NASCAR Driver Races In Forza Horizon 4 Pro Play

NASCAR Driver Races
NASCAR Driver Races

NASCAR Driver Races In Forza Horizon 4 Pro Play

Hey guys today you know about who is real nascar driver races in horizon 4 pro play this article told you.

NASCAR Driver Races

the thing about racing is like you got

to kind of assert yourself as like the

guy and so I always struggle if I’m not

being that guy being the aggressor like

if I’m driving down the highway yeah I

got it I got to be in the left lane

hey guys welcome to another episode of

pro play my name is william byron today

we’re gonna be playing Forza horizon 4

I basically started you know through a

simulation game type atmosphere you know

my parents thought I was crazy because I

was just sitting at home and playing

playing video games learning how to

drive but it was uh you know for me it

was a there’s a purpose to it so it

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worked out pretty well most of the kids

start when they’re like six or seven

years old and go into NASCAR when

they’re 18 or 19 I was fifteen years old

and got into NASCAR when I was 19 so it

was different I mean a lot of people

when I started racing were like there’s

no way this dude knows what he’s doing

so I I got a lot of things like that the

thing that annoys me is they kind of

make it too easy sometimes like the

driving line and everything kind of

helps you out but for the casual person

it’s good for like a gamer like me I

like all the assists off and stuff like


you know when you get out on the

racetrack you just do your own deal

you’re in the racecar and you have your

helmet on and nothing else really

matters so it was easy for me to kind of

get rid of that and that’s title I guess

and be able to just go race you know if

you know basic the physics of driving

and you know if you just know how to

I think it translates and you just got

to be aggressive just got to kind of go

for it that’s what I love about racing

is you just you have to be aggressive

all the time

it’s like driving on ice like if they

like I tell my friends all the time but

because they think I just like hold it

wide open I just put it to the floor but

most of the time you’re trying to kind

of sense the grip of the car and it’s

it’s really just a feel thing it’s like

every time I go into a corner I kind of

know what the car did before I think I

finished fourth but not really

that was a short race it was like only a

minute long it’s a fun game I guess you

can go to another race probably I like

it it’s kind of cool you can drive

around town and all this stuff and try

to avoid oncoming traffic like I just

did oh here we go


yeah so I think this race is on dirt so

hopefully it’s probably gonna be a

little slicker oh not really

I mean I wish cuz dirts awesome but not

really just ask fall it’s tough but with

dirt you can really kind of it’s more

forgiving so you can really sling the

car around and that’s kind of what I’m

doing is trying to just get in a corner

a little bit too hard and then try to

slide around these guys try to get to

the lead I always struggle if I’m not

being that guy being the aggressor like

if I’m driving down the highway yeah I

got it I got to be in the left lane

there’s go to lead right there yeah I

race against guys all the time on uh on

the computer and a lot of times they

know who I am so either they race me

clean and they’re like too scared to

race against me or they’re like or

they’re like resentful or whatever so I

try not to be a know-it-all you know

nobody likes to race against somebody

that’s like a know-it-all but I just

love competing this guy’s being a pain I

keep passing him and then he’s passing

me back here we go we used them up a

little bit

see if I can win this I think I’m on the

last lap


waiter there we go

I mean I understand generally like what

what it is I just don’t always know what

would help so I know it toe or camber is

and cambers like the angle of the tire

so it’s like if the tires up like this

you can put camber in it and angle it

you know in based on where the corners

are basically it’s like to keep the tire

on the surface as much as possible then

shocks and springs are pretty simple

stiffer you go the more we rough the

ride is but sometimes that’s more grip

because it keeps a platform better era

is pretty important if you have more

front downforce the car’s gonna turn

better hopefully more rear downforce the

cars gonna be a little more stable when

it’s like you know under braking or

things like that so it’s all important

but I leave that stuff up to my



let’s see let’s make it

highly-skilled see how this goes

all right

this one’s gonna be tough


bringing up the rear right now that’s

one of the bet biggest skills as a

driver is kind of how you work the

traffic in the car you know how you get

through and manage that is very

important so I would say that’s probably

the most important thing when I first

started racing everything I did was off

the video game so it was like all right

look I’ll let me try that see if it

works and sometimes they did a lot of

times they did sometimes they didn’t

work out so good but uh I mean yeah

that’s kind of how you learn I think

it’s like playing Madden for an NFL

player let’s see I think we’re on the

last lap here close to winning it oh no

oh no trees don’t move that’s all right

here we go

see if I can get top five oh that one

was real I was going for it I’d have to

spend some time racing a little bit to

get a little better but I would probably

make the stone walls not just move when

you’re when you hit them head-on but the

trees don’t move so I learned that that

was this point it’s less NASCAR racing

than it is like other cars but that’s

cool for me to do the road courses are

fun and the dirt track so I liked it






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