Nissan Leaf Range 2018 EV in depth review carwow Reviews

Nissan Leaf Range 2018 EV in depth review carwow Reviews : 

hey guys today i told you all about nissan leaf range i do full review about this.

Nissan Leaf Range 2018


this is the new Nissan Leaf and it’s the

best-selling electric car in Europe in

fact they sell one every 12 minutes

and speaking of 12 minute world records

that’s how long it took Kenenisa Bekele

to run the 5000 meters it’s the length

of time the aleksey leonov spent on the

first ever space walk it’s also how long

it took old Joey Chestnut to consume a

record-breaking 191 barbecued chicken


I don’t know how much all that Locke

costs but I do know that the Nissan Leaf

it starts from twenty six and a half

thousand pounds we figure the car wacom

you can get it from twenty-five thousand

pounds plus you can get a four and a

half thousand pound government grant to

go towards that cost now if you wanna

see how much you can save our new car

click on the pop-out button in the top

right hand corner of the screen or let

me load the video to get a carve-out

comm there are some things I really like

about the interior of this car for

instance all models getting this digital

screen here with lots of driving

information and when you turn the car on

get a nice little graphic of the car pop

up and there’s a design itself I think

it’s quite interesting and this car has

leatherette up here and on the doors I

was like the fact that you’ve got this

little trophy mobile phone which is

angled downward so it doesn’t slide out

on your brake or accelerate and it’s

right next to the USB port for plugging

your phone in as well what’s not so good

though is that you’ve got quite a lot of

dark black brittle plastic on the dash

and up here on the top of the door which

is especially annoying if you’re one of

those people that likes arrest they’re

out there when they’re driving because

he gives bit of ache on your elbow and

you’ve also got no padding here on this

armrest so that it’s a bit ache after a

while as well the thing that gets me

most are these things here look at this

cover for the 12 volt socket and the the

heater switches for the seats they just

seem like they’ve been thrown on that

they’re from another car and you can get

heated seats in the back as well but the

switch is here for some reason and once

again into cheap feeling switch now

let’s talk about equipment so the

entry-level car doesn’t get this 7 inch

screen but all other models do and the

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great thing about it is that it comes

with apple carplay and android auto

standards you just plug your phone in

and just run ways sat-nav because it’s

much better than any manufacturer system

the invitation system itself is very

easy to just navigate the screen could

do with being a little bit high

definition but it’s ok

it’s simple to use terms of kit levels

well the end connector has pretty much

all you need but I actually like this

range topping Tecna cause it adds things

like LED headlights

you also get full leather seats and a

Bose sound system which is really really

loud and punchy it does add to the price

but I plug the details into the car whoa

and I’ve got an offer back and it’s a

saving of 1600 pounds it comes in at

just over 30 grand but remember you get

4,500 pounds government grant towards

that so that reduces the price then it’s

it’s not too bad at all and let’s talk

about practicality in here so decent

sized door bins are the biggest but

they’re alright you’ve got an absolutely

massive glovebox

there’s some big cup holders here and

some more storage under here as well

okay then let’s move on to the back

seats so this is supposed to be a viable

family car is it then is it well

actually it’s decent enough back here so

knee room is very good Headroom if I set

up dead straight I’ve got probably just

that much space above my head people

over six-foot may find a bit tight at

the Headroom the biggest issue I have

though is the fact that this look

because the batteries are underneath the

floor the seat seems quite low to the

floor and you’ve got quite a bit of

angle between your low leg and your

thigh so ever long distances it could

get a bit uncomfortable hump as well so

if you need to carry three at once I

actually doesn’t get in the way too much

and this middle seat it’s really padded

and squidgy it’s alright in fact the

seats themselves in the back of this car

are very very comfy now let’s move on to

the bead so that’s a space you’ve got is

30% bigger than an Eagles in fact it’s

really quite large but functionality

isn’t especially great there is a bit of

a lip as you can see to lift stuff over

annoying it’s got a heavy suitcase

thankfully I haven’t also these these

bags here for a look on your charging

cables song know I’m gonna have to get

someone else put these back because

they’re like slippery eels try to get

them into the back right nightmare and

then if I fold the seats down you’ll

notice another problem there is a huge

Ridge to lift stuff over you want to put

things at the front

the car and if you’ve got the Bose sound

system that takes up some of the space

as well hmm

now if you want to see more about this

cars practicality click on the top right

corner to watch our detailed

practicality video and you’ll see what

it’s like we three people in the back

in this car now then it’s time to talk

about what’s good what’s not so good

about the new Nissan Leaf well you can

be the sting wheel up and down

you can’t move it in and out so yeah you

might find a bit difficult to get

comfortable behind the wheel especially

if you’ve got a slightly unusual arm

length to or leg length ratio the

reading light for the rear passengers is

more in the front of the car just miles

away and it’s got a weird leave alike

switch rather than the push buttons if

you want to charge your car away from

home you’re gonna need to use one of the

many charging points now these are all

operated by different companies and you

have to register with the companies to

be able to use their ports so if you

want full access to all of the charging

ports available in the country you can

have to join all these schemes there and

often they have a subscription fee so

that’s a bit annoying it’d be easier if

you could just use your credit card and

lots of different charging points

another problem is that if you want to

use fast charging which is DC charging

there’s three different connectors

Nissan has its own connector BMW has its

own connector and Tesla has its own

connector so I couldn’t charge this at

one of Tesla’s many superchargers while

you can get the car with surround view

cameras the definition from them is

really low resolution I mean look at

this reversing cameras

it’s all very graylien model for some

reason the graphic Nissen has used for

the car in front on the active cruise

control looks like an OD C thankfully

it’s not all bad it’s five core things

about the Nissan Leaf you can get a

special app for your phone which allows

you to see where you’ve parked in leaf

how much charge it’s got left and you

can even set the temperature of it

before you get in many of the interior

plastics are made from renewable sources

and the seats in the center model

actually covered in recycled fabric ho

very ecologically responsible as well as

eyes are fixed fittings in the back you

get them on the front passenger seat as

well so you can keep your little baby

you drive in it yeah yeah is stinky to

the boy it does actually sting but just

in the 4000 pounds you can get miss

untold charging station and that

includes some solar panels for the roof

of your house so you can charge the car

and the sun’s rays which obviously is

eco-friendly and it’s free the system

also allows you to actually send power

from the car into your house so you can

actually run your home from the car’s

battery what’s more if you’ve got some

spare charge left over you can put it

back into the National Grid and the

National Grid will pay for it now let’s

say that you actually have free charging

at work you could return home with a

full battery plug it into the National

Grid and make some cash probably not

ethical but definitely because the leaf

has no engine it’s almost silent at an

speeds that’s why it emits this kind of

whirring sound from speaker in the front

of warm possessions of its approach

to but I doesn’t mean you can go

knocking people down because the car has

pedestrian detection and it’ll

automatically break if he thinks it’s

going to hit someone and the safety kit

includes then departure warning and

blind spot monitoring and they’re all

standard that’s not the end of the

driving assistance systems don’t higher

specification cars get even more kit the

techno version of this car gets

misinterpret and it’s essentially

autonomous driving while semi autonomous

driving so I engage it by putting the

cruise control on and it’ll do the usual

thing of keeping me a safe distance from

the car in front by using a radar so I

set my speed there we go let’s do it to

70 also the cruise control system will

work and stop-start traffic so even if

you come to a standstill it’ll work and

then if you want to go again you just

press a button on the steering wheel and

it starts you off it’s also got Lane

Keeping Assist so it will steer to keep

me in Lane so you can drive on with your

hands off though you shouldn’t it

actually does a good job of keeping you

in Lane now the car get cross if I don’t

put my hands on the wheel

and it’s going to start beeping and then

it’s going to issue a warning and now it

starts breaking can you see it and it’s

doing that noise so it’s basically

trying to jolt me to just say what you

doing put your hands back on the wheel

and if I don’t respond it will bring the

car safely to a standstill in Lane

that’s a really good idea a very very

safe cyst and in fact I think this

piloted system is better than that in

many far more expensive cars according

to Nissan with a full battery this leaf

has a range of 235 miles however the

trick computer actually looked at your

driving style and it works out the

actual range based on how you drive and

with a fully charged battery I have not

seen more than a hundred and fifty mile

range so yeah also when you’re traveling

on the motorway say you’re doing 70

miles an hour which is the speed limit

for every eight miles you do your range

drops by ten miles and let’s say you

want those people who like to speed and

break the law and travel at 80 miles an

hour well then for every six miles you

do your range drops by 10 miles so you

can’t go quite as far as you might think

so it was a lot of planning if you want

to do any kind of distance in your leaf

you’re going to have to register with

these guys eco tricity and all you have

to do is download that our press charge

phone’s camera to scan the pump’s QR

code right that’s all good to go so I’m

just going to stick the charger into my

car and then just hit start charging and

the way we go now I’m just going to wait

for about 45 minutes let’s charged so

I’m going to cover coffee this is

actually the quickest way to charge the

leaf next is a rapid charger which would

take about seven and a half hours to

fully charge from empty while using a

3-pin wall socket will take 21 hours

right and that’s charging finally

complete and in 48 minutes I’ve gone

from a 25 percent fall battery to an 89

percent for one and it’s cost me seven

pounds seventy one though the

electricity this is a good thing is from

the wind and the Sun so it’s at zero

emission this is a zero emission vehicle

now when I do the maths it works at this

car traveling at 70 miles an hour on the

motor being charged by this thing here

will cost the same to run as a 1.5 liter

turbo petrol golf travel

at 70 miles on the motorway so no

overall savings using this but still not

that expensive however if you charge

overnight at home on an economy tariff

relief will cost usefully less to run

than a normal petrol or diesel car

what’s more it feels refreshing Lee

unique from behind the wheel the first

thing you notice when you drive this

Nissan Leaf is that it’s eerily quiet

because you have got an engine you’re on

electric motor and they’re almost silent

then there’s the fact that you sit quite

high in it and the the driving position

feels almost as high as those small SUVs

visibility is good and that helps this

car be easy to drive around town as does

the sharp steering the fact it handles

well and the fact that you’ve got an

automatic so there’s no changing of

gears there is one thing there there is

a bit of a problem

so generally over bumps it’s not too bad

it soaks them up you never get any hard

jolts doesn’t feel uncomfortable however

the suspension always feels a little bit

busy so it’s almost like the car is kind

of like a hyperactive child that’s been

made to sit quietly in school assembly

because it’s constantly just moving them

jiggling around and all and a little bit

unsettled really I think Nissan’s

engineers could do with giving this car

suspension a shot of Ritalin now I can

figure this car for feeling like it’s

got ants in its pants because in other

respects it’s brilliant to drive and

I’ll explain why so in a normal

automatic car when you lift off the

accelerator the car kind of cruises and

steadily reduces in speed so if you want

to stop a bit quicker you have to use

the brakes with an electric car though

they have a braking mode what that means

is that when you lift off the

accelerator the electric motor works in

Reverse and it actually provides

resistance and when it’s providing

resistance it’s actually recouping

energy as you’re slowing down converting

into electricity to charge at the

batteries but it gives a more severe

engine braking effect than a normal car

would so here I am I’m gonna lift off

the throttle now and it slows down quite

significantly quicker than it would do

just like a normal automatic car however

this Nissan Leaf can go on better it’s

got something called a pedal and what

that does is combine that regenerative

effect of the electric motor with

actual normal breaks and it means that

when you lift off the accelerator and

the same speed again look at this it

slows much much quicker like you’re

braking but I’m not actually touching

the brakes I’ve just lifted off the

accelerator and it’ll bring you to a

complete stop like that and what that

allows you to do is drive this car along

pretty much all the time never having to

touch the actual brake pedal and when

you combine that with the responsiveness

of this electric motor it’s just

brilliant for just zipping in and out of

traffic you see this car can in naught

to 60 in just under 8 seconds but

because the electric motor you know and

like a petrol engine it doesn’t have to

take a deep breath before it takes off

and there’s no gears to change down


and the instant acceleration is more

like a car that can do nought to 60 in

about 4 seconds for me the reason to buy

this car isn’t the fact that it’s more

eco-friendly than a normal car well so

long as you charge it using renewable

sources it’s not the fact that it’s

cheaper to run per mile than a normal

petrol diesel car either really the

reason I would buy this car is just

because it’s so entertaining and so

unique to drive that’s why I’d have it

and so if it worked out for me in terms

of charging facilities and stuff like

that I would definitely definitely have

this over a normal hatchback like a Ford

Focus or Volkswagen Golf with that

question I really really like this car

now if you click on the pop-out bar near

the top right hand corner of the screen

go to car Wacom to see how much you can

save on Anna Sun leaf or any new car for

that matter so then my verdict well if

you’re looking for a family car you

should consider than this Sun leaf and

if you do consider it and you figure out

the going electric works for you then

you should just go right ahead and buy

it because pound for pound this is the

best electric car currently on sale

enjoyed this video please like it and

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new Nissan Leaf now did he spot the

Easter egg in this video it was the

leaves and the car center console


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