Top 5 Great Ways to Save Money on Car Parts | auto parts

Top 5 Great Ways to Save Money
Car Parts | auto parts

Top 5 Great Ways to Save Money on Car Parts | auto parts :

Hey guys are want to save money at cars parts store then follow my this tips when you buy auto parts.

Save Money on Car Parts

hey you all for today’s article I wanted

to talk about how you could get cheaper

after market parts or OAM parts that will

fit your car

I say fit your car because some

mass-produced generic cold air intake or

filter from autozone will not make it on

this list article I wanted to go over five

options for buying authentic aftermarket

parts or OAM parts for your special baby

number one go on eBay I know as a

community we rip people for going or

using eBay to buy car parts I mean how

many times have you heard people buying

and installing an ebay chiptune

obviously that’ll never beat an

authentic tuner from a reputable vendor

so when I’m talking about buying from

ebay I’m trying to compare apples to

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apples authentic parts on eBay versus

the big-name vendors so which one will

you get a better deal from well you’d be

surprised how many times I found that

eBay was the cheaper option when it

comes to buying OAM parts and sometimes

as well as aftermarket parts especially

if you don’t mind buying some lightly

used parts that are tens of dollars

cheaper just make sure the eBay seller

looks legit and more than likely you’ll

be satisfied number two go on Craigslist

or a used cars parts app it’s kind of

sketchy at times for some people but

from my experience as well as others

Craigslist or local classifieds apps

like offer up have plenty of people

selling car parts most of the time if

you’re in search of cheap tires that you

want to burn out or ribs that you want

to sport on your ride then you could

save hundreds by buying lightly used

parts through others in your area just

make sure to do those transactions

during daytime and in a public area for

your own safety

number three only buying during the

holidays or whenever specials occur

plenty of sites will offer pretty good

discounts for the majority of their

inventory during Black Friday or around

the holiday season sometimes there are

weekly rotating specials depending on

the brands that are offering discounts

take advantage of this my brother bladed

angel saved hundreds buying his valence

and axle back on American Muscle during

Black Friday just make sure you use

those promo codes number four local

shops depending where you live you may

be able to find what’s known as a metal

fabricator they will offer you

competitive pricing for their in-house

aftermarket parts that will be

custom-made and tailored for your car

some of the time they’ll even install

the part for you absolutely free upon

purchasing for example if you were to

buy a mid pipe that installation would

be free or if you wanted something a bit

more expensive let’s say a turbocharger

they will still greatly discount the

installation this is an awesome way for

you to get brand new parts and

installation taken care of for you and

finally the last place that you could

buy car parts from would be number five

in the junkyard probably the least

glamorous of this list there are two

main types of junkyards full service

where they bring the parts up front to

you if they can find them or self-serve

where you bring your own tools and tear

cars apart a ton of youtubers and car

enthusiasts like yourself I found their

next project cars engine from the

junkyard or heck even their next project

car period whether you’re looking for

body panels a specific bald or an engine

junkyards are pretty cheap leaving your

wallet pretty happy just keep in mind

that you’ll be asked to sign some

documents and watch your surroundings at

all times as you try to avoid anything

possibly falling on you anyways guys if

you enjoyed this article please give me a

thumbs up come in the comments section

below let me know what’s the craziest

deal that you got for your car parts

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please stay tuned

he’s how



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