5 most reliable Used Cars You Should Never Buy | used cars

5 most reliable Used Cars You Should Never Buy | used cars : 

are you want to buy a used car then i refer you my this article before you want to buy a used car.

Used Cars You Should Never Buy

 today I’m gonna talk
about five used cars that you should

never buy if you value your money,
and your sanity, now to begin with I’m

talking about normal cars that normal
people will be buying use, I’m not

talking about luxury cars like Range
Rovers that I tell nobody ever to buy a

used Range Rover, I’m talking about
normal cars that average people would

buy, and over the years I hate it when I
have my own customers not know any

better and buy one of these horrible
cars, and then they have nothing but

problems with them, now the first car I advise

not to buy, is a 2014 Mini, now minis are
really a bad combination,

you have the expensive parts of a BMW
made in England, the Germans of course are

known for high technology that’s very
expensive to repair when it breaks and the

English are known for cars that just
flat-out break, now with my own customers

who bought minis, I’ve seen engines blow
I’ve seen electrical wiring short out

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because they use too thin of a gauge of
wire to save money and then it overheats

and then the wiring connectors all start
to short out and sometimes even the

wires themselves start to touch because
the plastic coating melts and then they

short out when the coating melts and the
copper touches copper, so as cute as they

may look, stay away from buying a used
mini, now the next car not to buy used is

the 2015 Volkswagen Beetle, now I’ve talked
about beetles before the old ones in the

50s and 60s were great air-cooled cheap
machines to get you from here to there and

lasts a long time, but the new beetles
that’s another story entirely, I’ve had

customers with new beetles have to put
in new automatic transmissions that

costs five, six thousand dollars and up
have air conditioning electrical

problems, it’s a good idea to stay away
from buying a used beetle these days,

unless it’s an old one from the 60s
because their high technology and high

cost of parts, completely against what
the original beetle was, makes them cars

that cost a lot to fix and they tend to
break a lot, a lot of plastic parts in

them are really cheap and they crack and break
all of my customers that bought them, they

all dissatisfied in the end, none of them

were really happy, now the next used car
to stay away from is the 2013 Chevy

spark, now the Chevy spark is a
subcompact car, one of the larger sub

compacts, they’re extremely poorly made
vehicles, there are so many better made

ones, like the Toyotas or the Honda’s
there’d be no reason for you to buy a

used chevy spark, in my own customers
cars who bought them

I saw excessive oil consumption,
sometimes the engine would just go out

and tirely and stopped running and had
to be replaced, and this is with people

who change the oil and filter, it’s not
like somebody who just drives it and

never changes the oil, they just weren’t
all that well built, I’ll give you a

comparison, years ago I had a customer
who had a Toyota and he brought it to me

cuz it had stopped running and it was a
two year old vehicle, it had a hundred

thousand miles on it, I checked it out and

oh it needed a fuel pump to put a fuel pump
on, but I said and man your engine it’s all

oily and dirty, it’s leaking all over the
place, what’s going on this is a Toyota, and

he said well you know I drive so many
miles as a salesman, I never changed the

oil in this Toyota, now it had 100,000 miles
in it and = he never changed the oil,

but the car had ran that long until the
fuel pump just happened to have gone out,

though he had never changed the oil in a

hundred thousand miles, the Toyota was
still going, well I got customers with

these Chevy’s and hey they changed the
oil regularly and they burn oil like mad

anyway even though they were being
changed, and aside from that their rattle

buckets, they rattle like mad, they’re very
poorly constructed, stay away from the

Chevy spark, you want a subcompact hey
get a Toyota or Honda they’re gonna last

tons longer, now the next used car not to
buy, is the 2014 Mazda cx-9

I had a customer buy one use, his wife
liked it cuz it was zippy and they

thought it looked cool, and yeah I gotta
admit Mazdas look cool, but that’s

only on the outside, they made the
mistake of buying a used one, had a

hundred thousand miles on it, about two
weeks later the engine started going out

it was running poorly, I started checking
it out

I said we’re gonna have to rebuild the

the cams and everything are just coming
apart, now there’s so many little SUVs to

choose from, there’d be no reason to buy
one of these Mazdas, they have problems

with the windows not staying up, even
though they’re not that old of a car,



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