top ten tips for improve your cars fuel economy also its free

cars fuel economy
cars fuel economy

top ten tips for improve your cars fuel economy also its free :

Hey guys today i share 10 tips for improve you cars fuel economy read my this blog.

improve your cars fuel economy

why the fuel-efficient car is good both

for the environment and your pocket

however you should know your driving

style the Flex fuel consumption – quite

a lot actually even the most economical

cars out there can be a bit too thirsty

when they’re not driven correctly so

on to your money for longer after a

refuel the best part is you won’t even

have to spend any money to follow this

advice the first tip is to stay one step

ahead of the traffic it really pays off

to check what routes are available to

your destination so you can see which

one is shorter or quicker plus I really

recommend using a free smartphone app

like Google Maps or ways for real-time

traffic information so you don’t burn

too much fuel in stop-and-go traffic my

second tip is don’t carry useless stuff

in your car we really need that

half-empty box you’ve been carrying

around in your boot for two months I

don’t think so that will only lead to

your engine burning more fuel in order

to move more weight so tidy up your car

once in a while to increase your savings

another tip is don’t mess with your cars

aerodynamics the roof is a good place

for oversized items such as this one

however keep in mind the increased drag

leading to higher fuel consumption so if

you haven’t used the roof rack in a

while you should remove it to improve

your fuel economy turn off the AC when

you don’t need it bear in mind however

that it’s recommended you switch on the

compressor from time to time so that it

doesn’t break when you need it the mode

on the other hand putting the AC

compressor to work non-stop means the

engine has to put in more effort using

more fuel it goes without saying that if

it’s scorching hot outside or your

windows fog up you should turn on the

air conditioning

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the cars maintenance schedule exists for

a reason so don’t skip routine checks

that way the engine and other mechanical

components will operate in an efficient

way for a long time helping you save

money on fuel check the tire pressure

regularly under inflated tires are both

dangerous and costly as they can

increase fuel consumption by as much as

5% over inflated tires are also no-go as

they decrease traction and cause the

tread wear more quickly in the center of

the rubber so check the tire pressure on

all four wheels regularly most cars have

a sticker with the recommended pressure

on the driver’s door or inside the fuel

cover and you can get the job done for

free at most gas stations here’s another

tip use engine braking when driving

downhill shift into a lower gear and

take your foot off the accelerator to

maintain your speed that way you will

burn almost no fuel at all until you

press the gas pedal again you can use

engine braking in city traffic as well

for example when approaching a red light

just remember that it doesn’t replace

the good ol foot brake when you need to

stop another driving tip is to shift

gears early most modern cars are fitted

with shift indicators so you know when

it’s the best time to shift up or down

for older cars it’s a good idea to read

the user’s manuals there you’ll find the

recommended engine speed for each gear

so you don’t burn too much fuel for


don’t leave the engine running when you

don’t have to if your car has a

start/stop function that shuts off the

engine at traffic lights uses the engine

isn’t doing anyone any favors by running

when the car is stationary but if your

car doesn’t have this feature it’s not

recommended to turn off the engine every

time you wait for a traffic light to

turn green the reason for this is that

modern cars with start/stop have a

bigger battery and a different starter

motor while older cars will run out of

battery if you keep stopping and

starting the engine all day driving your

car pedal-to-the-metal is a sure way of

emptying your fuel tank quickly so you

should be more gentle with the

accelerator pedal if you want your fuel

to last more miles and unless is

necessary don’t stomp on the brakes too

often either because you just have to

accelerate again to reach cruising speed

so these are our 10 tips for improving

fuel economy without spending any money

if you have more tips of your own use

the comments section below to let

ev eryone know and don’t forget to

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