Ranking Top 10 Great NASCAR Drivers Of ALL TIME

Top 10 Great NASCAR Drivers Of ALL TIME
Top 10 Great NASCAR Drivers Of ALL TIME

Ranking Top 10 Great NASCAR Drivers Of ALL TIME

Hey guys today i told you about top 10 great nascar driver that drivers awesome all time you know all about.

Top 10 Great NASCAR Drivers

how’s it going guys grabbing here back

at it again with another article top 10

NASCAR drivers of all time now this one

was hard to make so if you guys want to

leave your list down below what you

think and also what you think of the

list you’re about to see from me let me

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and yeah this list was hard because of

different chase formats and different

eras and you know sometimes it was

easier easier to win back in the day

than it is now and different just

everything different teams and all that

so this was hard to make but um this is

going to be my top ten list hopefully

you guys enjoyed and let’s get started

you see me looking at my computer it’s

because I have my list actually right

there um so I’m just going to be egg all

my stats and stuff to kind of back up

what I think so that’s what we got over

there so let’s get started with number 10

Tony Stewart he’s a three-time champion

with 48 career Sprint Cup wins just

retired this year and he’s also a

two-time Brickyard 400 champion the

reason why I have Tony Stewart in this

top-10 is because he is known as someone

that was basically he could drive

anything you could be you could drive a

garbage can with wheels on it and an

engine he could drive it uh he was he

was smoked he was a wheel man he was very very good

his aggressive driving style led to a

lot of exciting moments especially the

2011 championship where he beat out Carl

Edwards in a tiebreaker so number 10 on

this list is Tony Stewart number 9 elite

petty a three-time champion with 54

career Sprint Cup wins he was the

inaugural Daytona 500 winner one thing

that really made Lee petty stand out to

me was the amount of times he finished

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in the top 10 if you look back at his

stats out of all the races he ever ran

he finished in the top 10 75 percent of

the time that is unheard of that’s crazy

so back in the day obviously competition

was not as high but that is a stat that

makes me put him at number nine number

eight Bobby Allison the 1983 Sprint Cup

champion and 84 career wins Bobby

Allison is one of the nascar legends was

inducted NASCAR Hall of Fame fantastic

driver he won an IROC championship in

1980 if you guys don’t know I rock was

the International Race of Champions was

back in the day kind of kind of left

isn’t there anymore but really cool

series and he’s also a three-time

Daytona 500 winner so bobby allison i

have him at number eight number seven is

Kayla Yarborough a three-time NASCAR

champion eighty-three career wins a

four-time Daytona 500 champion IROC

champion called NASCAR Hall of Famer I

mean Cale Yarborough is one of the best

to ever do it um and he’s in my list as

well I put him just above Bobby Allison

because of the more championships so

that’s why I have him there at number

seven number six is Darrell Waltrip so

other than his amazing broadcast style

that has us hooked every week even

though he might not be the greatest

analyst but he is definitely funny a

Darrell Waltrip was one of the best in

NASCAR when he was racing back in the

day I actually wanted to put him in the

top five but I couldn’t because of he

was ahead of him so that kind of makes

me sad he’s a three-time champion with

84 career wins and one Daytona 500 win

that he was chasing for a while that

definitely meant a lot to him he also is

a NASCAR Hall of Famer so number six on

the list Darrell Waltrip here we go

green flag but anybody anybody let’s go

racing boys

number five David Pearson this is the

last spot that I’m confident that I kind

of got right I feel like David Pearson

belongs number five but from here on out

I mean this is where everyone goes crazy

he has a hundred and five career wins

which is second all-time he’s a

three-time NASCAR champion and the 1976

Triple Crown winner in NASCAR he had to

go up against light that likes a Richard

Petty every race and he was a very fast

race car driver with a hundred and

thirteen poles something that was I

don’t think we’ll ever see ever again

and by the way the hundred thirteen

poles that was only in 574 races

so think about percentages that’s


now before I start with number four this

I like I said this is where it gets gets

iffy this is where I you can put any one

of these drivers number one you can put

any one of these drivers number four

it’s it’s really really good

gets interesting at this point number

four for me is Richard Petty now the

numbers don’t say he’s number four the

numbers say he’s number one with two

hundred wins seven-time champion the

king of NASCAR he has the most wins in a

season with 27 and he has so many staff

that can’t even read off because and so

many records I can’t read off because

there’s too many of them because he is

the king he’s the first grade in NASCAR

but why do I have him at number four and

not number one the only reason is

because of competition that’s really it

the area he drove in it’s like Formula

one nowadays or if you were in a fast

car you can win races he was in the

fastest car and he had a monster of a

car and it’s not taking anything away

from him he stole the king but I don’t

have him ahead of the other three

drivers just because I don’t know if he

drove in this era what the competition

had been like how great would he have

been I still think he would have been

fantastically great and still be in the

top five but don’t think he’s the

greatest of all time number three Jeff

Gordon Jeff Gordon is my favorite driver

he was my idol my hero growing up and I

have met number three because of again

the era he drove in and the just pure

driving talent this boy showed 93 career

wins four-time champion three-time

Daytona 500 champion five-time Brickyard

400 winner nine time winner at

Martinsville I mean he would be a

seven-time champion if it wasn’t for the

chase he

won the championship four times under

the old Winston Cup format and if the

chase never was introduced and he was

kind of going up against the the formats

of petit and Earnhardt he would have

been a seven-time champion winning it in

Oh 407 and 14 so Jeff Gordon to me is

only thing I would say that he needed to

work on late in his career was restarts

but when he was younger and he was he

was the superstar NASCAR I mean you

could not touch the man he was fantastic

in my mind I don’t think there’s anyone

that really matches him with pure talent

except for one other driver but I

haven’t met number three I wanted to put

them at number two by don’t have them at

number two but number three is the

number 24 of Jeff Gordon


number two Dale Earnhardt now this man

basically changed NASCAR with all the

marketing he brought in had how he grew

the sport it was really him and Gordon

that changed the sport and made it what

it is today because Earnhardt was the

one that made marketing a huge success

and Gordon was the one after Earnhardt

did all that that was really dominating

the sport Earnhardt is a seven-time

champion with 76 career Sprint Cup wins

and if you look back at the stats he

finished in the top five in top ten

numerous amount of times that’s how he

wanted seven championships he was

incredibly consistent not the same

amount of wins as a Gordon or David

Pearson or Richard Petty but definitely

consistency seven-time champion the

Intimidator the all the or the the image

that he carries a pure driving talent

the pure intimidation that he brought

that’s why I have him ahead of Gordon at

number two because it I think if you

want one-on-one Gordon and Earnhardt yes

Gordon was better when he was younger

but I think if you’ve got Earnhardt in

his prime against Gordon in his prime I

think Earnhardt’s just use of absolute

wheelman doesn’t take no for an answer

so number two and three to me is

incredibly close but I have Earnhardt at

number two and number one Jimmie Johnson

now a couple of weeks ago I did not have

Jimmie Johnson at number one I made this

list a couple of weeks ago and I waited

to see what Jimmie Johnson would do at

Homestead what do you want a seventh

championship and he did 80 career wins

he’s a seven-time champion

he’s a four-time Brickyard 400 champion

I mean oh boy two-time Daytona 500

champion nine-time Martinsville winner

but why do I have him at number one now

seven championships he does Tyco it the

King and Dale Earnhardt with the most

championships but Jimmie Johnson to me

it took me a while to gain his respect

and what I’ve seen from him lately is

just his driving talent is just it’s

better than anyone I’ve ever seen the

one driver that I said I think has more

talent than Gordon is Jimmie Jones I

think if you watch this list a couple of

years from now when Jimmy’s all said and

done I think that will solidify my

reasoning for him being number one I do

think he will get championship number

eight at the most championship in NASCAR

history I do think he can get a couple

of more wins maybe get to a hundred but

I’m not sure about that maybe around 90

but he’s the competition he has been in

where NASCAR competition have been been

at its highest and this boy is just

absolutely fantastic seven-time champion

and to me he is the greatest driver of

all time and I don’t think it’s it’s

solidified yet I think he could still be

anywhere between one three four but in

the future if he does get one more

championship even if he doesn’t get the

championship but I think he will get one

more championship he will continue to

show how great he is and I think he

would come back to the list this list

two years from now I think you will no

doubt have to say Jimmie Johnson is the

greatest of all time right now it’s


it’s very debatable right now a lot of

people say Richard Petty is the greatest

a lot of people would say Dale

Earnhardt’s the greatest some would say

Jeff Gordon and someone say Jimmie

Johnson I think all four of them are

together right now I have Jimmy at

number one guys that is my list what is

yours what do you think of the list let

me know what you think down below

comment and make sure you please hit

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any other lists you want me to make like

let’s say I think I made top 15 moments

and ask our history that will be in the

end screen after this article if you want

me to make top ten finishes top 10

crashes top 10 fights top 10 round I’ll

crew chief stop whatever top 10 tracks

top 10 whatever um anything involving

NASCAR just let me know comment down

below so hopefully you guys are having a

great day I will see you later and peace



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