WHAT IS NASCARS GOAL | 2019 Rules Package Proposal

WHAT IS NASCARS GOAL | 2019 Rules Package Proposal :

hey guys you know what is goal of nascar in 2019 today i told you rules package proposal of nascar.

NASCAR 2019 Rules Package Proposal

well it seems NASCAR definitely heard us

but I’m not sure they were listening

how’s the Conroy’s my name is Eric and

welcome to out of the groove on the road

once again this week I am in a lovely

Taco Bell parking lot I know you’re all

just very jealous of me only a couple

more episodes of me and my car and then

we’ll be back into a new studio that is

gonna look very nice and it’ll be the

show look better than ever before so I

hope you guys can stick with me but

today I have an important topic to

discuss something that came out last

week that a lot of people have been kind

of chattering about on social media I

got was busy and then this week I don’t

know if you can tell with my voice but

I’m kind of sick so this is really I’m

gonna be muscling through this because

this needs to be discussed so bear with

me if I sound like I’m dying I probably

am but it’s for a good cause so you all

have heard all the discussion and the

debate about the aero package NASCAR has

in the Cup Series right now how most

people really aren’t happy with it

especially at intermediate tracks the

cars are way too Aero dependent and it’s

produced not the best racing we’ve all

discussed that and I have to know we are

all are aware of that I hope if not go

check out some other videos on my

channel or just google it and there’s

plenty of other videos out there so you

can gotta get the backstory it’s no

secret that the Cup Series aero package

needs to change it’s one of the biggest

things hurting NASCAR these days is

really the last few years the

What NASCAR mean|What is NASCAR | NASCAR meaning definition
The real story Why is NASCAR losing fans | Nascar

intermediate aero package has not

produced a good race and fans were very

vocal about it NASCAR saw that and

that’s why they experimented with the

all-star race a few a few months ago

they experimented with a sort of

restrictor plate package that kind of

turned Charlotte a mile and a half into

a mini Daytona and they used that for

the all-star race and honestly the fans

really liked it the race was great you

know fans were divided over whether or

not they’d want this package to carry on

into future races but I think as far as

the all-stars was concerned people loved

it myself included I thought it was a

great all-star race I don’t know if I

don’t see that every week but it was a

great all-star race and you know the

package did its job for that race now

after that all-star race NASCAR

specifically came out and said that they

were not going to be running that

package again in 2018 but they were

looking into the possibility of using

some sort of variant of it possibly for

2019 and beyond and that got a lot of

fans stirred up because I think a lot of

fans especially racing purist purists

don’t like the idea of putting

restrictor plates on these cars fans

don’t like how it kind of takes some of

the skill away from driving these cars

if you’re just running flat out the

whole time you know it doesn’t give the

drivers the opportunity to showcase how

good they are and I completely

understand that

cleanly agree with that most of the

drivers didn’t really like the aero

package or at least they were located

for an all-star ease but they didn’t

want that to be a permanent thing so

yeah the majority of fans I would say

against it being a full-time thing you

had all the drivers saying we don’t want

this full-time so then an article came

out last week Lee Spencer from racin

boys calm stumbled upon what appears to

be a 2019 NASCAR rules / aero package

proposal that had some interesting stuff

in it this document or this article

whatever it is seem to indicate that

NASCAR is really seriously looking at

using some similar kind of package to

the all-star race package at many points

paying races in the Cup Series next year

in fact I think pretty much every mile

and a half or bigger track was gonna

have something like this like 13 or 14

races that’s what the proposal said and

this created waves across NASCAR social

media and to be honest the majority of

fans were heavily against it I’ll talk

about the specifics really quick cuz

it’s worth noting that the package that

is proposed is not actually the same as

the all-stars package but it is sort of

similar it’s also worth noting that this

article / proposal was very vague and

really didn’t go into that much detail

so this is kind of gonna be

anti-climactic cuz that’s you know they

I don’t think this is really telling us

anything new but anyway the actual

proposal talks about using a tapered

spacer on the engine no restrictor plate

just a tapered spacer but this would

lower the horsepower to 550 horsepower

which I don’t know a lot about engines

but that’s lower than we’re used to

seeing in NASCAR by a lot there’s some

other stuff mentioned in there about

removing the driver adjustable track bar

and some new digital dash stuff which

all that doesn’t really matter to me

that seems like that’s a fine decision

but the focus is on that engine thing

the idea that lowering horsepower which

basically just slows the cars down

albeit they’re not using a restrictor

plate but they’re still basically

accomplishing the same thing and I think

that’s what’s upsetting a lot of fans

because we’ve talked all about this aero

package and it’s all about the body of

the cars these cars are so sensitive to

side force downforce all sorts of

different forces from every direction

and instead of working on the body of

the cars which I think most fans would

say would probably be the best solution

the easiest solution NASCAR continues to

mess with the engines I know I don’t

know if it’s a business thing with

NASCAR or like the manufacturer said hey

the cars have to look exactly like this

until like 2020 or something like that

so maybe NASCAR legally can’t change the

way the cars look and the shape of them

and everything but it is interesting to

me they continue to go after the engines

and I just don’t think that’s the best

way to do it I think

you can have a lot of horsepower old

NASCAR race cars had tons I had way more

horsepower than 550 but because of the

shape of the car because of the other

aerodynamic factors they were able to

handle better and where it’s able to

create better racing so if you want

these cars to not be as aerodynamically

dependent the answer isn’t just slowing

them down

the answer is changing the car bodies

and adding you know aero ducts are

availa things like that that would make

them easier to race or easier to pass

you know would make the racing better

but NASCAR seems to think that the only

option is to slow the cars down and I’m

not like a super like purist racing fan

NASCAR fans like it when these cars are

nerfed like this they want to see fast

cars go as fast as they’re capable of

and we’ve seen in the past how these

cars can go 200 miles an hour at

Charlotte and still be able to pass each

other and race well but this gen six

current package doesn’t allow that

and for some reason NASCAR thinks the

engines are the answer as opposed to

looking at the body itself so again this

is just a proposed rule change and even

in the article written by written on

race invoice comm whatever it was even

has quotes from SIBO Donnell that

basically say we’re still looking at a

lot of different things nothing is

determined so it’s basically it’s still

all rumors obviously this is a big rumor

because it’s an actual proposal that has

maybe hit some executives desk at some

point so that’s kind of meaningful and

important to talk about but at the end

of the day like nothing’s been set in

stone yet it’s really frustrating I’d

say as fans I’ve heard other people talk

about this to how a lot of the

sanctioning body in NASCAR especially

lately really just doesn’t tell the fans

anything they never give the fans a

straight answer they never say oh we’re

specifically looking at this and we

think this is gonna be how it is no it’s

always we’re kind of looking at this but

what car look at this I will let you

know we figure it out I don’t know if

you guys are gonna figure it out I kind

of stopped talking about the aero

package dilemma lately because I’d come

to the conclusion that NASCAR heard the

fans they didn’t need us to complain

about it anymore because they knew it

was bad need to change it but I do feel

a little bit let down because I did not

think they were gonna change it to what

they’re proposing again just a proposal

not a guarantee but the fact that this

is even crossing their minds as a

possible good option it’s disappointing

to me and it’s also disappointing

because it just kind of comes out of

nowhere like we don’t really know their

thought process behind this decision

because when I look at like the initial

tweet on Twitter that have announced

this proposal rumor

free single reply is super negative like

they’re super and the fans are totally

against it so I’d like to see where

NASCAR’s thinking what data are they

looking at that says oh yes fans will

like this this will put more butts in

seats this will sell more tickets this

will up the the the TV viewership I want

to know what data they’re looking at

because they never actually tell us what

they’re looking at they just say oh

we’re seeing things that point to this

well what are you actually saying I need

specifics we need specifics and NASCAR

is giving as few specifics as possible

it started a few years ago and they

stopped sharing

attendance figures you know they just

it’s been a lot of cover up and so that

I completely understand why people are

fed up with the France family because

they don’t say anything

value they don’t engage with the fans

directly they just say a bunch of like

blanket statements that don’t mean

anything to anyone because they don’t

even know what they’re trying to say

themselves huh

communication is key especially in this

day and age and right now NASCAR and its

top figures are not communicating

anything to the fans the fans are fully

left to speculate everything until all

of a sudden here’s a new rule we have no

idea why they chose that rule why it’s

there but there’s a new rule NASCAR is

not giving its fans any sort of

explanation as to why they make any of

these decisions yeah Brian France was on

sirius XM radio not that long ago and

when asked about like schedule changes

he just made vague comments like Oh

schedules pretty full what does that

mean we know the schedules full right

now but what about two three years ago

that’s what we’re asking about you’re

not giving us any sort of idea as to

what to expect I’m not really that mad

because this is all rumors and even if

NASCAR does implement this aero package

I’ll probably still watch I’ll give it

its fair shake I’m not even that mad

it’s just kind of the overall

frustration is with how NASCAR is being

run as a company and maybe I’m behind

the eight ball on this everyone’s been

complaining about the France family for

years I mean I have to but right now

it’s just kind of all hitting me at once

like what what are they doing they’re

just terrible communicators across the

board there’s no other way to say it

anyway gosh I don’t know I guess this is

supposed to be mostly about the aero

package I basically just vented about

the NASCAR management as far as the a

package is concerned this proposed thing

I don’t know if it’ll be any good or any

worse I don’t think this is the best

answer but could it be better than what

we have now maybe it will I mean I was

skipped about skeptical about the

all-star package and it was a fun race I

know it wasn’t great real real racing it

was very

but it was a fun race so you know what

I’m going to ask our throws out there

I’ll give it its fair shake but god I

just wish they would be more direct with

their consumers as to what they’re

thinking and why they make decisions

that they make and they do not do that

at all maybe they don’t have to they

don’t really owe us anything but you

know NASCAR you’re struggling a little

bit more than they used to be and you

know it might be nice to to give the

fans something to look forward to or to

say something to show the fans that

you’re thinking about them you know

instead of just kind of ignoring them

because that’s kind of how it feels

right now and that’s not a it’s not good

anyway guys that is my show god I picked

a bad day to get angry I can barely talk

as it is thank you so much for watching

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here but thanks everyone for watching as

always I’ll see you guys again very very

soon have a good one everyone stay



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