Top unknown facts about Nissan GTR R 35 | nissan gtr

Nissan GTR R 35 | nissan gtr
Nissan GTR R 35 | nissan gtr

Top unknown facts about Nissan GTR R 35 | nissan gtr :

hey friend’s today i share top facts about nissan gtr r 35 read my this full article.

facts about Nissan GTR R 35

Hello everybody

Today’s article is about the unknown facts of the Nissan GTR R-35

First of all, lets talk about what this beast packs inside of it

Also known as Godzilla, straight from the land of the rising sun

The GTR R-35 was bought in production in 2007

It has a 3.8 L VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 and 6-speed manual sequential dual clutch transmission

It started production with 480HP and 430 lb/ft of torque and today this beast has 565HP and 467 lb/ft of torque

It can get up to 0- 60mph in just 2.7 seconds on average

But this article is not about what you already know, Let’s get right to the point.

Here are 10 facts about the Godzilla that you did not already know.

The Nissan GTR is assembled at the Kaminokawa plant in Tochigi, Japan.

The GTR engine is handuilt and assembled by only 4 master engineers.

Yeah, just 4. Every single GTR’s engine in this world has been assembled by just 4 people

They are also known as the Takumi Group with more than 100 years of combined experience in assembling engines

Because of this the production of GTR is limited to only 1000 cars per month.

The GTR was designed to be an all rounder so it could race in a track, or get you to the
nearest grocessry store.

However, not realizing until its production and testing, the engineers at Nissan found out that the GTR performed even better than high class SUV’s in snow.

The cause for this was the independent torque vectoring system and the All wheel drive

The wheels of the GTR could be adjusted separately so it could be set to maximum traction.

The executives at Nissan like to compare GTR to the famous robots from the anime series Gundam.

The high performance models square lines and vents were all influenced by Gundam.

According to the Nissan chief creative officer the GTR had to reflect Japanese culture in its design.
So yes..Anime.

Although it may seem bizarre, but the GTR holds the Guinness world record for the worlds fastest four seat production car

because it reaches 0-60mph in an absurd 2.7 seconds for a four seat car which weighs 1.7 tons, fairly heavier than any other cars in this acceleration time range

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The GTRis fitted with Nitrogen tires, and thanks to this it can withstand a puncture at 124mph while still retaining its balance and stability.

These Nitrogen tires also increase the steering feedback and improve handling, strength, heat tolerance at high speeds and long drives and its durability.

It also is responsible for that smooth, less bumpy riding experience.

It takes about 60 hours to assemble just a single GTR, even as a mass production car, the GTR faces a lot of challenges before it hits the streets.

Now in contrast any other normal car in the price range of $50-70K would take about 16-17 hours to assemble.

The high assembly time is a result of the design and engineering put into this vehicle.

According to Nissan engineers, adding the drivetrain is the hardest part, since it has both the All wheel drive and the gearbox at its back.

The GTR R35 took its first models into design nearly 10 years before its actual release, it took a lot of testing, to get a perfect Gundam looking beast.

The design work was divided in teams in various countries.

Apparently, the back has been designed by engineers at Nissan in the USA, roof in Europe and the body in Japan.

As unlikely as it may seem, the GTR is more Aerodynamic than a Ferrari.

At the fraction of the cost, GTR offers more stability, higher acceleration and better aerodynamics than a Ferrari.

It has lower coefficient drag than that of a Ferrari 488 with a CD value of 0.324.

Yes, even with the boxy Gundam like body, somehow the designers managed to make the Godzilla more aerodynamic.

Unbelievably, the GTR has its own comic book!!!

The CEO of Nissan Mr. Carlos Ghohn decided that he didn’t want to use traditional marketing techniques to advertise GTR

so he went with the crazy idea to produce a comic for advertising GTR.

The fastest custom GTR in the world is the AMS Alpha omega Nissan GTR with over 2000 HP

It is a prime example of what mods and tuning can do to this vehicle.

This GTR also currently holds
world record for the fastest 1/2 mile run.

The alpha omega( probably the coolest name given to a custom car) can hit 0-60mph in just, an inconceivable 1.53 seconds and a 0-100mph in just 2.7 seconds.

This beast outperforms anything in its path and hopefully it will continue to do so.

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