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Tesla Model S | tesla model s price | tesla model x price : 

you know all about tesla model s it’s price specification reviews and why this is different.

Tesla Model S

so although Tesla’s Model 3 gets all the

attention in the media the Model S is

still the company’s flagship sedan and

if you look at the sales figures in all

of 2018 between it and the Model X they

managed to sell nearly a hundred

thousand units in all of 2018 so today I

have the latest version this is a 2018

Tesla Model S 75 D the least expensive

Model S you can buy and what I want to

know is is this electric sedan still the

one to get if you guys are looking for a

large premium electric car that’s order

to find out

so you guys should be pretty familiar

with the Model S this car has been

around since 2012 and it was the first

electric car to kind of change the

perception of electric cars it’s the

first one that could theoretically go

over 200 miles of range

back in 2012 so Tesla has done a really

good job with keeping the car fresh over

the years they’ve got a pretty extensive

overhaul back in 2017 where Tesla put on

a new face where they got rid of that

fake grille that was on the pre

refreshed models and kind of smooths

everything out you have this smaller

little grille here with a Tesla emblem

that kind of floats in the center you

have standard LED headlights which are

standard across all the trims where it’s

an LED low and high beam + LED turn

signal and then if you guys go for the

Premium Package you’ll get the LED fog

lights at the lower fascia here with

some more chrome trim overall I actually

didn’t really like the front the updated

front fascia at first but after seeing

think it actually does a really good job

with making this car look a little bit

more updated I actually prefer the front

end look of this over the long term

Tesla Model 3 that we actually have in

our long term fleet now when you look at

the actual side profile you can see this

is a big sedan its wheelbase at 116 0.66

2 inches long and 196 inches long

overall this is a foot longer than

Tesla’s Model 3 so this is competing

with things like a mercedes-benz e-class

and BMW 5-series now looking at the

wheel designs you can see my tester here

has kind of just the standard 19 inch

silver spoke wheels these are the free

wheels you can also upgrade these to

have kind of a black finish or a gray

finish or you can also spend about 4500

bucks to get the 21 inch wheels which is

probably what’s up what I would do

because these 19’s despite the fact that

they’re 19’s look a little bit small and

overall I actually think this car has

aged extremely well I love the fact that

it has the pop-out door handles which

aren’t available on something like the

model 3 and all Model S’s come standard

with a fully adjustable air suspension

which definitely makes the ride a little

bit smoother and you can also adjust the

ride height depending on you know

whatever setting you guys have it on now

at the rear of the car the design

definitely looks a little bit plain to

me I like the models that have the you


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kro are the carbon-fiber rear lip

spoiler you can get on the performance

trim there’s a 75 v badge to show the

kilowatt hours of the battery and the

fact that this is a dual motor all Model

S models are now dual motor they’re all

all go drive Tesla has gone away with

the rear drive models of course this is

a real extra car so there’s no visible

exhaust tips instead you kind of have

this nice black finish rear diffuser

area and then what makes the Model S so

attractive in terms of practicality is

the fact that this is actually a

hatchback even though it looks like a

traditional sedan you’ve got this power

operated rear liftgate which is standard

on all the Model S models and then you

can see here Tesla used to offer a

rear-facing third row seat however they

got rid of that option

I believe in October and what you’re

getting here is essentially 30 cubic

feet of space which is literally double

what you get in most sedans and being an

electric car you also have this nice

little underfloor storage here so in

terms of practicality this is extremely

usable and remember this is an electric

car so it has a front at the front so

the outside of the 2018 Tesla Model S

has definitely aged well but let’s hop

into the interior and see how has it has

held up over the last seven years since

being on the market now first of all the

Model S still still comes with an actual

key fob it’s a really nice looking key

it looks like a car test I kind of

copied this from Porsche

unlike the model three which doesn’t

come with a key fob this also has

passive entry which means you can

basically approach the car it’ll unlock

and lock the doors for you if you want

you can even lock the car from just

pushing the roof on the button here or

you can unlock it it’ll do either/or or

you can push our DoubleTap the rear area

here and you can see it opens up the

power rear hatch this is definitely a

nice unique feature that only the Model

S has something like the model three of

course doesn’t have that feature but

as you approach the door handle or the

car in general you can see the door

handles will pop out automatically this

is a feature with the Model S in the

Model X which is nice and then when the

door handles pop out you just pull it

and you can see this is the interior of

the 2018 model it hasn’t really changed

much over the years you still have you

know the same style for the seats you

still have that massive seventeen inch

touchscreen there with that nice

orientation you have an actual

instrument panel a traditional one

behind this chair and well my tester has

kind of just the black interior which is

the standard interior it does have the

optional carbon fiber upgrade here for

like 600 bucks which

part of an option package and then my

tester also has a sunroof that actually

opens up you cannot get the sunroof


on a 2018 Model S Tesla got rid of that

feature that option earlier last year

was like back in November or October now

stepping into the interior they’re gonna

notice that the Model S has a

traditional sedan kind of low steppin

height the windshield in general isn’t

very wide or very large it’s kind of got

a very high – it has a little bit of a

narrow view it takes a little bit of

getting used to but this massive screen

here will still impress a lot of people

and it still looks great even though

this car is definitely in need of some

refreshments here for the interior

especially now shutting the door it

surprisingly has a pretty solid sound –

it sounds a little bit more solid than

the long-term model three that I have in

the fleet so that’s definitely nice

impression I don’t like the design of

the door here for this door handle it’s

just very strange there’s not really

much in terms of storage in the door

panel here like you get in the model 3

so this is an area where Tesla needs to

improve when they redesign the interior

of this car now looking at the rest of

the dashboard you can see it’s got

actually pretty decent materials you

have real leather stitching across the

entire upper part of the dash on the

lower part you have this authentic

carbon fiber trim that was extra then my

tester has you have a relatively nice

staring hole with you know nice feeling

leather it’s a thick rim it’s powered

tilt telescoping I mean when you want to

start the car up you just have to put

your foot on the brake and then the car

will start start right up as long as the

key fob is in here or you can also use

the Tesla app you can hear it’ll make

the normal chime it’ll turn on all the

electronics and then this is kind of how

you know the car is ready to drive the

steering wheel itself is obviously

electric you’ve got normal controls here

which is what a lot of you may find

refreshing as opposed to the model three

you have your controls here for the tilt

telescoping steering one which is nice

you have actual mirror controls over

here for the power mirrors you have

window switches here that come straight

out of an older FCA mercedes product it

is OneTouch alarm for all Ford you can

see your power mirror and the mirror

folding is over there your actual cruise

control switches are also right here you

can adjust the autopilot feature you

have your wiper controls over here your

transmission controller over here is

again I’ve taken right off of a mercedes

product just click all the way down for

drive push it all the way up for

you can see it gives you a nice backup

camera that has trajectory it doesn’t

have 360 camera but you have parking

sensors all around there’s like seven

cameras are on this car in 12 ultrasonic

sensors so the car does have the ability

to parallel park itself when you guys

get the enhanced autopilot feature over

here you can see if you push that button

it actually opens up the glove

compartment which is damned lined with

felt it’s a little bit on the smaller

side but I like the fact that there’s

actual buttons here there’s actually a

button here for your hazard controls

right there so Tesla it kind of made

this a little bit more conventional

because again this car came out back in

2011 as a 2012 model so I think a lot of

things have changed now when you look at

the actual interface here you can see

this car has been updated with the

latest software from Tesla if you go

here if you push this right here go to

the T it’ll actually tell you which

software update you guys have and

whatnot it’ll show you all your

different little tricks this one

actually had doesn’t have the latest

latest version where it has the ability

to make the farting noises whenever you

drive the car but nevertheless you can

see navigation screen is on the top you

can also flip-flop this if you’d like

your audio information is down here

pushing the car icon basically shows all

the different modes that you want to

access like from the air suspension

because remember this car has a standard

air suspension which is nice you can

adjust your lights your quick controls

is something that we’re all

automatically defaults if you want to

open the sunroof for example it’s got

push open or actually that was for the

trunk push open over here and you can

kind of adjust where you want the

sunroof to open and closed where you

want it to stop so again it’s a really

nice feature

I wish Tesla would make the opening

sunroof available on the model 3 I don’t

even know why they took it away on the

Model S but my guess is they’re slowing

down production they’re making it a

little bit simpler to build because they

are going to be introducing a new

version of this car for 2019 a refreshed

interior from what I’m hearing I’m down

here you can see you’ve got your music

sources you can also push this you can

access your calendar information energy

you know your camera the web if you’d

like your seated seat controls are over

here this car does have heated seats for

all seat positions and a heated steering

wall which is not something that they

offer in the model 3 if you guys want

cool seats you have to go for the

performance the p100 D is the only trim

to actually get the cooled seats so

that’s something something to keep in

mind you have to spend a lot more money

to get the cool seats which is a little

bit frustrating but looking at the rest

of the controls here Apple

carplay and android auto is still

frustratingly missing from this car but

again with this giant screen you don’t

have the actual Apple integration with

the car if you guys are looking to plug

your phone in you’re probably wondering

where do I do that well there’s a nice

big area right here where you can put

your cup holders a little bit more

storage this area right here is actually

where you can put your phone it’s got a

little charging cable that sticks out

that connects to the two USB ports over

here no wireless charging pad there is

like a solution in the aftermarket but

if you’re looking for that you don’t

offer that from the Tesla doesn’t offer

that from the factory this area right

here is nice because it’s got these

little armrest armrest covers that slide

over the cupholders it’s nice and padded

which is good the seats I find them to

be really comfortable this is again a

synthetic leather it’s not made from

real animal hide and you can see the

doors have real leather stitching kind

of accented throughout and then there’s

also suede Alcantara on the headliner

there’s LED lighting throughout the

cabin so overall which is still very

modern from what I hear they will be

putting the model threes – in this car

where it has the you know landscape

orientation for the screen as opposed to

this tablet style orientation no word on

yet if they’re gonna keep this actual

display or you can kind of change what

you want this to start to show you can

adjust a few things over here some of

you really like the fact that this has

an actual normal instrument cluster

display but I will say the graphics in

this car don’t look quite as updated as

you see in the newer model 3 for example

and still no head-up display visibility

in here is not quite as good it feels

relatively spacious base spacious in

here you can see that it feels a little

bit wider but with the higher dashboard

than the smaller windshield it feels a

little bit more confined in here as

opposed to feeling a little bit more

open and airy

so the Model S is their flagship sedan

so you expect the backseat to be huge

and this is where a kind of disappoints

in that regard because Tesla rates the

space at around 35 inches of legroom

which is actually matching that of the

smaller model 3 there is a nice flat

floor over here so you could fit three

people across Tesla also gives you rear

seat vents two USB ports back here and

then no map pockets surprisingly

surprisingly in these seat backs but

overall the space could be a little bit

more considering how big this car is

above you you do have that nice view of

the panoramic glass sunroof that

actually opens the materials

here are the same soft touch materials

but in terms of storage it’s very

lacking back here there’s not even a

center armrest that folds down in a car

that’s their flagship sedan the model

three has that but I just think it was

kind of a cheap omission the Tesla

forgot so expect them to make changes to

this car for 2019 to kind of give the

backseat passengers a little bit more in

terms of features thankfully they are

also heated back here that’s really the

only features you’re gonna get are just

heated back seats on each actual seat so

just like other Tesla models the Model S

does not have an engine underneath here

because it’s an electric motor so

instead you can open up the trunk

through the screen or you can also open

up through your phone app here and when

you open up the front of this vehicle

you’re gonna notice obviously it has a

small little storage area to where a

motor would go and this area here is

pretty relatively useful most people are

probably gonna use the rear cargo area

but this is good for storing stuff that

you kind of don’t want to be moving

around but regardless of that you’re

probably wondering what the powertrain

specs are the motor specs of this

vehicle well all Model S’s are dual

motor as I said so you have a front and

a rear electric motor the 75d makes 259

horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque

at both axles so if you combine the

motors together Tesla says you have 518

horsepower I know 518 horsepower in the

base version of the Model S which should

translate to a lot of good performance

which honestly Tesla says this car will

get to 16 around 4.2 seconds and it’ll

go about 259 miles of range now if you

guys want more range there’s also a 100

D which basically has a 100 kilowatt

hour battery that’ll extend the range to

335 and if you want the fastest Model S

that’s the P 100 D which basically has

like over 700 horsepower and that will

go 315 miles of range but it’ll also do

0 to 60 and like 2.5 seconds which was

like the quickest accelerating sedan in

for like for a long time at least in

history that’s a production car now it

all goes out through a single speed

reduction gear or transmission no gears

relatively and this is a big heavy sedan

this least powerful version weighs

around 4,600 pounds the p100 D is

approaching 5,000 pounds but even though

this is the base model let’s get out on

the last

Tesla Model S that I drove and filmed

for you guys was actually a used one

that the Tesla store gave me it was a

2015 it was a 70 d so since then Tesla

has gotten rid of the

70d it’s gotten rid of the 60d the 75 d5

kilowatt-hour larger than the old 70 did

70 d doesn’t really have all that much

power but still 518 total horsepower in

a big sedan like this it’s surprising a

lot of people I feel like don’t even

realize that so how’s the performance

even for the bass small that you can buy



now Tesla says zero to 60 in 4.2 seconds

even for the smallest battery version

and and you can see this thing is still

bonkers fast I mean this will surprise

anybody who’s never driven a Tesla or

electric car VM the performance is

impressive especially considering how

heavy this car is it is literally almost

5,000 pounds and you know from a stop

here let’s put our foot down oh my now

compared to the performance versions of

Tesla’s I am noticing the power tapers

off a little bit when you start getting

the speeds above 55 above 60 miles an

hour that is normal I mean this doesn’t

have the biggest battery doesn’t have

the quickest acceleration but this

performance is on par with Jaguars new

AI pace I mean you’ve got the Audi new

the Audi’s eat Ron which I haven’t

driven I haven’t written either those

vehicles yet but really the Jaguar ipace

is probably the closest thing that I

could compare a Model S to but again

that car is kind of in between the

performance of a Model S and I’m all X

because it’s a smaller SUV this you know

being all-wheel drive it has the air

suspension of course it’s it feels like

it still feels like a relatively new

expensive sedan my biggest issue with

the Model S has to do with the

visibility as I said earlier it’s got

this really high a winner

dashboard design and that’s got a

slimmer windshield so you can’t have

like a little bit of a constrained view

it’s it’s not as bad as something like a

Chevrolet Camaro but compared to other

vehicles where they just have an

expansive – and a large windshield this

definitely feels a little bit smaller

now the 19-inch wheels on mine make the

turning radius a little bit better

Wow this thing still will put a smile on

my face you don’t need to get the P 100

e to have all the fun in this car now in

terms of the way it drives as you’re

just kind of cruising normally it rides

really well it actually has a really

controlled comfortable ride you feel the

fact that this is an air suspension on

this car because it soaks up the bumps

so well it does ride better than

something like Tesla’s own model 3 and

it’s kind of for me on par with

something like a Mercedes

you know e class or s-class or a BMW

5-series it has a really nice ride

quality the steering in this car however

is an issue for me I think it’s too

light and too numb and devoid a feel

Tesla has really improved the steering

in the Model 3 for example so that’s

something I’d like to see them do the

one thing about this car that I noticed

that I would never get tired of is just

flooring it from a stop even though this

doesn’t have the launch control mode or

whatever basically any time you’re at a

stoplight and the light turns green just

put your foot down and you’re gonna

smoke whoever it was in the light next

to you unless they’re in a Tesla or like

a Mercedes AMG c63 or BMW m5 stuff like

that but honestly this car handles ok as

I said earlier you feel the weight of

this thing the steering is numb it also

has a relatively soft suspension so the

body will lean a little bit the model 3

just feels a lot smaller which is a good

thing I would like to see Tesla you know

add that compact feeling to the Model S

whenever they decide to redesign this

thing the big feeling I guess is good if

you guys really like big sedans but I’ve

just driven some bigger sedans that

don’t feel quite as heavy and as large

as this car so it’s kind of the reason


it’s for me this cars more of a

one-trick pony it accelerates really

quickly it’s comfortable it’s got a very

practical interior lots of cargo space

it’s got really great auto pilot

whenever you want to engage the

autopilot just double tap this toward

you this little cruise control stock and

it has all the features that you expect

an auto pilot where it’ll drive itself

it’ll have the navigator on autopilot

instead of the transmission selector

stock you have to tap the cruise control

stock that’s on the left side of the

wheel which is opposed to the other

vehicle in Tesla’s lineup which is on

the right side of the wheel now range is

always a big concern with an electric

vehicle and Tesla says this car will do

will go 259 miles on a full charge which

is still very good considering the fact

that this is the smallest battery that

you can buy now in my real-world testing

I did find that when you charge the

vehicle up to only ninety percent which

is what Tesla recommends it’ll actually

only do about 220 miles of range on a

full charge which is still very good but

not quite the you know 280 that you’ll

get if you guys go for the bigger

battery or the 300 miles you’ll get on

the on the 100 D which will go 335 miles

and on my actual real-world testing I

found that the car will really do about

160 170 miles well we know depending on

how you drive if you drive like a jerk

all the time where you’re constantly

flooring the accelerator to kind of you

know feel that speed it’s gonna use more

energy and if you guys dial back on

everything you can see in the instrument

panel here it shows an indication of

basically your energy consumption this

car is rated at like 102 or 105 and 102


which is definitely less than what you

get in other electric vehicles but it is

better than something like the Jaguar I

pay so this is in terms of efficiency

this is more efficient than something

like a Jaguar ipace and you have the

benefit of Tesla’s supercharger network

which by the way this car will take

about ten and a half hours to charge out

of on a level to a 240 which is what

most people will have like a dryer

hookup in your house a little over 30

hours to charge if you guys are just

gonna do the trickle charge I wouldn’t

really recommend that except for

emergencies and then Tesla supercharger

network allows you to do 30 minutes or

170 miles in 30 minutes which is of

course what you’re gonna be using on

those longer trips and Tesla in general

has over 11,000 superchargers and they

keep adding more every day so again

Tesla’s charging infrastructure the

range of this vehicle to speed

the performance like there’s still a lot

to like about the Model S and I’m really

curious with how Tesla has kept this car

fresh over the years I mean it’s been on

the market for almost seven years now

and I really am looking forward to

seeing the changes they make when they

finally redesign I know a redesign

interior was already shown like as a spy

photo where that I saw a couple of

renderings where they have the new

screen orientation but I would like to

see Tesla reduce the weight make the

handling a little bit sportier and make

the car feel less big and also improve

the visibility when you look out of the

front of the vehicle so unlike most

vehicles that are the same age as the

model as Tesla’s flagship luxury premium

sedan still has a lot of tech going for

it it’s because Tesla does a relatively

good job with keeping their vehicles

fresh over the years as you can see the

Model S was one of the first vehicles to

introduce the summon feature into the

mainstream market and because of that a

lot of other brands have actually

started to offer this feature because

Tesla was one of the first to actually

adopt it now where does that leave the

Model S in the marketplace over the last

seven years well thankfully because

they’ve kept it so fresh it’s still a

relatively interesting choice if you

guys are looking for a premium luxury

sedan I mean with 250-mile of nine miles

of range the base 75 D version still

delivers a lot in terms of the actual

numbers it still does 0 to 60 in 4.2

seconds as you guys saw it still put a

huge smile on your face so you don’t

necessarily need to get the performance

P 100 d to kind of get all of the bells

and the whistles for this sedan I will

say that there are certain elements of

the Model S that are starting to get a

little bit dated for example that

interior I’d like to see them improve

the actual graphics in both displays and

make the interior look a little bit more

luxurious a little bit more interesting

something that more D fits the fact that

this is the flagship of the Tesla sedan

lineup with all that said what’s it

gonna cost to put a Model S in your

driveway well Tesla actually has reduced

the price of this vehicle for 2019

because the tax incentive has been cut

in half from 7,500 to 3750 this car

starts at 76 thousand dollars for a base

Model S 75d if you guys want to go up to

the 100 DB with three hundred thirty

five miles of range that’s gonna cost

you eighteen thousand dollars so it’s

about ninety four thousand dollars and

if you want the P 100 you gots a really

big jump it’s about thirty nine thousand

dollars extra for the P 100 starts at

one hundred and thirty three grand but

you do get 0-60

two and a half seconds and you have all

the bragging rights of the fact that

it’s a performance model this particular

one that I’m showing you has some

options on it that you couldn’t get you

can’t get anymore like the sunroof the

carbon fiber on the interior the blue

paints like another $1,500 this one’s

stickered for a little over $80,000 but

keep that keep in mind that if you guys

want to buy a Model S today that sunroof

option is just no longer available but I

hope you guys have enjoyed my full

overview on this 2018 Tesla Model S 75 D

if you’re also looking to see today’s



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