have been

at it for a long time this is one of the

first offerings from Kia which is on the

sporty side and where it actually beats

the Germans is in terms of pricing and

value for money now I have slowed down a

lot because I want to stop and launch it

yet again so it’s showing me a range up

to 14 with half tank of fuel yeah it is

guzzling fuel it’s giving me a mileage

of around 5 to 6 kilometers per litre

here we are

every more is fine I mean I should just

turn off this right now the ventilated

seats so that not much noise comes and

yeah it could have launched with more

thrust that would have been really


but otherwise it just phenomenal the

bricks to offer good stopping power very

strong brakes and good amount of grip

also is offered by them so yes this

sticker really stings it’s a phenomenal

car I absolutely love it

performing some point acceleration on

point looks on absolute point features

one point safety of I mean it has almost

everything you would ask from it other

than the fact that Kia is not a very

popular brand in this kind of a segment

but that’s it guys I must tell you that

the Kia sticker is hugely impressive and

is a vehicle if launched in India will

definitely catch a lot of eyeballs it is


open each end to open – I said it again

all right we go once again driving the

motor the motor only doesn’t drive I

don’t know why it’s sleeping but once it

gets past the mid range but rather once

it gets into the mid range and once the

turbos spool up in full flow

it just takes off and it relentlessly

keeps going there is no hiccup there is

no pause there is none of that sort it

just goes on and on

I mean it’s such a beauty this engine

this GDI motor is oh wow motor

it is absolutely Wow and kudos to BMW

for making this car oh why did I say be

able to well I already told you in the

start of the video that a BMW

vice-president of M engineering has

actually worked on this car and that’s

the reason why it is such a fab

I mean it is just phenomenal no matter

how many times I say phenomena is not

going to change the fact that the key a

stinger is an amazing vehicle a car

which blends in a lot of things

beautifully well and that’s one of the

reasons why I am so greedy to get one

for myself but then obviously I should

not forget the fact that at its price

there are other alternatives in the

market as well

I mean I hope you guys can hear the

exhaust note of this vehicle because it

just sounds so brilliant how did they

get this exhaust on point the cord

exhaust obviously I don’t know how many

of them actually work you know which is

this guy compared with it is compared

with BMW 3-series the 340i and trust me

on this if this guy can hold on to its

own against the Bema so like I told you

zero 200 km/h comes up just five seconds

and the top speed is 270 km/h so it is

fast by every stretch of imagination and

it’s like nearly having a little lot of

culture on offer

come on TIA

to make a Kia okay that was a bad joke

someone drove it now is coming some

amount of time I was also coming but the

grip from the tires is great indeed

brakes are sure-footed ook at the brakes

yeah little bit or for noise from the

brakes the tires when you brake really

hard otherwise really show for it breaks

hugely impressive like humongously


actually a Hyundai should get its end

performance to India because this guy

really kicks some ass I totally wonder

what will happen if more performance

vehicles come to India like we have

obviously the Baleno RS and we have the

Fiat Punto Abarth but honestly we need


it doesn’t mean go to the road at high

speeds and steering is so direct and

responsive like okay changing directions

no issues at all hard on to the blips no

issues at all

that is absolutely phenomenal breaking

performance I’ve never seen a Korean car

break like it’s never in my life have I

seen a Korean car break like this which

brings me wanting to give beans yet

again a conditioning of left foot on the

brake traction control is off and yeah

come on now bang we are off so it takes

slight amount of time for the turbo to

sing its song but once it does it does

it in full flow I mean you can hear the

sound from the waves get also you can

hear the whistle of the turbo or so so

you know in like the small attention to

detail on the scale really makes it a

fantastic Kia flagship vehicle

absolutely no lag whatsoever for once

you get past 2,000 rpm in any possible

gear and when I manually take control of

the gear let me tell you one thing that

it is namesake paddles and it doesn’t

let me control things completely this

kind of sad the Eco mode really does

performance quite a lot and the sport

mode is obviously the best it has

something called smart would also I

think it adapts to your driving style

you can see the display which comes over

here by the way the modes also alter the

sound from the engine yeah it sounds so

much better in sport mode in regular

mode or rather than eco mode as well

it’s so silent the refinement is great

from this engine I mean I can understand

why not a single Munda guy has this

engine in India yet and we’re coming

across but nice sweeper which I will

show you how good this car is around the

bends so ski is glued good amount of

control body all is well contained yeah

look at that look at that can you

imagine can you ever imagine cornering

like that in a Hyundai car or a Korean

car or a Kia car as well I’ve driven

three you have driven the Sportage and

they want that impressive but here we

are and my lord

water class so this is the kiyose tinker

for you guys what a phenomenal machine

and I hope so that it is going to be

launched in India well and if you liked

this video you know what you do give it

the thumbs up yeah that’s right the

thumbs up and also subscribe to the

channel me signing off

I love this tingle I’m going to drive it

all day tomorrow but yeah as they say

dreams are dreams Oh bye



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