Why NASCAR is DEAD must Know this 8 Reasons

Why NASCAR is DEAD must Know this 8 Reasons :

 hey guys you know why nascar is dead by time to time know this 8 reasons so you understand quickly.

Why NASCAR is DEAD 8 Reasons

car a prick bass to them as a pic 20

years of trying 20 years of frustration

Dale Earnhardt will come to the caution

flag to win the Daytona 500

everyone if their favorite driver

couldn’t win the Daytona 500 they wanted

to see this man drive to Victory Lane

you pull up for the check of the spoiler

one of the NASCAR officials hauls

underneath the car NASCAR on the surface

it’s the largest most popular form of

auto racing in America with a

ferociously loyal fan base that’s

ever-expanding this can’t be true though

once you see the drop TV ratings and

other tumultuous problems going on

underneath the glossy veneer of what big

corporation advertising wants you to see

from advertisement oversaturation to a

generational gap these are eight reasons

why NASCAR is dead


generational gap NASCAR is hungry for

young fans making it known by picking up

monster energy drinks as the series

sponsor because for some reason the

Millennial and Gen Y crowd associate

energy drinks with auto racing series

style racing just isn’t as popular with

young fans anymore as opposed to

autocross track days and drifting these

forms of Motorsports are not only more

accessible and more affordable and

therefore more relatable for younger

racing enthusiasts while not all but

most enthusiastic NASCAR under the age

of 20 just associated with cars going

around in circles NASCAR has realized

this for decades hence why they put so

much emphasis on their young drivers oh

oh I’m sorry young guns luxury turbo

champion the only razor used by the

Gillette yo see the marketing ploy their

social climate change being politically

correct in consumer relations is a must

for any corporate entity in these highly

emotionally charged political times

arguably the biggest of these issues is

the treatment in fairness to minorities

and women

Before Watching NASCAR know about this 5 Things
Is NASCAR Rigged | know All About Nascar
The Rules of NASCAR Racing qualifying EXPLAINED

NASCAR got with the program albeit of

late by pushing Danica Patrick to the

pole of the 2013 Daytona 500 and more

recently the pushing of Bubba Wallace

the first full-time african-american

driver since 1971 that 1971 driver was a

man named Wendell Scott who won dozens

of races and wasn’t even recognized for

all of them due to the racially charged

times even though NASCAR did eventually

put him in the Hall of Fame in 2015

Wendell Scott story could potentially

keep away minorities from a sport that’s

dominated by white males as damage has

already been done

oh and Wendell Scott’s story it’s a

fascinating one I’ll leave a few links

in the description below if you want to

know more cell on Monday

Monday that all new manufacturers have

atoned to for decades is dying out along

with the sedans they’re trying to sell

trucks and SUV sales has surpassed car

sales and manufacturers like Ford are

dropping the Jordy of their cars in for

its lineup however the Mustang will race

in NASCAR as it has for a few years in

the Nationwide Series Busch Series

Oh God whatever they’re calling it

nowadays the question is though how long

can this go on if the goal is to sell

cars and no one is buying them what will

mask are doing the future the SUV

crossover racing series doesn’t sound

appealing at all but it kind of sounds

like something NASCAR would do that’s

the worst race and I’ve seen the Daytona

in a long long time

they took NASCAR once Cup race and then

made it some of the Tsarist race and

took racing out of the drivers in the

crews hands

we can’t adjust and kick make a car

drive like walk they just they just kill

the races they talk that’s all I gots a

one-trick pony

even back in the 80s and 90s NASCAR fans

wanted more Road courses to break up a

long racing season full of monotonous

circle tracks instead NASCAR decided to

build cookie cutter racetracks in the

middle of nowhere places like Vegas

Chicago and Kansas to reach an audience

that was out of the south this move

helps seal the fate of the organization

not only alienating its core southern

fanbase but making it look like they

race in the same track most weekends to

make matters worse these mile and a half

tracks are usually dominated by the same

drivers adding to the monotony while the

race of Watkins Glen is usually good the

Sonoma race is most often a high-speed

parade snoozefest the Nationwide Series

of whatever hell it’s called now has

raised road courses like mid-ohio for a

few years and the races are hits but

NASCAR can’t be bothered from going

around in circles enough to notice


The Silence of the drivers big

personalities have always been a

trademark in NASCAR whether it was Tony

Stewart’s rebellious on-air comments and

past the most pathetic racing tire I’ve

ever been on in my professional career

they just pull out of this sport and

save us all a bunch of headaches cuz I

guarantee a Hoosier her Firestone or

somebody can come in and do a lot better

job than what they’re doing right now or

Darrell Waltrip expert trash-talking


nobody can see the wind the on track

personalities were as big and likeable

as the races themselves the drivers have

always been the face of NASCAR in the

last decade though these Trivers have

been teamed by NASCAR to be more TV

friendly and marketable and while they

have achieved the TV friendly part the

marketability for muted drivers is as

limited as of things they’re allowed to

say and do making it even harder to tell

them apart in casual fans eyes Kevin

Harvick was amongst the most plant

wheatley notable drivers with a tip with

regular temper-tantrum earning him the

nickname happy Arvixe

well when’s the last time you heard him

call happy Harvick now when’s the last

time he did anything to live up to his

nickname consistency no more

in an interview that I just can’t find

at the end of the 2015 season Joey

Logano said at all and that the NASCAR

point system doesn’t reward consistency

anymore and he was right in 2004 at a

bold move NASCAR changed her point

structure to the now famous chase for

the Cup that year with the new system

Kurt Busch won the championship and he

wasn’t a very popular driver at the time

causing many fans who hated him which

were a lot to hate the system the system

however worked well for a few years

before becoming seemingly more

convoluted than the qualifying for the

Daytona 500 NASCAR and attempt to keep

things fresh for the TV audience just

keeps moving the goalposts to the point

where fans don’t even understand the

system anymore in turn not only hailey

anymore fans but also alienating what

got those drivers there to NASCAR in the

first place which is consistency let it

make sparks fly in the racetrack which

leads us to the next big problem hey one

of those secret people love to see cars

crash the only thing your casual race

fan wants more to see than a great race

is a great crash in the modern NASCAR

races have crashes in spades sure the

safety technology has come a long way

what with soft walls Haun’s devices and

rough flaps greatly reducing the risk of

injury or death to a driver but instead

of NASCAR using these tools to make

better faster racing it seems they are

exploiting them to cause more crashes

without losing drivers lives to boost TV

ratings the high pressure point system

to win as many races as possible it’s

only adding to the problem leading to

more and more competitors to try

desperate moves in a checkers or

wreckers philosophy while the big one at

Daytona and Talladega cost teams

millions and bent sheet metal and broken

dreams cautions are just an excuse to

NASCAR to make more money and run more

commercials and while the commercial

runtimes during races as another problem

to be discussed another day the point is

that while crashes yes they’re a part of

racing they certainly aren’t meant to be

the focus

the days of Thunder crashing focus on

today’s NASCAR races have become a joke

in other genres of raising the chase to

the NFL it wasn’t until the 90s that

NASCAR bested a lot of the traditional

stick-and-ball sports like Major League

Baseball and the NBA and TV ratings the

juggernaut they could never touch though

was the n-f-l media outside of the NFL

that’s not sports related can rarely

compete with it now last year’s Super

Bowl alone had an estimated 111 million

people watching and that’s with declined

ratings you just can’t compete with that

NASCAR however hasn’t gotten that

all-important message in an effort to

keep up the NFL ratings they have caused

themselves most of the other problems on

this list breaking the races up in

segments like the quarters calling the

chase the playoffs is just NASCAR trying

to emulate the NFL and other

stick-and-ball sports in an attempt to

keep up with their ratings and most of

your traditional NASCAR fans however

don’t have a very large interest in

sticking ball sports something that’s

not absent but because of all that I

mean that’s the reason they watch and

ask apart in the first place is because

they’re not so much into the sticking

ball sports again alienating fans wanted

to watch racing not a race disguised as

a football game a head of NASCAR Brian

France saw the hit the NFL was taking in

the ratings due to the kneeling

controversy and made it known

immediately to all the teams in NASCAR

that anyone kneeling during the anthem

would immediately be out of NASCAR now

the kneeling controversy right or wrong

is a discussion for another time however

it’s no secret that the NFL TV ratings

have dropped because of it and Brian

France well he thinks he smells blood in

reality though even with the drop in

ratings the NFL isn’t something that’s

going to be toppled in TV land ratings

for a long long time but Brian France

still seems content on running NASCAR

into the ground trying to keep up if

you’re a longtime NASCAR fan then

watching it too

it’s like watching an old friend dying

excruciatingly slow death

what with the circus has become the

half-empty grandstands and more cautions

than ever need be in motorsport what’s

ironic about all this is that NASCAR’s

constantly reminding us of how awesome

it used to be from its humble

moon shining roots to the flight between

Yarborough and Allison I’m the first

televised h-bond 500 NASCAR desperately

attempts to retain its long-term

audience with nostalgia yet abandons

these roots and how its operated today

after losing longtime sponsors like

Target playing France in the beginning

of 2018 announced that NASCAR might be

for sale soon signifying that he would

rather dump it then fix the problems

that he has caused and that’s why NASCAR

is as good as dead I try to keep on my

point sure to keep the runtime of the

video down but did you have anything to

add wipe up that comment section and

would love to delve into this more and

how NASCAR has killed other auto racing

in the States in another video if this

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