The Original Honda City VTEC Type 2

Honda City VTEC

The Original Honda City VTEC Type 2

Hello guys today i told you about original honda city vtec this is awesome car read my this blog and know all about it.

Honda City VTEC

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guys and welcome to another article I am

driving this the Honda City VTech notice

the spare key it looks like my house key

I kid you know it looks like my house

key this is the city of VTech it is an

absolute legend ask any enthusiast and

they will say that yes this is the car

which actually made them an enthusiast

probably Honda Wittig ridden over here a

little dirty engine but trust me it is

an absolute sensation in the way it

performs you can see the intake

placement oh my lord what a car I mean I

absolutely love VTech cars and you see

there’s no insulation in it because this

engine doesn’t sound it gives you all

the pleasure

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everything seems basic yes it looks very

similar to the city 1.5 which was also

sold during the same time but a friend

you get the Honda logo of course with

the grille lights plain halogen lights

nothing complex no fog lights on this

vehicle which could have been fitted

aftermarket is to cost around 15 or 20

thousand rupees from this side this is

where you could differentiate VTEC with

these chrome sort of alloy wheels and of

course a rear spoiler so these are

Honda City VTEC
Honda City VTEC

aftermarket tires on this vehicle which

happened to be 195 64 teens buts talking

about was 175 65 for teens now bigger

wheels compared to the regular City

actually antenna manually adjustable

still looks so gorgeous from the rear

you knew this was the city VTech because

it is a city we take here and of course

it got a rear spoiler very nice-looking

spoiler and to end exhaust tips yes

that’s something to do with the

backpressure looks so freakin awesome

just look at this vehicle the poise the

stance the chrome treatment around the

mirrors everything reeks of spa ninis

quality and what honda actually stood

for in the indian market when it entered

but in the rear there wasn’t much space

on offer the seats are actually very

very very low and actually have pushed

the front seat behind so there might not

be much space but new dome and legroom

was about average there was this hole in

the headrests so that you could put your

hand and punch the person who sitting in

front Headroom is decent not that great

for a 6 feet 2 inches person who is a

light placement as well as handles

meanwhile speakers are here on the

parcel shelf there’s a center armrest is

where massive Center almost little tone

right now the seat has a sort of a


and the floor is almost flat and there

is an ashtray

mean my note pocket these are the power

windows which is chrome handles for

opening the door and the feel of the

cabbage was simply mind-boggling because

in the centre we used to get 3 su

vendors which is kind of supremely cool

back in those days

mm we are talking about the glovebox is

in that big but this city was not about

practicality it was all about raw power

trust me nobody does raw power like

Honda did with this city so marrow

controls rear defogger space to keep

stuff and small dirt pockets to keep

maybe a towel or wafers our window

controls and over here in the center

there’s an ashtray there’s a cigarette

lighter space to keep stuff coil holder

audio system AC controls there’s a clock

hazard light switch and yeah that’s

about it there’s nothing else there’s a

center armrest space to keep stuff like

a Tony the glove box isn’t that big

but this vehicle is all about madness

the way interest is absolutely

sensational build quality is so so

obviously no auto-dimming inside rear

view mirror there’s a mirror here but

none over there because the person’s

game is so busy and redlining the motor

let’s quickly turn the vehicle on

where’s the key let’s quickly turn the

vehicle on here we go

comes to life on the left most we get

the tachometer on the right most we get

the speedometer in the center we get the

temperature as well as the fuel meter

below which we get the tell-tale lights

these are the stocks for the wipers and

the spray is nice but the wiper has to

be manually operated I don’t know that

doesn’t seem to be right you know these

are the controls for the lights and the

steering is big and nice the horn is

kind of meek but honestly who really

cares about all this let’s get driving

in this it’s so light it’s a coconut you

know it’ll just keep following my simple

maths if I’m lost for words

my goodness what an engine what an angel

this is we take power my lord it just

pulls into first gear driving the motor

revs all the way and off we go

look at the way I’ve never seen a

psychopath from 0 to 60 km/h at least on

the speedometer my lord this motor 1.5

liter VTEC red legs all the way above

7000 rpm actually 7100 RPM is the

official red light but this one is going

to sell half thousand rpm what pulls you

200 to a minister now it takes just nine

point seven seconds the top speed is 185

km/h there’s so much feel on the corners

as well there’s so much turnover oMG

what an engine what is happening every

time I pull this motor above 5,000 rpm

there’s something which happened is a

nuclear reaction there is no

turbocharger this is naturally aspirated

yet it absolutely fly as if I don’t know

what oMG what a motor look at the

turnover so linear yet

the engine after his fight oh my god my

voice is only going into another league

what is happening I need to stop and

breathe I’m driving the motor it’s

having all the way to 70 ml when I got

the kind of talks during office just

absolutely insane

the thrust from this model is unreal

absolutely unreal so basically there’s

some jerky filly over down and that was

because this is you see you of this

vehicle was imported and a lot of people

complain about jerkiness lower down so

what what I did was create another ECU

with wash which was locally sourced and

that one they’ve tuned it so well rather

actually they turn the top and the pate

and they improve the bottom and ones to

ensure that no jerking has happened and

it actually worked quite and extend yeah

the brakes would have done with all show

footage stopping power actually the

brakes on this car aren’t very strong

however I let me tell you the braking

performance is absolutely sensational

for a car which is 16 I think not 16

yeah 17 18 years old the brake

performances is really very good so tell

me how this motor works okay low-end

lag is not there actually because the

whole concept of this engine is as you

keep driving if the power keeps building

building building and then suddenly at

5,000 rpm is an absolute madnikey

reaction of sorts and that’s when we

take kicks in and it just trusts all the

way from 5,000 to 7,000 rpm like an

absolute food like a turbo has kicked in

on nitrous shot has been fired it’s not

how much are these naturally aspirated

what we take is kind of working like a

turbo and nos because this so maddening

Chile’s past 5,000 rpm it just flies

once we take kicks in now many people

will be like okay we take is so over

hype what is this we’ll take every car

has we tag basically means variable

valve timing because Sookie has VVT

Tata has vvt-i and Hyundai has VT VT but

where we take differentiates itself is

that all of the systems they vary the

valve timing this system which is we

take which stands for variable valve

timing and lift electronic control not

only alters the valve timing but also

alters the valve lift as well as the

camshaft profile so this motor actually

has VTEC actually has multiple capture

profiles 2 or 3 and alters that as well

and that’s the reason it actually feels

like two engines once we take kicks in

you it’s an entirely different

experience altogether is absolute mad


now because of violet eyes on the sky we

spin is in there but a lot of talk still

is there and just look at the poll okay

now after 5,000 rpm absolutely goes

berserk till seven and a half thousand

on the relax relax vessel what is wrong

with you oh my god what a god the best

thing what this vehicle is the dual

characteristic okay yep if I don’t rev

it all the way like a maniac

there we mean spin lower down but

otherwise it just flies okay the dual

characteristics is it’s very calm and

poised lower down I mean you can drive

based ideally you will never realize

that a reaction is going to take place

once you cross by those now because most

people never ever cross by thousand rpm

driving it’s only enjoying the end for

yen which could have been better a lot

of road noise lot of tyre noise as well

and of course engine noise is there too

in which isn’t the best but that lack of

NVH is music to my ears the absolute

music to my ears because the way this

car sounds at full pelt is just

mind-boggling ly awesome so everything

is very sane and calm right now

okay 2000 rpm 60 km/h getting hard with

the accelerator here waiting power

slowly this one bit is not in six

horsepower and 132 Newton meters of

torque from the 1.5 liter motor which

to be the big tech mill another attack

1.5 liter city used to produce hundred

horsepower this of course produces six

horsepower more but that’s not all it’s

the VTEC magic which makes it such an

amazingly quick car and it has a soul

the way the motor pool is mind boggling

it weighs nine eighty five kgs and thus

it’s a light vehicle the steering offers

great amount of feel body roll there is

no body roll in this vehicle you sit so

low you are almost hitting to the ground

it’s like a go-kart on steroids

the feel is just mind-boggling now here

we are getting onto the gas it will not

react there is no reaction because

they’re oiled is it as punchy as you

would expect it to be changing lanes is

no problem it is so a gyro so short

footed and very confidence-inspiring as

well but this car is all about driving

the nuts out of the motor and when you

wrap the nuts out of the motor it really

rewards you fuel economy is around 12

kilometers per litre not driving it

sanely you can obviously increase the

fuel economy a lot and that’s how we

tech works what it does is it conserves

fuel at lower end but when we take kicks

in it goes berserk and gives you wear

too much less than you ever need

there’s a kick in the pants feeling at

about 6,000 rpm isn’t that insane

the clutch is really light the gearbox

is such a joy to use as well perfect

shifts so for yourself this car is so

breaking filter the way the passive

look at the way it is going through a

corner tell me one card which can do

this what an engine what an angel trust

me you can never ever ever match this

city the VTEC in this is the real

genuine retake because less weight and

great power taking oh you two look at

this okay

if I get really hot on to the gas

still it remains so freakin stable and

oh my lord

the shot is so communicative you can

feel every inch of the road

that’s a communicative it is this car

also gets a real stabilizer for improved

handling and stability here we go first

gear having the motor off we go

dog this is the amount of torque steer

over massive madness in fact it goes 200

km/h in second gear itself and it

doesn’t let go it just keeps pulling

massively there is so much feel in this

vehicle on how do you do it so what we

tech does it conserves fuel when you

drive the low end but it was absolutely

puzzled when you go in the top end that

is the nature of this engine you can see

the fuel meter is dropping big-time

because I’m holding the motor in the

top-end time and again but the thrust is

absolutely maniac absolutely maniac I

know I’ve been using a lot of

superlatives but trust me if you have

driven even a Ferrari or a sports car

like an AMG but not driven a VTEC well

you missed out big time first gear

having the motor it revs so cleanly it

sounds so sweet

which car launches at 7000 rpm what is

wrong and it’s Reid spinning in between

mind-boggling the first two years the

wheat had got the imported ECU and in

the last year of its sales in 2003 it

got a locally sourced one and that

locally so you see you my goodness that

meant that you know the top end wasn’t

as great as before so if you want to buy

or use city we take the best year to buy

it would be between 2000 to 2002 three

years of sales only costed rupees one

lakh more around 1 lakh mol then the one

point find on we take the motor is the

real highlight it’s so reliable it’s so

freakin easy to maintain as well

Honda stocks although I am part still

it’s an actually aspirated motor it

works like a turbo motor that’s the

level of trust on over so bravely

impressive supremely awesome oh my god

I’m in love this is what we take is this

is what we techniques in you means not

the one in the Brio for sure not the one

in the CRV either this is what Fonda

BTech is all about nobody can match that

the way VT Li is what we take is for

Toyota but trust me

Honda also has a lot of variations of

the VTEC press turbo VTEC there is Ivy

Tech and their preacher of other engine

options Roma Honda or rather engine

technics Remora

which make Honda water Honda is an

engine must peacemaker yes now coming to

the slight issues on offer the ground

clearance is a bit poor the ride quality

is good I would say but slightly stiffer

it came with lower profile tires 175 65

fourteens because of which the ride

wasn’t as good as the regular city but

once you get onto the throttle you will

forget each and everything you ever know

now that city looks a little lumpy a

little flat

the city which hasn’t been to the gym

but this one bare bones basic and I

absolute rocket in fact here we are in

the first K just see how boys it is to

the corners taking the corner no problem

no roll nothing it just

pinpoint-accurate the steering of a such

great feel as well or an amazing car

it’s a lovely machine so guys if you

want to buy a used we take well there

might be some available in the market is

absolute joy to use and you know what if

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channel I’m gonna sort of a traffic jam

but the traffic jam once it clears up

it’s going to reveal a very interesting

car a massively fast car which still

cannot match shall we take in terms of

smiles per hour because that might be

fast the Mercedes g63 AMG but this VTEC

once it kicks in is a

solutely maniac it’s an absolute beast

and absolutely and I have done too many

absolutely I just say I totally out of

this like and guys thank you so much for

watching let’s do more such reviews in

the future

meanwhile this car too might be

supremely fast but can make the VTEC in

terms of thrills this is the Porsche guy

and turbo and this guys is the Honda

City VTEC yes when we take kicks in yo

my lord the earth shakes the world moves

and this lock gets over as well


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