The real story Why is NASCAR losing fans | Nascar

The real story Why is NASCAR losing fans | Nascar : 

hey guys you know about nascar why its losing their fans if you don’t then you must read this. 

Why is NASCAR losing fans

what is going on everybody welcome back

to the blog I of course am nascar

nick and today i just wanted to talk

about something that’s kind of in on my

mind recently and seems to come up in

the comments in pretty much every NASCAR

video that i can find that’s on facebook

or twitter or anything like that and you

know you get all these people they’re

like oh NASCAR is dying and NASCAR isn’t

what it used to be which is definitely

partially true but I think there’s a lot

more to it than just the TV ratings and

why people are maybe leaving the sport

or just not watching as much as usual

now of course the common thought process

and kind of misconception is that NASCAR

and the stupid chase format and playoff

format has to turn a lot of the old-time

fans and people that have been watching

the sport for you know 10 20 30 50 years

even and to be honest I think that’s

mostly true I think if you’ve been

watching NASCAR for you know if you

started watching NASCAR 20 years ago and

late 90s or something like that or early

2000s it’s changed drastically since

then and and that’s really something

that you can’t argue and I don’t blame

people for leaving because of that

honestly you know the the new chase I

started watching NASCAR in 2008 mainly

and I’ve always known the chase format I

liked the chase format the original one

I didn’t think there was anything wrong

with it top 10 drivers was great and I

made a whole video about NASCAR chase

playoff and how that’s stupid and our

current you know current chase or

playoff is just a terrible way to crown

champion I’ll link that below in the

video description if you want to check

out my video on that I think that’s

definitely worth watching but anyway to

keep on topic with this video I want to

talk about the other reasons why NASCAR

is probably losing people and mostly

young kids to you know other sports or

kind of other outlets for you know their

their entertainment and the main reason

has to be that today you know people

just aren’t connected with their

vehicles as much as they used to be you

know back before the internet mainly and

smartphones especially you know people

used to

love getting their license and they

couldn’t wait to get a car and drive and

take their friends places and go and do

whatever I mean you know it was such a

you know it was such a l’heure for

independence I mean that was your

independence was your vehicle you know

that was how you got from point A to

point B that’s what gave you the

ultimate freedom from your parents

that’s what gave you freedom of choice

to you know I don’t want to go there

today I want to do this instead or

whatever you could do it you know in

your car and of course that’s all still

true you could still get your license

get in a car and everything and do

whatever you want but the internet and

smartphones have really changed the way

people look at their cars you know now

you see a lot of cars today with all

these technology packages and apple

carplay and android car whatever it’s

called I forgot Google a car something

like that but uh now people are you know

connecting their smartphones to their

cars you know social media is taken over

a ton and a lot of people to express

themselves online just like I am to you

guys right now in a completely new and

different way and something you know

those things you have never been

available before no one’s ever been able

to do what I’m doing right now holding a

camera or in my case my phone in front

of me and talking and being able to post

it to you guys and really you know

engage with people from all over the

country all over the world through the

internet and that’s what really that is

also a real sense of Independence and

it’s a real sense of accomplishment too

and so now you see today that kids you

know some kids are obviously still very

excited to get their license you know I

got my license a while ago now but when

I got my license I was super excited I

got my first car and I was I was all oh

man like this is awesome you know I was

one of those but I’m a car guy right

that’s why I watch NASCAR that’s why I

like drag racing you know it’s why I

don’t wanna like drifting but whatever

I’m a car guy so you know a lot of

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people aren’t today because they don’t

see that same you know that same level

of oh my god this is my freedom this is

what can take me to that next step in my

life a lot of people today see it as you

know it just gets me from A to B or you

know uber people will have to learn how

to drive

they can just over everywhere now that

cost money but it also cost 20 grand to

buy a car so you think about it like

well I could spend 20 grand on a car or

I could spend 20 grand over the course

of I didn’t even know 20 years getting

places by taxi and uber and stuff like

that and lyft and whatever you know so

just the the automobile has become

secondary in our lives as far as what

how we like to you know communicate and

express ourselves as well as how people

are able to feel their independence and

fuel their own self their own sense of

accomplishment and I think that’s

something really overlooked obviously

you look at NASCAR it’s really it’s you

know of course it’s rooted in the south

and through didn’t like the moonshining

and the illegal and running away from

the cops and all that stuff which is

really cool like you know of course me

being a NASCAR fan for a long time and

everything I really like that part of

NASCAR I think that’s what gives us a

lot of character and that’s what really

separates it from other sports as you

know it didn’t it didn’t start organized

it started with you know the bootleggers

running from the cops and all this stuff

and now I’ve got you know problems of

young kids trying to you know get into

it it’s just it doesn’t have the

following it has anymore because of not

net it’s really not as much I mean it is

partially NASCAR’s fault you know I’m

not gonna I’m not going to brush over

that it definitely is part of NASCAR’s

fault and the whole playoff system we

have today I think that’s a huge mistake

but besides the point

I mean the main point is how people

react to and how people kind of live

through their automobiles they don’t

express themselves through their cars


nobody really you know it’s a very niche

niche niche whatever you want to say

very way of expressing yourself because

now you have social media you have you

know Twitter Facebook Instagram you have

all these and snapchat I mean everything

you’ve got all these outlets to express

yourself to express your opinion to show

people what you are about and before a

lot of that was with your car and not

even that you had to modify your car

just whatever car you bought you know

and again that goes back to NASCAR

I know when on Sunday sell on Monday

people used to love buying the cars they

saw on Trek no one buys a Ford Fusion

today because Brad Keselowski won

Talladega no one’s buying Camrys because

Denny Hamlin wins at Phoenix you know no

one’s buying well no we know no one’s

buying chevrolet SS is even though I

personally really want one but no one’s

buying Chevrolet SS is because Jimmie

Johnson is you know wins at Dover or

Dale Earnhardt jr. wins the blood shoot

you know whatever like no one’s buying

cars anymore because said drivers

winning said races nobody cares

they probably like and they buy what

they can afford and the best car they

can you know they can afford with their

money is that that’s what they’re gonna

go with oh the Hyundai has more options

than the Toyota I’m gonna go with the

Hyundai if the Ford is more power than

the Dodge I’m gonna go with the Ford or

whatever so people don’t people and I’m

talking and when I say people I mean

ninety nine percent the population I’m

not talking about NASCAR fans I’m

talking about the entire other part of

the population and talking about them

specifically because that’s who NASCAR

is trying to grab with this you know

playoff structure they’re trying to grab

the football fans the basketball fans

the baseball fans and you know I’m

beating it like a dead horse but again I

already covered this in another video so

I don’t want to rehash all that stuff

for you I really do suggest you go watch

that video but but that’s what they’re

trying to do is try and get all the

young kids in it again because you know

the TV ratings are dropping everything

and there’s money’s leaving NASCAR you

know maybe not

maybe not on a team by team basis

obviously a lot of teams are still very

strong but I think an overall picture

you can see that money is leaving a scar

we went from 43 cars to 40 you know and

that’s that’s a few teams right there

that we’re bringing in cash so you know

they’re just they’re just failing to

realize that we were in a different

world we’re in a world where there’s so

much competition for your eyeballs and

your your attention and you know we’re

in that world right now I’m on YouTube

right now talking you guys about this

walking around my room and everything

I’ve got a little you know a little

stick of my phone and I

there’s kind of like walking around and

I can I can do that it’s free to me and

it’s very accessible I think that’s the

other thing that brings me to my other

point is NASCAR isn’t nearly as

accessible as other sports you go to any

high school any middle school a team in

elementary school they’ve got basketball

teams they have volleyball teams they

have soccer teams they have football

teams you know they’re swimming running

all these athletic things that you can

do are their racing teams no are their

go-cart teams no are the there’s nothing

racing is such it’s it’s it’s far out of

reach for so so so many people and it’s

hard to relate to because nobody had

that experience you know I can say I’m

not good at basketball because I played

basketball like with front I was never

on the team but I play with friends and

all that and I’m like oh you know I’m an

okay shooter but like I really am bad at

defense or whatever it’s easy for me to

say that it’s easy for me to say that

I’m bad at baseball I’m bad at you know

soccer and I don’t want to say that I’m

bad at everything but like team sports

was not really my thing I was a

cross-country runner and track runner

but um more individual sports one of my

thing but another reason why I kind of

like NASCAR but anyway not the point the

point is it’s NASCAR and just auto

racing in general but you know it’s it’s

it’s hard to relate to no one ever gets

the keys to a NASCAR oh hey take this

car around Las Vegas Motor Speedway oh

let’s see what kind of skill you got son

or daughter whoever yeah no one’s really

getting that opportunity unless you’re

you know in the karting and you’re doing

that since you’re like 3 years old and

all this blah blah blah stuff so that’s

really the problem is that one you know

there’s a lot of other outlets that

people can go to for their entertainment

and you know just there’s so much

competition for it like I said with

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social media you know YouTube Facebook

snapchat Instagram and other other other

social outlets smartphones and the

internet have made everything instantly

accessible and so that creates you know

why do I have to wait for hours to see

the winner I don’t want to watch a

freaking for our race I don’t want to do

this it just takes too long

oh the you know

no one because of that again no one

appreciates what goes into these races

what goes into the pit stops what goes

into completing one of these and winning

one of the races what how do you win a

stage I mean you know that’s again

another video like I said but but what

cause any winning a championship I mean

there’s so much that people don’t

understand because we are so used to

instant gratification that no one wants

to take the time anymore to really

appreciate something and that’s getting

probably kind of deep I don’t want to

get that deep in this video but hey it’s

NASCAR Nick Channel we’re gonna go there

and we’re not afraid to say what we

think and say what’s on our minds so

that’s definitely the main thing is

people you know just again too many out

there’s not too many but there’s so many

outlets to express yourself and you know

people don’t do it with cars anymore the

majority again the majority of people do

not do it with cars anymore and then the

other thing like I was just talking

about is it’s hard to relate to because

you don’t see it everywhere you know

it’s like oh watch a NASCAR on on TV oh

what’s that oh cars go in an oval and

you do this and that and people are like

oh yeah that’s cool but like why should

I care about it exactly because you

can’t relate to it you’ve never been in

a go-kart you’ve never been in a sprint

car you’ve never you know driven a truck

you’ve never driven a you know a NASCAR

race truck a NASCAR Xfinity Series car a

NASCAR Cup car no one has those

experiences hard to relate to hard to

relate to equals hard you know it just

creates a barrier it removes it from

everybody it’s like oh this is something

that you can’t do or this is something

that you really just will never fully

understand and that’s only because you

haven’t experienced it it’s easy to

experience football it’s easy to

experience soccer and all these other

sports all I got to do is run around and

kick a ball or throw a ball or hit a

ball or shoot a ball you know what I

mean or even hawk-like you know shoot a

puck or whatever all these sports are so

accessible at the point of like I can

just go my physical body and do it you

know I can experience hockey in my

driveway with a net an ax and a hockey

stick I can experience soccer by buying

a $10

your ball nascar it’s not accessible and

and that’s the problem and it’s not

accessible to the wrong people

you know it’s accessible to everyone

that has a lot of money and like can

finance their son or daughter learning

to drive go-karts at a young age and

stepping up from rank to rank it’s not

accessible to really the core of NASCAR

fans which are more middle class and

can’t afford to have their son or

daughter drive go-karts and go up the

ranks in the NASCAR circuit or anything

like that or the canine serious and

stuff like that

and that’s really the problem there need

there needs to be more accessibility to

the sport through smaller kind of

versions of it and introductory parts to

it just like I said in elementary

schools and high schools with like the

basketball teams and stuff that’s where

kids have learned to get passions about

sports is in their formidable years in

you know from like 6 to 16 or whatever

that’s when they really form like wow

like I love I love baseball I love

soccer I love you know football golf

whatever it is and that’s when you get

those hardcore like wow this is the

sport for me this is what I’m gonna

stick with my entire life and I feel

like I’ve said it a hundred times but

NASCAR there is just no and racing in

general again but like but we’re

focusing on NASCAR here this is a NASCAR

Channel so that’s why NASCAR is is just

not as fast growing not as popular

because it’s unacceptable not

unacceptable NASCAR is unrelatable

to the vast majority of Americans and

especially the ones that watch it the

most which is more of the middle class

type and that’s problem number you know

problem number one I mean these are both

big problems and then problem number two

quickly just to sum up is obviously

people express themselves in different

ways and there’s so many other ways

besides having to actually go to a

sporting event to experience something

like social media and everything in

smartphones in the internet it’s changed

all of that

and the instant gratification of

everything has changed and we don’t give

time to things like we used to anymore

and of course all of this is up for

debate but these are just my opinions on

why NASCAR is kind of you know kind of

stuck in its place right now and not

really moving forward now I don’t think

they’re really moving back too much but

they’re just not moving forward at all

and it’s that’s really bad because you

need new fans to continue the sport and

even grow the sport into the long-term

future I’m talking you know next 50

hundred years NASCAR has been around for

it’s gonna be 70 years next year so it

can definitely get there but you need

people to keep the excitement going and

you know people that want to keep going

to the races and experiencing everything

and you’re just losing that out on the

younger kids who have all this instant

gratification and don’t relate to cars

as much anymore and and just have other

outlets where they can express

themselves and you know there’s suddenly

all the other sports are so much more

accessible that NASCAR just loses out on

that and looses out on like I said the

formidable years of kids really from

like I said what six to sixteen ish in

that range

so yeah I know this is kind of like a

little rant and I didn’t want to go on a

rant or anything this is probably a

longer video than I thought I don’t know

how long it is but um that’s that’s

really the things that people don’t

think about when asking oh why is NASCAR

you know maybe stalling a little bit or

falling behind or losing you know losing

money as all and these are two reasons

why so anyway that’s it I got kind of

you know deep there for a second and I

didn’t want to do that but this is

something that I think has to be

discussed has to be said and like I said

before these are points that people

really don’t think about or haven’t

thought about yet so I wanted to bring

that to the attention of you guys and

hopefully some other people you know if

you see this video maybe share it with

some of your with your friends that

follow NASCAR too or really anybody and

just show them that there is a lot more

to it than just the money or just so you

just go around in circles that’s that’s

not why NASCAR is as fault

doing slightly right now you know

there’s there’s a lot more to it so okay

I mean I’m tired out I hope you guys

enjoyed the video if you liked the video

hit that like button if you loved the

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