Seven Best Season Tyres For 2019 | Discount Tire

Best Season Tyres For 2019
Best Season Tyres For 2019

Seven Best Season Tyres For 2019 | Discount Tire

Hey Guys today i told you detail about all time best tyres for you buy in 2019 this article help you.

Best Season Tyres For 2019

Best Season Tyres For 2019
Best Season Tyres For 2019

all season tires all season tires retire

that claim to offer everything in one

package but does the perfect tire exist

the one tire to rule them all I’m gonna

have a look at why people should be

thinking about fitting all season tires

and then my seven favorite all season

tires of 2019 so this is a summer tire

this is an all season tire the tires

you’re driving on probably look like

this and most people think they’re all

season tires because that’s what

everyone in the UK drives on all seasons

but they’re not this is a summer tire

you can see very smooth tread pattern

big central ribs for water dispersion

but nothing to cut through snow and ice

and no block packing this is an all

season tire this has sipes it has the

deeper V pattern grooves which packing

snow and this is the tire that will work

in snow and ice the difference between

this and this has been proven many times

I will link a article below this won’t get

you up a gradual incline this will get

you to the top of Everest ish first up

you should probably understand the

perfect all season tire just doesn’t

exist sadly we don’t have the technology

to make a title works excellently in the

dry and where and really well in snow

and ice now going back a few years some

of the less scrupulous manufacturers

simply put an all-season sidewall on a

winter tire so you all season tire was

essentially a winter tire fortunately

manufacturers especially the premium

manufacturers have got a lot better at

making a tire that works in most

conditions but still doesn’t quite have

the peak optimum grip of a summer and

winter package the main compromise of

any tire designed to work in snow ice is

unfortunately dry grip which has led me

to coin the phrase the dry snows but

Ezra truck dried snow and ice to drip

dry ice the the balance between the dry

performance and the snow performance the

manufacture has to make unfortunately

because these little cuts in tires

called sipes which are essential for

snow and ice performance that means the

tire in the dry has a much harder time

giving an equal pressure of grip to the

surface and it’s just got less rubber on

the ground so the dry performance

especially braking does suffer

fortunately the premium manufacturers

have got a lot better at mitigating this

so and modern all season time

particularly one is very good in the dry

but not quite as good as a summer tire

still and the tire that’s good in the

dry isn’t

as good as snow and ice as the other all

season ties it’s a bit of a conundrum

that said the advantages and all season

tire brings to your life a two-fold

first up it’s safe year-round motoring

that means if you get caught in a freak

snowstorm you’re not going to get stuck

I mean you’re probably going to be stuck

in the traffic because some getting is

rear-wheel drive BMW have tried to get

up a really tiny snowy incline it just

got stuck in sideways but you’ll be safe

in the knowledge you’re not that idiot

also it means twice a year you don’t

have to change your tires that means you

don’t have to store them anywhere or

don’t have to have a second set of

wheels and don’t have to handle all

these tires but I don’t know where to

keep these so there are good reasons why

all season tires are an excellent choice

for the more casual motorists it’s also

worth remembering while we’re talking

about all season ties it’s not just

about snow and ice all season tires have

a softer more an elastic compound it’s

got a higher percentage of silica that

means that lower temperatures the rubber

doesn’t harden up like it does in the

summer tire and even around freezing

conditions in the dry and wet you should

have a noticeable improvement the tire

manufacturers like to use this 7 degree

number for the crossover point

personally in testing I find that’s a

little bit high it’s probably more 2 to

4 degrees most people tend to change

their winter tires over in October and

back in February but with all season

tire you don’t have to and love all of

these so now we understand that an all

season tires designed to be left on your

car year-round and can help you in cold

particularly snow and ice conditions but

there could be some compromise in the

dry performance across the summer let’s

look at what I consider to be the 7 best

all season tires in 2019 before I start

my recommendation I’m going to give you

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Best Season Tyres For 2019
Best Season Tyres For 2019

huge to me I’d really appreciate the

subscription because ties are never

simple my best pick recommendation isn’t

going to be simple easier instead of one

I have three we have this the Michelin

cross climate this the continental all

season contact and this the Goodyear

vector for season generation 2 which of

these three tires should you pick well

it depends on your personal and

fundamental driving style where you live

with the tire / what you want from the

tire if like me you live in the south of

the UK where

snows a rarity you probably don’t see

too many extreme conditions like you

might in the north of the country and

you’re not going to take your car skiing

to the

not skiing on the car obviously no I

mean the Michelin cross climates the

tire to be on somehow Michelin have made

an all-season tire that almost matches a

summit are in the dry God knows how

you’d think with the dry snow ice ice

best know that the dry and snow balance

you think that have compromised the snow

quite heavily to get it near the

summertime to dry but they haven’t

somehow this is also excellent in the

snow way better than the summer tire

way way better than the summer tire

where it might fall down a little bit is

ice performance but for me that’s not a

problem if perhaps you live further

north in the country because not

everyone’s in London and you do see more

snow and ice this is the tire you want

to be thinking about it’s the Goodyear

vector for season gen – now this tires

brilliant as a wet dry snow even balance

what it’s done it’s a little bit further

away to drive performance of the

Michelin cross climate but it’ll match

it in the way and slightly beat it in

the snow and definitely beat it in the

ice so what you’ve got here is a very

all season all season tire if that makes

sense whereas the Michelin is quite a

dry bias all season this is a proper all

season and the third time recommending

sitting in between these two is the

Continental all season contact why is it

sitting in the middle well I think

Continental have originally designed it

to sit in the middle of the dry and snow

performance of these two tires so it

would have some good summer performances

like the Michelin cross climate but also

be really good in the star nice I think

looking at the early tests this tie is a

little bit more towards the Goodyear

than it is the Michelin but it’s still

an excellent tire now this is only my

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third of the three first not that that

make sense because this is the only tire

of the three I’ve not got personal

experience on and it’s been in very

limited tests so if you are thinking

about this tire and there’s no reason

not to make sure you pop over to ty

reviews code at UK to have a look at all

the latest tests it’s been featured in

because there’ll be more in the coming

months as you might have noticed these

three tires here I’ve mentioned they’re

premium tyres and what premium tyres are

often the best highs they come at a cost

quite literally they’re all very

expensive if you don’t want to spend

that much or you’re looking for

something on a little bit more of a

budget I’m not going to recommend a

budget tire but there are some other

options from very well-respected

manufacturers which you should consider

for all season motoring

first up on my list of slightly cheaper

or seasoned tire recommendations is this

is the red Stein qua track 5 now this

tire has been out a little bit longer

than the rest and if you notice

something different about the tread pan

it’s the only asymmetric tire here what

this does mean is if you look at the

European tightest this is feature then

it doesn’t normally score that well but

it gets really heavily downgraded

because of its snow and ice performance

and there’s a reason the other tiser

directional is because that works for

snow and ice better now this tire where

it does perform is the dry and wet and

what do we see in the UK a lot of dry

and wet especially wet so this is

definitely one to consider should you be

looking for an all season tire for the

UK next up is this the Nexen in blue for

season that is tires the cheapest tire

test but that doesn’t mean it’s not a

good tire it actually won the ADAC all

season tire test earlier this year and

came forth in the auto express tire test

last year so an excellent value tyre

this this is the Nokian weather proof

remember me talking about the dry snow

ice balance performance earlier and how

the michelin cross climate pushes it

more towards the dry the good years

somewhere in the middle this this is

down the winter snow and ice ENSO I

don’t really think the Nokian weather

proof is particularly suitable for the

UK climate unless you’re planning on

spending a lot of time in the snowy a

parts of Europe but if you’re on my

European viewers definitely check out

the Nokian unfortunately as well the

Nokian is quite expensive in the UK

compared to some of the other options so

yeah definitely one if you live in

Europe last up in my recommendation of

all season ties is a real alternative

one it’s this the continental winter

contact TS 860 now this is a good

example of how a winter tire can work as

an all season tire because when it’s

been put in an all season tire test as

the reference winter tire it’s actually

been more all season than some all

season tires think of this as having a

balance of quality similar to the

Goodyear Victor for season gen 2 so

somehow console and have made a winter

tire that works really well in winter

especially on ice but also incredible in

the dry and wet don’t have they’ve done

it it’s like magic there’s a couple more

options I can’t yet talk about because

they’re brand new and I haven’t seen

them in any test or driven them myself

but as new all season tires from

Bridgestone Hankook and Falcon now

Bridgestone big with the a doubler one

they’re old old old season tire which


actually excellent at the time so

probably worth looking into the new the

aw5 and Falken and Hankook are both

making class-leading tires at the moment

so if for whatever reason any of these

six or seven don’t tickle your fancy

head over tire views and have a look at

the reviews for the new ones because in

the coming weeks they’ll be coming out

in various group tests so there you are

that’s my top six all season tires and

one special all season tire the king of

you will have noticed one thing there’s

no budget recommendations and asked for

a very good reason all season tires are

the most difficult tire type to get

right and like budget winter tires which

can be really good in snow and ice to be

fair they terrifying in the warmer

wetter conditions which we do get over

winter so don’t think a budget or season

tires a good choice it’s not it’s going

to be compromising your safety

especially in the warmer wetter

conditions we so often get in the UK so

to round up if you are going to fit an

all season tire just remember they are a

slightly compromised product still

they’re not the perfect tire if you want

optimum year-round motoring if you’re

experienced in really hot conditions and

really cold conditions a summer and a

winter tire still the best combination

but modern premium all season tires door

for a good compromise for the smaller

cars that maybe see city and lesser

country driving it’s also worth

remembering that as you will see some

tire tread depth where’s the tread

blocks gets difference different the

sipes run out which means the snow and

ice performance decreases noticeably it

falls off dramatically at 3 millimetres

which means if you are running all

season tires try and run the newer tires

into autumn winter spring and then wear

them down in the summer and fit and you

set come October because sub-3 mill

they’re not going to be that much better

than the summer torrent snow and ice if

you’ve enjoyed this article or found it

useful please feel free to give it a

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related content the next article will be

crazy exciting and they’re already shot

and edited so I’m not actually lying

about this like the Michelin one which

took a year and a half to do the next

article out will be 4 wheel drive on

summer tires versus two more Drive on

winter tires and we’ve done loads of

different testings that’s a really

exciting and interesting article because

how many times in the UK do you hear I

don’t worry about winter tires just get

a four wheel drive well I’m going to

prove that

maybe right maybe wrong you can have to

read as always questions in the

comments below I try my best to answer

every single question the best I can for

any further information on the tires

featured or you just want some more tire

general information head over tire

reviews code at UK that’s the website

that powers this channel it’s got tens

of thousands of pages of tyre

information on there and if you’ve got

any questions that I can’t answer below

or you might not want to ask below just

look at the website it’s probably

answered them and as always happy


and enjoy your all-season tires



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