What NASCAR mean|What is NASCAR | NASCAR meaning definition

What NASCAR mean|What is NASCAR | NASCAR meaning definitio:

hey friends today i told you what is mean of nascar full definition of nascar.

NASCAR meaning definition

the National Association for stock car

auto racing NASCAR is a family owned and

operated business venture that sanctions

and governs multiple auto racing sports

events bill France senior founded the

company in 1948 and his grandson Brian

France became their CEO in 2003 NASCAR

is motorsports preeminent stock car

racing organization the three largest

racing series sanctioned by this company

are the Sprint Cup Series the Xfinity

series and the Camping World Truck

Series the company also oversees NASCAR

local racing the well and modified tour

the wellen all-american series and the

NASCAR iracing.com series NASCAR

sanctions over 1500 races at over 100

tracks and 39 of the 50 US states as

well as in Canada NASCAR has presented

exhibition races at the Suzuka and moto

G circuits in Japan the Autodromo

hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico and the

Calder Park Thunderdome in Australia

NASCAR has its official headquarters in

Daytona Beach Florida and also maintains

offices in the North Carolina cities of

Charlotte Concord and Conover regional

offices are located in New York City and

Los Angeles with international offices

in Mexico City and in Toronto

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owing to NASCAR’s southern routes all

but a handful of NASCAR teams are still

based in North Carolina especially near

the city of Charlotte NASCAR is second

to the National Football League among

professional sports franchises in terms

of television viewers and fans in the

United States internationally its races

are broadcast on television in over 150

countries in 2004 NASCAR’s director of

security stated that the Cup

he holds 17 of the top 20 regularly

attended single day sporting events in

the world fortune 500 companies sponsor

NASCAR more than any other motorsport

although this sponsorship has declined

since the early 2000s in the 1920s and 30s

Daytona Beach became known as the place

to set world land speed records

supplanting France and Belgium as the

preferred location for land speed

records was eight consecutive World

Records set between 1927 and 1935 after

a historic race between ransom olds and

Alexander Winton in 1903 the beach

became a mecca for racing enthusiasts

and fifteen records were set on what

became the Daytona Beach Road course

between 1905 and 1935 by the time the

Bonneville Salt Flats became the

premiere location for pursuit of land

speed records Daytona Beach had become

synonymous with fast cars in 1936

drivers raced on a 4.1 mile 6.6

kilometres course consisting of a 1.5

2.0 mile 2.4 – 3.2 kilometers stretch of

beaches one straightaway and a narrow

blacktop beachfront Highway State Road a

one-day as the other the two straits

were connected by too tight deeply

rutted and some cover turns at each end

stock car racing in the United States

has its origins in bootlegging during

Prohibition when drivers ran bootleg

whiskey made primarily in the

Appalachian region of the United States

bootleggers needed to distribute their

illicit products and they typically used

small fast vehicles to better evade the

police many of the drivers would modify

their cars for speed and handling as

well as increased cargo capacity and

some of them came to love the fast-paced

driving down twisty mountain roads the

repeal of prohibition in 1933 dried up

some of their business but by then

southerners had developed a taste for




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